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  1. im shocked by that response wussername..as paul says tough times and we need to occupy or brains and fill with humour its only way we are going to get through this.on a serious note if this was real treasure hunt we would of run out of time and not got first clue
  2. the thought had crossed my mind jm
  3. im not saying shut um down but as a good will gesture they could of moved the booing till later in year i wasnt wanting my money back so they wouldnt of lost out and i may of added a second week.and yes i will loose money but thats not important my life is
  4. im with you jm .its to much of a risk.thats why i rang them and she had cheek to say well its not long till your due here.yes but these are abnormal cercumstances love.your park is a petri bowl everyone cramed together.excuse me ive money to burn i aint risking it
  5. ive just tried to alter my holiday for end of month with haven.they can only cancel it if i get a drs letter saying im ill despite hubby and i both in mid 50s with diebetis and heart and kidney problem crazy they will however let me know if anyone tests positive while im on the park nice of them
  6. its ok ive a few pairs could let you have and leg shackles
  7. princess

    Sad News

    very sad to read this
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