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  1. Hello, does any one no who laminates/ moulds the shearline 740 s . Thank you pj
  2. Looking for a Hampton or a bounty 28 (bounty 28s seem like rocking horse - poo- - - - ) so it looks like a Hampton, prefer a mk3 but these seem like bounty 28s, so looks like I will have to settle for a mk 2 Hampton. Being a retired joiner I would prefer one to refurbish, but I would also consider one in immaculate condition. When viewing these boats what should I be looking for. Does any one no of a Hampton requiring a refurb. There is mk2 Hampton, "Jobs a Gooden" for sale at Wroxham, does any one no this boat ( agents bring a bit vague with my questions.)any help or advise however small greatly received. thank you Paul Jackson .
  3. Hello to all, does any one no of a wet or dry shed suitable 1or 2 boats( water access required ) rent or buy. Also looking for a tired Hampton or bounty 28 (low liner)
  4. hello ,it is a mk 3 with sunken well and door at the front, the engine Is in the gas compartment at the rear
  5. Thank you for you reply, the engine is a 2 cylinder Nani. there is a pump at the back of the engine and a motor on a stainless steel shaft as you suggest , The engine is located in the area used for a gas bottles the engine cooling is a closed system very neat , as it IS a 15 hp engine my concern was the power would not be enough for the lower Bure and the Yare with a strong tide running. Thank you Paul Jackson
  6. my concern with the low hp engine would be THE FAST TIDES around the lower Bure and Yare any advice with small hp engines with hydraulic drive is welcomed,
  7. Hello, I have found a Hampton three with hydraulic drive, it is driven by a 2 cylinder 15 hp nanni, very early engine about of 1978, would this be powerful enough for use on the broads us, MANY THANKS TO ALL any information greatly received (NUBI)
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