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  1. To add to this thread in my opinion, a low cost hire boat, out of season, you do the maths!
  2. So what I have learnt from this thread is that hire companies will do their best for safety on their boats, but can't accommodate for arrogance and stupidity. Potential boat hirers wont want to take up part of their holiday on some kind of boat piloting awareness coarse because less face it, the speed awareness course for cars would be just as boring for a holiday maker keen to get underway. Moderators are human like us, they don't always get it right. And finally, I'm sure the captain and crew who trawl the Bering seas, love to read the the trials and tribulations of those that
  3. Noticed on the HW webcam today on the Lathams side of the bridge, a boat looked as if one of the ropes had broken free and the bridge(the larger air draft of the two) was stopping it from going underneath.
  4. That's the trouble with human nature! When there is an injury or fatality on the broads, the forums seem to go in to overdrive! I sometimes feel people love to talk about the bad things that happen on the broads compared to the good things!
  5. You do realise, that it is presumed the millions of old one pound coins that hasn't been given to the banks to be exchanged for the new coin resides. I hope you find your fortune
  6. Are these alarms a bit of an overkill for a drain on a battery, small that it is and for a model boat?
  7. You just confirmed what I said ?????????????
  8. Its not rocket science, when there are swans or ducks near my fishing tackle, I real it in till they are gone. But for some simpletons, they just don't understand.
  9. Sorry Double M, but I think you have gone over to the dark side with this way of thinking and have looked far too much into it.
  10. Now I do understand that speed limits are there to protect the river banks because of wash, but a hovercraft can break the speed limit associated with some rivers and cause much less wash than boats. Now if I am correct in saying that the rivers have boats of planning hulls to the flat bottom hulls concerning the hire industry. So please correct me if I am wrong, a planning hull causes more wash than your flat bottom hull type and the bigger the boat, the slower they should go?
  11. Does this type of boat really exist on the broads?
  12. You will not be on his Christmas list for that comment!
  13. If I am not mistaken, speed cameras work on contact and measure a fixed distance, this way speed can be calculated. If it works on the roads, the same can be done on the rivers. Wash will never come into it as it always depends on the hull if my memory serves me right.
  14. Just the same as film critics, I take no notice of them whatsoever. There has been a few films that have been slated by these so called experts and personally I have really enjoyed them.
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