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  1. Not heard much about O2 around these parts, not sure if it's because they are so poor or because users are keeping quiet in case the network gets overloaded ! I'll make a note for future reference.
  2. Thanks for that. The Huawei came with a sim that wasn't mentioned in the marketing that will apparently give me 30gb for £10 if I activate it so that may be a useful spare, especially as the three network topups are so ridiculously expensive. If anyone is interested I tested this particular model of Huawei using my smart phone first on virgin media cable then on the Huawei, using an app called (Funny enough) Speedtest. Download - Virgin 48.1 mbs, Huawei 36.3 mbs, Huawei + Aerial 52.8 mbs Upload - Virgin 4.97 mbs, Huawei 7.88 mbs, Huawei + Aerial 3.86 mbs I have no explanation for the drop in upload using the aerial. I used my phone instead of a computer because my desktop is in pieces and I have bought a laptop for use in Norfolk next month and haven't got used to it yet. I hope to be posting to "Holiday Tales & Blogs" next month and I'll update these figures there from the wilds of Norfolk.
  3. Not 'till the 10th. I'm glad about the possibility of plenty of room in March as my "crew" have no experience at all apart from the wife as passenger in a motor boat outside St Ives harbour as I practised 90 degree turns. 12" of freeboard become 2" on the side she was sitting. It was about 3 or 4 hours before she spoke to me properly.
  4. Many thanks for the comments and suggestions, I have already invested in a Huawei E5785- 4G/ 300Mbps Travel Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot with Long-lasting 3000mAh Battery, from Amazon, plus a small aerial that I may or may not need. I added a 24gb Three Sim card and have been amazed at the trial results down here in Sussex so we'll see what happens. My bit of breaking news is that we've decided we can't wait for July so we booked an additional week in March ! I persuaded the wife we needed a practice run before our 10 nighter in July so preparations have begun. I've also got an eye on September or October but I'm keeping quiet about that one.
  5. Any one else seen the BBC website this morning ? Talking about funding for electric buses, and aiming to turn ONE town's buses 100% electric the transport secretary Grant Shapps said: "With 200 electric buses able to offset 3,700 diesel cars, it is clear they have a crucial role to play in bringing down emissions" At last we have an official government announcement on the effect of buses on our environment. 2 buses = 37 diesel cars. Should be even more petrol cars. Now tell us about the lorries. My local shopping parade acts as a bus terminus for a couple of local routes and a couple of longer routes. Sometimes the drivers switch off while waiting and sometimes they don't. When there are three there together I have to stand 50 yds away to avoid the exhausts. Maybe Greta missed her maths lessons on her ocean cruises. Instead of dreams Boris should look at what is possible.
  6. I find it very difficult to take any of this seriously, not because I don't want to but because I really can't imagine any government won't wake up to the economic consequences. If they really want to be seen to do something then start with the worst polluters in the form of trucks and buses, not joe public. I think you are then more likely to see people do their bit. A by-product of electricity however produced is heat. Let's see all "A" roads turned into canals and all motorways into rivers. We'll need a nationwide horse breeding program to provide for all the stagecoaches (Needed for those who can't afford a sailing dinghy) and a national manure policy to avoid a whole new meaning to the term fly-tipping. Any boat hire companies still in business will need to turn car parks into carriage parks and erect stables. Boats will be renamed with snappy politically correct names like "Greta One". Meanwhile tractors banned from farms means we will produce even less food than we do now so we will import from all over the globe. These imports will arrive in gas-guzzling container ships from every country that has ignored their zealots and continued to grow their economies. Chlorinated chicken for Sunday Dinner anyone ?
  7. Hi All, Just another old fogey trying to relive elements of his youth. A single fortnight on the Broads has stayed with me all my life and I've finally persuaded the wife we need to give it a go, after showing a few YouTube videos. I've been in the area a few times just not on the water unfortunately. My wife is now looking forward to it but to give you a clue of what I have to put up with I can tell you that she has no qualms about being IN the water but gets quite stressed being ON the water. I might need to pack some form of tranquilizer, a bottle of Bacardi and some coke springs to mind. We've got Melody 4 from Richardsons for 10 nights in July and I can't wait. It's our first proper holiday in years and we're dragging our son out of the house too. Any tips on the best solution for internet access would be gratefully received and would go a long way towards keeping a 33 yr old Aspergers sufferer happy. I can't wait but I'll have to hang in there somehow.
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