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  1. Hello, Thanks to you, I found a supplier of equipment for the hydraulic of the Wilds, unfortunately, my email and my request for quotation remain unanswered.
  2. @webntweb Thank you very much, that's exactly what I'm looking for. all that is missing is that an owner can scan me a diagram or provide the marks of the original equipment, which I find the current equivalent. that's great !
  3. @Vaughan As a rental fleet operator, what a chance. are there still wilds in operation in the fleet? some photos to realize the equipment used in the hydraulic installation, help me a lot.
  4. Hi Mel, Oh, to do it all ... that's what's waiting for me too. I will follow the posts with pleasure, it will give me ideas. welcome
  5. @Chameleon thank you for the link @Vaughan Exactly ! it is besides, what I prefer in this system, with precisely its advantages make me choose that. for the price, I hope DIY ... or search for various documentation
  6. Hello grendel, This forum is more active than French versions
  7. Hello everyone my english is not very good, so I do an automatic translation
  8. Hello Vaughan, thank you for your reply. In France, we call these systems hydrostatic, a translation difference can be? I contact the address you provided me.
  9. hello Polly, thank you for your welcome
  10. Hello to all, of French origin, I am interested in river navigation, and more particularly to F.B WILD LTD boats.
  11. Hello, I am looking for documentation on the motorization and more particularly the hydrostatic transmission system of the boats WILD type Calypso-Bermuda-Carribean-Bahama? Diagrams, plans, nomenclatures or references, and marks of equipment used, to consider using a similar transmission for a riverboat. Photos or plans scanner, in PdF format of good quality are welcome.
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