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  1. I think you'll find the original post mentioned 67% have shore power , it didn't mention inverter's , probably because they aren't shore power . Fine challenging someone's figures but do some research and come up with something concrete to support that , ie ask a yard , if one person can do it so can others . I don't challenge others figures until I know myself as that's the fair way to do it . Inverter's have no part to play it the figures you can use one while mudweighted no where near and electric post .
  2. Yes at cost to BA , I wonder who they pass that cost on to? , I'm fairly sure that the person requesting the cards doesn't pay it although I might be wrong . If out on the river it's perfectly possible to pick them up at no cost , I know of few people that have problems . Obviously shortages happen but it's pretty rare , clearly it's best to be prepared and have a stock to fall back on . The reliance on electric posts isn't the answer , it's not long ago since the entire system was upgraded and the weren't available for a lengthy period of time , and it's the same in winter when higher than normal tides take the posts out .
  3. Don't forget that the river rangers also Carry a supply of cards . Both the new inn and brooms have run out in the past in my experience but generally it's fine . The BA on their web site Carry's a full list of outlets that do cards as far as I'm aware .
  4. This could be of use when fitting accumulator and expansion tanks especially regarding pressure and sizing etc . Accumulator and Expansion Tank Instructions ZPWL4 doc595.pdf
  5. Surely that's an tank operating as an accumulator tank not an expansion tank as it' Tee's off the cold from the water pump ?
  6. I really don't see the need for the expansion vessel really , after all the tank has a pressure realise valve , that in it's self is of a lower value thant the tanks are tested to . An accumulator tank however on the cold side really does smooth out the flow and stop's the water pump cycling , pressure should be 2-3 psi less than the pump pressure which different from pump to pump . 1 bar by the way is 14.5 psi .
  7. Very sound thinking .
  8. Mmm like no definitely not I wouldn't trust it it's a gas system after all . Thing is it's not rocket science to do gas pipe work on r read the BSS guidelines regarding that installation , BUT for heaven's sake get it checked before using it , sure you can use a bubble tester but a manometer will show up just the same , the good thing about the bubble tester is it's there in place to check in those 4 yrs between the BSC man putting his manometer on the system .
  9. Copper tanks have always been a good choice on boats for many years , that said I can't see any reason not to chose a S/S one , the thermostic link is a different issue , do you really need it ? If you have mixer taps then probably not as there's no need to reduce the hot supply at the colirifier when it can easily be done at the taps . Gas pipe wise if you have Tee's that are capped off with proper fittings it will no doubt pass s BSS , but it would be far better to replace the entire line working to the BSS guidelines if that indeed is a task that can be reasonably easily accomplished . If doing the work yourself then before using it it's very prudent to get a gas safe engineer to pup a manometer on the system to test for pressure drop ie leaks .
  10. D46

    Tolls 2020

    As far as I know magistrates have the power to impose both community pay back orders and deductions from State benifits be the pension or otherwise , the only problem is it takes a considerable about of time to pay the amount back especially if fines are involved as they go not to the authority but the treasury . It's very simple to report anyone for outstanding tolls but I would seriously check on BAs toll checker before making that call as it's extremely difficult to judge who is and who isn't , rather than the obvious judging a book by its cover I prefer a level of accuracy before having the authority case up what could well be a legitimate vessel in full compliance of the bylaws . Very easy to do ( after checking of cause ) by phoning broads control or via email if you have a signal .
  11. D46

    Tolls 2020

    I think you will find that schemes such as community pay back are run by the probation service under strict guidelines and controls , I don't think the authority would be allowed to run a similar scheme or would want to do so due to the amount of work required to police such litter picks . While it's fair to say some individuals on low incomes such as pensions etc don't pay there must be many that do , similarly it would very likely be the case that some in well paid jobs don't pay . It's the same with moorings it's not always those that " continuously cruise" that are a problem it's often found boat owner's with marina berths often overstay too . I'm sure the authority will enlighten us on the situation but l largely suspect that it will be a case of no one escapes being prosicuted for none payment , regardless of their income level .
  12. D46

    Tolls 2020

    Don't forget that they have a duty to provide maintainace of existing moorings something that is sadly lacking in other areas . That said im not too happy that you seam to be delighted at a new mooring at very likely the maintainace of existing ones , sure it all comes from the same account but surely what needs to happen first is the existing infastructure is maintaned to a decent standard , or is that just wishful thinking ? , I can think of more than one mooring that has a ability to moor more boats than this pontoon that cannot be use all due to lack of maintenance nothing else . As for JMs apparently personal vendetta that's total rubbish , many people feel the same way or haven't you noticed ? . Sooner or later people will get so fed up with this attitude from BA yr in yr out that they will take direct action . Sitting on the fence is fine but it achieves absolutely nothing , if your content to do that then fine , but trust me others are definitely not prepared to do the same .
  13. D46

    Tolls 2020

    Or better still repairing the existing moorings to s standard that the can be actually use , ie broken posts and collapsing quay heading both of which can be found on the southern rivers and reported a number of times .
  14. The answer is a fair bit higher than that , the whole of both carparks flood on occasions .
  15. Spot on silent block bobbins will cure a resonance issue n pretty easy to fit too , that said they have already got isolation rubbers fitted so it shouldn't resonate . Incidentally the Johnson pump is a 5 diaphragm pump hence the large chamber and should ideally be run in conjunction with an accumulator tank of the correct size and pressurised 2-3 psi less than the pump pressure . Any water pump must never be mounted with the motor facing down in a vertical format as any internal leak will get back into the motor and bearings , sideways is fine as is any oriantation on a flat surface . A simple ball valve introduce on the inlet side will combat the issue being able to isolate the water supply and very useful to be able to turn it off when leaving the boat for extending periods as it removes the possibility water running if a pressure realise valve , tap washer or pipe fails aft of the pump , if it's taken care of with a pump turn of switch fitted to the boat already that also removes that risk .
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