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  1. A laughing emoji just doesn't seem enough for all that effort.
  2. £10....That's more like it !
  3. Probably originally late 40s into 50s, maybe produced to accompany one of his books (??) Matches design, and paper, of an unpursued project of my youth, recently disposed of. Plans, and books, are indeed still available, if rare it seems the pricing is designed to ensure they remain so ! Modellers Central have a number of plans, for books see the likes of Amazon and Waterstones. See below. The front cover pix are of a Jan 98 reprint (Amazon) note the foreground of vol 2.
  4. Yeah right, catch covid and take it home to your parents, and round to your grandparents, but that's alright, you're OK.
  5. Might just be my imagination but is there not a massive "Elephant In The Room" here ? I might be missing something but I have seen nothing even hinting at New Years Eve celebrations. Does not the Christmas easing of restrictions end some 3/4 days before ? If Christmas results in nationwide spikes what will New Year do ? Somehow I don't see your usual party animals passing up the chance to kick 2020 into touch, not that 2021 will be any different to start with at least, it's a huge time for pubs and clubs. Surely the "Powers That Be" have it under consideration, or are we in
  6. I have, for sometime, seen members comment on fewer, or almost no, birds and fish. Sometimes you just don't know what's out there. Not For Those Of A Nervous Disposition.mp4
  7. Good luck then, hopefully victim support will keep everybody up to the mark.
  8. JM https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/crime-info/types-crime/antisocial-behaviour You can contact them directly, you don't have to go through the police. Check out this site. I also found that appealing to my MP did wonders in chasing our local authority into action. You do usually have to help the local authority gain necessary information. This can appear time-consuming and you are the only one who knows if it's worth the trouble. I can appreciate the frustration you are probably feeling, we had 12 years of it some time ago now, including the police turning up eight ho
  9. Glad to hear it's going well, now on to stage 2. Crazy Polar Bear.mp4
  10. Around 60 years ago I was in a class of 10/11 year olds being taught that the Southeast was slowly sinking and the Northwest was rising, a geological certainty apparently, hence 30 plus children having nightmares for a few nights about Poseidon coming after them. By the time I left school the emergency had been downgraded to perhaps something like an inch or two every 100 years or so, Poseidon was still coming but for the moment he had missed the bus. Science at work. The intervening years have seen vast sums spent on flood defenses in areas deemed at risk, some of which has worked,
  11. It's a chat with the yard vote from me too. You need to know what your options are, although I would be surprised if Richardson's were anything but sympathetic.
  12. So there's a gap in the market then ?
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