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  1. I have to say though that with 80 odd posts and 550 odd likes, BroadsAuthority is a God on here! Personally I think they should be on here for info only, and not a popularity thing!! I'm more than happy to like an individual on this forum, but when it comes to a authority that we all have to adhere to, for me it seems like we are liking for the wrong reason. If you think I am wrong, then I am up for criticism
  2. So what does it feel like to have egg flowing down your face?
  3. I appreciate your skills as a model maker, but the first picture he looks stoned and the last one it looks like he's had a heavy Friday night. Unless of course this model is life like
  4. Lucky for me it's my business line answering machine and I am able to switch the ringer off between 22.30 to 07.00
  5. I hope you write a book or put all your knowledge into a data base, because when it's gone, it's gone for good.
  6. It's good to see the production line up and running again and one question, because you are having working LED's, are you having port and starboard lights because I think the old girl has them.
  7. I'm sorry to have a rant on this tonight, but I knew this was going to happen. It seems that if I have read this right, there has been a surge according to some newspapers of out of date food being discarded. There are alot of stupid people out there that have been bulk buying through of fear, then dumping because it is out of date. These people are not only stupid, selfish and seem to have money to waste. But then you get people who applaud the unsung heroes and those who go out of their way to help others and go that extra mile to do good for other people in life. Along with certain people who think it is fun to cough over supermarket food or OAP's, use the CV for their own gain in scams, I'm lost with the lack of IQ and integrity with some people. At the moment my faith in humanity is in the middle of the road!
  8. Unfortunately Griff, I doubt you have enough money to be a sugar daddy.
  9. Why do I have Seven of Nine in my head when you say that?
  10. I must sat that I know that the BA do get slanted on here for good and bad, but I hope that they can go to sleep at night knowing that their work of what they do goes for the benefit of the Broads, and not for their bank balance!
  11. I'm sure Griff you could easily carry out your work without getting too close to your employer as like me, we work alone and can regulate our personal contact with others.
  12. Lucky for me I can still go out to work, as I cant work from home and I have the home owners consent that they want to keep to the 2 metre rule. I hope that that keeps the authorities happy?
  13. It looks like my secret bid for a weekend on BA might look quite appealing right now! Please note, face masks will be supplied for the 2 metre rule by me.
  14. I have an Irish Staffy who is 12 years of age, I haven't done this for a while but I will try and get some photos done and post them on the NBN. If I have any problems I'm sure there would be a few tech people on here who would help me out. Hopefully!!!!!!!!
  15. I love this thread and please keep the pictures coming. I've grown up with dogs since as far back as I can remember and could never see my life without one. I have liked as many as I can, but am restricted!
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