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  1. Possibly slightly off subject, but "live aboards" can be on their boats, but there is no need for them to be moving around the waterways, just as the rest of us should not use our cars except for specified journeys. I saw a hire boat passing St Benets yesterday but could not see from which fleet, although it did have a TV dome on the bow!
  2. Have a look at the Hire Boat brochures and websites to look at the various types they have to rent which might take your fancy; then come up and have a look at them and possibly hire them for a weekend to see what you think. A couple of hire charges is preferable to buying the wrong craft.
  3. I was passing through Hoveton yesterday and saw from the roadsigns that that it has joined the Broads National Park
  4. Johnash asked for a suggested route from Portsmouth. My preferred routing would be north to Oxford, around west/north ring road to Bicester, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Bedford, A14 past Cambridge to pick up A11 just past Newmarket. At junction of A11/A47, on outskirts of Norwich head for Gt Yarmouth until bridge over river at Postwick; from here ,the final leg, choice of three routes. Shall I go on?
  5. Greater Anglia Rail have recently announced a new direct rail service between Norwich and Stansted, so that should help you.
  6. Deli stock is very run down and is not being replaced. On a similar sad note, the butchers in Horning has also closed recently.
  7. If all the villagers had used the deli , so that the accountants could see that it was a valued part of the shop, then I suspect that it might not now be closed. Unfortunately too many people want to get everything in one purchase at the supermarkets, or have their shopping delivered, so we will all now be forced to buy our deli items 5 or 6 miles away from Ludham.
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