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  1. It would be a bit pointless superglueing yourself to the ferry it's having an overhaul at the moment , it's a pleasure to go past just now not living in fear of it diving out right infront of you as it so often does . Criminal damage has never been the smart option but then again neither has riding rough shod over people's opinions or pushing the boundaries of what is advertising / marketing and what is definitely not , either way BA won't give a dam they will just Carry on until one day they take things too far and someone of statue tells them to pack it in , until that time anyone who disagrees with their plans for what they want will get totally ignored , and that's been proven time and time again .
  2. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Absolutely depends on where you are and more importantly if they are open , the very last thing I would do is to recommend anyone without experience , I definitely know one river side yard is way in excess of the hardware store on all sizes and both butane and propane , it totally depends on where you are and if your able to without issues transport the bottles from A-B etc .
  3. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    It certainly does . Incidentally we shouldn't forget the hardware shop , you can get virtually anything there including gas at pretty good prices too .
  4. Short answer is yes as long as it works both ways .
  5. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Excellent post , factual in all 3 paragraphs . Basically the only reason I mentioned that it can be slippery there is only because I've seen a couple of accidents one of which could have been quite serious , obviously it's up to the individual but I have always found it better to warn people than accept accident's happen , after all many boats stop there that come from the northern rivers as it's a handy place to get supplies , they may not realise it's slippery , obviously it's not difficult to see but some get it wrong and I'd rather see folk stood up than lying injured and it's only funny if the only thing hurt is pride really . Good to see a lot of common Sense in the post too especially regarding getting worked up about it and the policing of it , if you own the mooring it's different and nine time out of ten I'll gaurantee those that complain , don't actually seek to moor there in the first place .
  6. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Ok so now 2 people think I've mentioned a payable fee other than my last reply to vanessan . Where does it say that !!! Be careful regarding don't moor there if it looks unsafe as I pretty sure that under DP16 they should be safe . But above all it's time to show me exactly where I made certain statements or shut up about it as the accusation has nothing to do with this thread , do now the balls in your court to find it , print it and prove it , I'll wait with anticipation
  7. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Absolutely agree there should be some signage as to what's what . I don't think the subject of paying a fee for extended stays at church fen has even been mentioned certainly not by me but I and many others are fully aware of the fact it is indeed possible at Rockland though I've never mentioned that beforehand .
  8. What an excellent post 100% common sense , and don't make that holiday too long please .
  9. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Your confused ? Not half as much as me , can you explain how I posted that statement in 2017 when I didn't become a member until 2019 ? what grounds could you possibly have for thinking that ? , I may well think along the same lines as other's as many do on here. With regards clarification on this subject i have already gained some clarification and as I said yesterday I'll be talking to BA again to clarify the situation regarding DP16 and various other things that seam to be confusing people . To me it's perfectly clear that they are available and BA have while not adopting them or managing them in anyway at all have included them on the websites list of moorings . Regarding any restrictions then there would need to clear signage as to what they are , currently there's nothing to state any restrictions or indeed any level of ownership . These moorings are not new they have been here a few yrs now , but all of sudden there seams to be a huge interest in them and even more so who actually uses them . Me if I'm mooring there I would usually go the end of the up stream section as there's really only one place yacht's can moor without being in the tree's and that in the middle of both areas on the BA side where incidentally there is clear signage , but hey that's just me thinking of others I guess .
  10. To be fair the works do help both navigation and conservation so surely the fair way would be to split the cost to both budget's , I'll stick my neck out here and surgest a 50/50 split simply because it's perfectly possible to work an exact amount but that would require hrs of work , and likely end up with more or less the same percentage . However this depends on what if anything BA wish to do regarding apportioned costs , and that sadly is something members have no control over .
  11. To me I don't see it as ranting I see it as people who are not prepared to be Hoodwinked into the national park fiasco and it definitely is that a fiasco . Now last time I looked this was classed as a discussion forum and that's what's taking place , as long as members are civil and don't break TOS then what's possibly wrong with it , sure there will be those that believe both sides of the issue but given that it remains discussed in s reasonable manner I see nothing wrong with rasing issue that people are passionate about . While it's seriously not good to lose 2 knowledge members a forum is built around all it's membership , I'm really not sure that either member would appreciate being placed on a pedestal knowledgeable folk tend to not like that sort of thing , while I know neither member personally That's just my take on it nothing else .
  12. D46

    My Day

    She had some serious money spent on her a few yrs back in brundall , sadly now even passing her you can see the dreaded black areas in the cabin sides . She is however quite special as she's the first broom 36 , born in 1963 , it might be there were broom 36s in a wooden format but this is definitely ( having been on board and seen the documentation ) the first with a GRP hull . Nice boat pampata but need a lot of work to bring her back to amazing .
  13. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Apologies I miss read it
  14. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    But it is guess work you didn't see it leave that mooring it could have traveled from anywhere to get to broom and you simply don't know if it did or not . Regarding fuels discount for berth holders it's entirely relivent as you accused others of being subsidise by berth holders regarding water all it is is a different liquid nothing else . If brooms didn't change got water at that point please enlighten me as to how it's any of your business as to who can fill up and who can't , after all it make no difference if it's out side of hrs or not it wasn't charged for at that time . Maybe you if it was such a big issue should have complained to brooms and not afterwards on here , without as I'm sure you know any evidence at all as to if that boat traveled the distance you claim .
  15. D46

    Brundall Church Fen

    Well I'll wait go see what BA say regarding that as they definitely were gifted under a planning regulation .
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