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  1. Fortunately I've been able to carry on working through all this so haven't been stuck at home full time. What I have discovered during the time off from work and not going to the boat every weekend is with the fine weather doing some gardening and discovering just how many fish are in our pond. Amazed at the amount of wild birds visit our London garden ... Discovered completely by accident that we also have a one button shove it all in washing machine. Discovered that we have a vacuum cleaner called 'Hetty' however you still have to plug it in and push it around. Biggest thing learnt by far is just how much I spend going to the boat every weekend ... unbelievably around £600 per month .... Most humbling has to be the work of NHS and all key and essential workers ...
  2. Sutton staithe Boatyard do .. fouled prop cover is a little extra but well worth it.
  3. Got my fenders ready for first day out on the Ant ....
  4. I thought Broadsedge was closed up and gates locked 😱
  5. You can't help but notice most of the unsavoury and disturbing actions of both groups and individuals end up being on the social media and video sites. I know it can help if needed for evidence etc but it surely makes the whole event entertainment for others to copy ...
  6. I'm going up to the boat late this evening through until Tuesday. Will be at Broadsedge so if anyone wants their boat checking let me know and will go look/check on it.
  7. To be honest I just lob them in the fat fryer and wait until golden ....now on the odd occasion they may just be cooked in a bit of dripping 🤪
  8. Didn't take them long ...same old boats over staying ....
  9. Thanks all...she went in to St Bartholomew's in London on Thursday pre op and was due to have her op (nodule on right long)on Friday (13th) but sadly she was patient no 3 for theatre and patient no 2 suffered some problems and overrun... Consequently the Mrs was discharged and sent home and now has been readmitted now for 19th with surgery on the 20th (1st one booked in theatre)so we had a mini Christmas day today for her as there is a chance she will be in until after Christmas ..
  10. Hi all ...back again although with different name after being convinced to keep the boat. Sadly the boat wasn't used much last year with a loss of interest due to the Mrs poor health and her struggle at times to do the traveling. Will see how things pan out and how well the Mrs recovers from her health issues as to how long or if we keep the boat. Hopefully will pop up new year's Day and give it a clean and maybe a run out for an hour or two.
  11. They do take a little getting used to...when mine is paired up in the car and the car radio is playing ...if an advert for Google comes on then my phone seems to think it's me talking/shouting at it .. especially when the advert says "hello google".... Took me an age to work out what was going on ...😱
  12. I use one called 'Audify Music player'....found it very simple to use and sorts all music out into things such as recents,,, playlists ,,,, albums and folders etc...oh and the play ..stop...and pause buttons are nicely displayed and easily understandable. Should have added downloaded from the Play Store....
  13. This is the icon you need to look for ...should be either on your home screen or the app screen
  14. We get both the recorded message saying they are going to cut our internet off and also the actual person call stating misuse of our BT internet and we must comply with them ...we ain't on BT but don't tell them that and to be honest it's probably the only time our landline rings lol...
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