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  1. Roger is a personal friend TBH , I know a fair few that moor there too , so far I've got 2 places for water both through friendship ..that said thanks Vaughan for that help good to see not everyone is critical
  2. Really try reading the post I referred to prior to my first comment, I'm leaving this right here because I can see your interested in making it personal . How about thinking of everyone not just some i flaming well are .
  3. One would have thought it obviously that's why I choose to quote it , sorry if I'm a little edgy but this is a very serious situation and Don't see why old battles need re enacting at this time ..the NBN Is in a good position to help here , if it's negative then it will not go down well with other members or guests that are thinking of joining ..we are all in this together regardless of nothing , now is the time to pull together .
  4. I wasn't intending sturing up any problems but I objected to the post I quoted for the reasons stated , I've always had the opinion that we shouldn't be interested it blame but instead pull together . There are a number of moorings with toilets close by and I'm aware of BAs superb idea of getting together a list which will help no end , now is not the time for laying blame we need to help each other as much as we can and BA are working towards that in helping as they can .
  5. Sorry but do you mean that anyone who Cruise's continually is breaking the rules ? . Sure some do but equally alot don't . Btw isn't it required that to live on a boat legally you need a mooring with planning permission in place , just exactly how many marinas have that ? Those living afloat in Marina's without permission are equally breaking the rules . It's totally wrong to state that those who live out in the river through choice are a problem some are done are not . Remember this now brooms have closed the kiosk fuel and the basic item water is increasing difficult on the yare , and yet the most important thing is seaming taring everyone with the same brush . Why not have some compassion for those who are operating in very difficult circumstances or is that too much to ask .
  6. How can you be vigilant around the marina when you're not going to be there due to a lockdown. Surely the marina staff who live locally will handle the situation . I'm wondering just how many boater's now wished the had someone living onboard in their marina ? , For year those that live afloat have been crucified here and other forums , to me that was short sighted and worse but isn't it funny how they when this lockdown happens and it most certainly will , suddenly become the biggest assert security wise? .
  7. I'm sorry but who is going to need a pumpout other than those that live on a boat ? , If the lockdown when it comes is anything like the one in France then it won't be possible to just go for a jaunt down the river it would be breaking the rules . Obviously if you live in the boat it's your primary residence and if your a continuous cruiser or whatever you no doubt will be allowed to move the vessel to obtain water, fuel , pumpout or food , only those vessels would I believe be granted an exception . The whole point of the lockdown is to stop the virus potentially moving around , hence cruising for just pleasure is highly unlikely to be allowed , now it's not clear what the penaltys would be for infringement but I'd be surprised if it's not a police matter of a certain level of importance given the circumstances .
  8. That's exactly what it is called , the question is why use it , after all click bait is designed to make people jump to conclusions . Why not just title the thread " Google Earth" after all that is the subject , that saves unnecessary jumping to conclusions IMHO . Regarding Google Earth yes it most certainly has its uses if peg person behaves , but you can't beat actually being there
  9. That's the vessel that got stolen a few yrs back from it's mooring just above freedom boats .
  10. It most certainly does including your good self
  11. It's ok if it has I know someone with loads of toilet roll
  12. No intentions of taking it further just purely replying to posts that quote me , or is that not allowed in your world ?
  13. With the deepest if respect I really don't see this as purely bickering , members are annoyed that's definitely not bickering . The fact remains the whole episode was totally avoidable by thinking before typing .
  14. Wrong on 2 count's , first of all the only reason he's received a bit of a backlash is because he himself had the brass neck to make the stockpiling statement in the first place , most people would realise that wasn't a clever move . Add to that he has no idea on anyone else health conditions or appear to be interested. As for being responsible , is taking stock from small village stores actually a resposable thing to do for none residents ? They can't carry the stock supermarkets can and basically serve the local community and there's bound by to be people that depend on them . As for having to explain , there would have been no need for that if the stockpiling ( his own words not mine ) post hadn't been made . We are all in a frightening position right now every single one of us .
  15. Rediculous advice , where ever you go store wise there's plenty of frozen produce , why because people are stockpiling and freezing fresh food , and now M&S are surgesting they do , I give up some folk Haven't the brains they were born with . I only hope these idiots are dating thing's they are freezing on Mass and understand what freezer burn is !
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