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  1. It seems you have pleasure with watching people with what you call, a less IQ than you. You are naturally funny and don't realise it!!!!!
  2. I have to say Griff you come across as a work horse, but how do you fair with your knees at your age? I have a few friends in the carpet business that have knees that creek and groan through work, and another one that has had ops on both. It would be nice to know how you cope, although one of my friends swears by those cod liver oil capsules.
  3. I like this remark and agree, low life's will do anything to make a quick buck.
  4. Scale wise or for real, add a 6ft pole with a satellite dish, it's going to pee one of you off!
  5. It was the same with the A Team van, they had to get the welder machine in some how.
  6. With a reply like that, you either need a stiff drink or is missing blasting things out of the sky!
  7. Just what you need when those eco friendly boats get in your way.
  8. I don't know if it is just me, but with some airlines and other peoples comments, profits come before safety.
  9. It's a woodies world of clothes! To upgrade to Next, it's fibreglass
  10. It has to be said, I look forward to the static strips and the furry dice pics to follow.
  11. I'm sure this is the type of bloke who would fail the 11+ exam at the age of 30!
  12. So please look at this in my sort of way. I go to talks/conferences and I do come across some who do bore the pants out of me. But they are giving up their free time to discuss, speak of their experience and I will do my best to listen to what they have to say. On the virtual world of NBN I do have the same thing, some bore the pants out of me but I will still read into their posts as they might have said something that may be of interest. If I don't find a post of non interest I will scroll down, to click on a profile and ignore just goes to show how shallow someone can be!
  13. Personally I would never hold a fish like that, you look like you are strangulating it! Don't forget while it is out of the water, it's trying to breathe!!!
  14. So how many pages can we expect before it is finished? You do a marvellous job when it comes to model making and I doubt there would be few on here who could do a good a job as you. But this thread has gone along far too long and I assume like many would like to see the finished article. I have seen a whole housing estate finished before this model boat has, so please Grendel, lets see the finished article!!!
  15. Awesome model making. I saw a model boat like this on Find it, Fix it, Flog it. Hopefully this isn't the one that was finished of by their team? Just kidding!
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