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  1. I can recall before Gus came to the New Inn an old guy was at the moorings just asked are you dining with us, didnt ask for a fee anyone remember him must have been late 90s
  2. Silver line dont give free map so maybe Richardsons just falling in line with others
  3. Hi if I moor at Paddys lane is there a path to a village or pub ?Cheers
  4. Hi anyone know who builds the Heritage 286 ?
  5. I had Silver Rhapsody lovely boat great for over the reeds viewing but not good for bridges
  6. Hopefully first night Horsey fingers crossed 😊
  7. Anyone got a review of this boat ?Regards Biburybill
  8. I love dogs but they trigger my asthma
  9. Hello everyone i have been a regular on the broads since 1969 so this September trip makes it 50 year anniversary photo is Ranger 1 from Southgates Lower Yard Horning time flies eh. This September had a very limited choice due to dog allergy ended up choosing Dawn of Light from Herbert Woods cant find any reviews anyone know her . Its years since i was on a broads forum i have been watching the excellant Captains Blog by Robin and he speaks highly of the forum so here i am thanks for having me .Regards Roy aka Biburybill
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