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  1. Tuesday 8.15am. Currently there is a large motor cruiser moored at St Benets. I can't see any details from where I am. Is someone using his initiative or is it a live-aboard which the BA allow to move?
  2. Thanks for all the comments. My current deal is sim only for our two iPhones; unlimited minutes and txts and 1Gb data which is more than adequate. We are in the northern rivers area and Vodafone has been good most of the time as well as elsewhere when away on holiday. It can be such a pain to switch but I will have to do so to save £10pm. Money saving website lists all the companies and the deals, so thanks whoever referred me to that.
  3. We have always used Vodafone, are infrequent users and little data use. Vodafone will shortly increase our monthly bill from £15 + VAT to £22 + VAT, so I have been looking at all the various operators including some of the lesser known ones like Vigo, Lebara, Smarty. I know it has been mentioned before, but I cannot find the links to comments about service around the broads and around the country as a whole from the major and minor providers. Anyone care to offer comments please? Thank you.
  4. I have a filter like that on my Collins, although the cap is a screw fit.Quite standard in their day. The bronze filters are difficult to find, so look after it. I don't find that the weed drops back into the body, rather than it gets stuck in the body if the filter is full. Happens frequently on a trip to Coltishall and back. Just carry a length of plastic tube to push down the body and out of the hull.
  5. Why all the discussion of Acle & Stacey? The questioner is only here for 4 nights and it has already been suggested that he stays on the upper Bure, Thurne and Ant. If he needs to go to Yarmouth he can easily get back to his car at PH and drive in. Just saying...
  6. We passed you yesterday just downstream of Cockshoot. You were both wrapped up well in heavy weather gear on your flying bridge, complete with L.J's, Life Jackets that is, not Long Johns, although you probably need them as it was chilly. Its a shame the Padstow pasty shop does not have a branch in Wroxham as I would be a regular visitor and they would have a good trade!! Enjoy the rest of your time here.
  7. "Chucking" 20kg is not good for the back. Don't ask me how I know!
  8. We have our own boat and always take the cat with us for a trip of 3 or 4 days. However, it has been brought up with the boat and is purrfectly happy. Its litter tray is kept in the shower and its not allowed on deck except when we are moored. For longer trips it stays at home.
  9. There is a panel van which is constantly parked in Horning emblazoned with the logo "SUPBoarding magazine". Are they advertising drinking on board??
  10. We were standing on Ludham Bridge as you passed under it yesterday!
  11. Personally, I think it is a bad idea for a newbie. Dinghies are a pain at the best of times especially if you do find an alongside mooring; they get in everyones way. When mud weighting, lifting a dog in/out might not be so easy if it is a sizeable dog which is not used to that procedure. To coin a phrase, dump the dinghy, or ditch the dog(not literally, of course). Enjoy your holiday.
  12. I heard yesterday that Broadsbeat or the BA patrols say that it is now OK to sleep on board on your own moorings. That would need checking and also confirming that it is also OK on marina berths.
  13. Please can we go back to holidays at home and not stacations!
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