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  1. Sorry, I forgot: Coronation Street goes boating.
  2. Far too wide a choice here. More like: Coronation Street More Coronation Street Yet more Coronation Street Repeats of Coronation Street Weekend summaries of...........Coronation Street !
  3. Unfortunately this assumes the morons can read
  4. Bit of shake at full zoom.
  5. It might only apply to tier one customers but when you click on home delivery to book a slot it now says 1hr slot or priority slot. Mine had a choice of tomorrow or not at all. It will vary from branch to branch I guess.
  6. Miracles do happen ! It seems Tesco have finally checked their emails from the government and realised 1.5 million people have been catergorised as Tier One and require assistance. I 've had an email this morning saying 75,000 out of an initial 110,000 names supplied are Tesco customers and a system is in place to give Tier One people priority delivery slots. I have been able to place an order this morning, after weeks of trying, and delivery is confirmed for tomorrow. This means no-one in the house has to go anywhere as the wife is no longer running around town picking up bits here and there. Maybe the heavyweight pressure from my MP and others, plus government departments, has persuaded the major supermarkets to invest their extra profits in uprating services. Finally, lockdown means lockdown, at least for us.
  7. Unless you are a tiger I suppose
  8. The report on this I saw didn't detail how they discovered the tiger was infected, I doubt it stood still for a nasal swab. More seriously though, if it turns out that the cat family are susceptible to this virus, we should be afraid, very afraid. Cats by their nature roam all over the place, we've had feral cats locally, living in the open country beyond our house in the past, for instance, not to mention all the domestic varieties. I, for one, am hoping the diagnosis is premature.
  9. Hi, Apart from three motorboats that came up from Barton Broad and turned right for Stalham/Sutton the only boat we saw was a medium to large sail boat that looked like it was having trouble getting in at the village end, but it was mostly out of sight as there is a slight bend there. I thought there was another boat there but when I looked again it was gone - assuming it wasn't a mirage ! This was Thurs 19th.
  10. I knew I had some more pics filed away somewhere so I have included a few here. They include one of our favourite moorings (Wroxham Island), the new moorings at Paddy's Lane and the Norfolk version of "Head In The Sand" which I will keep handy I think.
  11. I wonder just what the poets of yesteryear would have made of a 747 Jumbo
  12. Absolutely love this picture, but surely it's less stressful to take just your dog for a walk.
  13. Tailor made for a Top Gear drag race, I hope no-one gets ideas.
  14. If I see a bin like that floating it will have more to do with the glass in my hand than the glass I am looking through
  15. Youtube - Narrowboats - Broads Vlogs - Bushcraft - Given the recent videos I saw of alligators/crocodiles and leopards moving into Indian villages during their lockdowns, I guess this would be useful if lions are found in Ranworth Marshes !
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