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  1. I would be grateful if someone could explain to me that if the Norfolk Broads was replaced by the wording of the Broads National Park, would this help the Broads continue or send it on a road to self destruction? Also what I read on this thread is that JP that he seems to be known as is not liked, it could be what I read from this thread is that he seems to want to leave behind some sort of legacy in his name?
  2. Upcycler

    High Water

    If that arch is the bridge in your photo, that measurement should be in inches and not feet.
  3. In my day if you got hassled by the school bully, it was only in the playground and not everyday. Now with social media it can be directed at you wherever you are, 24/7. Even the wimps of today are now keyboard warriors and words can hurt, so sticks and stones don't even come into it.
  4. After reading the thread on Acle, we have one here on the NBN :(
  5. I love the way you have made the chair.
  6. I like the NBN but reading other forum posts I'm afraid to be gunned down just for saying something simple, but something in the past has annoyed me with this topic. Many years ago a managers job came up for a firm I was working for and basically it was given to an assistant manager in the firm, but they had to follow protocol and advertise the position. What angered me was the people who had taken time to answer to the position, possibly with no job at the time and not knowing that the position was already taken. DESPICABLE. I hope the Broads Authority don't do this type of thing, as it's an insult to all applicants.
  7. The modelling craftmanship looks great, but the figurine looks like something you would hide behind the sofa when it would appear on Dr Who.
  8. That's a nice looking model boat you are making there and hopefully from upcycled wood? Is that your own design or is it based on something else?
  9. To bring back a bit of nostalgia to the boards, it would be lovely if all the boats were made of wood.
  10. If you built that from scratch, I would like to say what a magnificent job you have done. I just hope you have passed on your masters degree on carpentry to one of your offspring.
  11. That's the thing, you don't know the business and while you are being sucked in by the TV, you should watch TOWIE and the Kardashians while your at it! I noticed that someone posted how tv does things to get you interested and basically that is how things work on tv. Drew has mentioned on numerous occasions how he can visit many allocation and get nothing, but we don't get to see that, just the prearranged stuff. Otherwise if we were to see what the average salvager does, the public would soon switch off. I know some people can't understand what Money for Nothing is about, but you would be surprised what someone will pay for something that is unique and been on a tv show! Henry Cole is close to what my friend is all about and that's why I like FIFIFI or drive it. But if something was to highlight what I wish I could excel at and that would be the Repair Shop. I not very good at remembering names but all the repairers on there are simply magnificent. Unfortunately these trades are dying out because the youngsters of today think these trades are too tiresome and boring and their facebook status is much more important.
  12. Since my last few holidays on the Norfolk Broads a friend of mine made me aware of this site, so now and again I have been viewing this site to make me wonder if it is worth joining. I have to say that I am a keen up cycler and The repair shop, Salvage Hunters and Money for Nothing, I am very much a fan of. I know a lot of these things are pre arranged in these programmes, and with Money for Nothing Jay Blade and his two tone colour of his chairs, seems to do nothing for The Repair Shop, but I have to stick up for Drew Pritchard here. What a lot of people don't realise the after costs of making a sale goes into re-selling. You have to factor in staff, fuel, dwelling, the list goes on concerning costs. Please only comment if you know the business!
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