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  1. Boulters Marine £1.10 a litre for diesel.
  2. Great blog and nice to meet you the other day at Ranworth, its good to put a face to the name. John & Ike.
  3. Anyone fined for being out under lock-down can now apply for a refund under the new law of Cummings & Goings👍
  4. I'm totally bemused at how this nice thread progressed to where it has over a picture of the river with a scribbled out head...someone needs to get out more....oh no you can't!...
  5. Get the rope out...."there's gonna be a hangin"..
  6. Jemaki

    Space Station

  7. Given me chance to talk to our lass...she seems quite nice, apparently she has lost her job at Woolworths.
  8. The lord giveth and the Lord taketh away....."Stay off public transport and use your car if you can"...
  9. I had exactly the same symptoms in March, we had just returned from a 5 day break on the Costa del Sol (before the seriousness of things were apparent), we live in a small village and my Doctor said that she was 99% sure it was covid19 but was unable to have me tested. I was told that if my breathing became laboured I should call 999.
  10. Perfect.....thanks folk's...
  11. Was thinking breakdown, towing, fouled prop type of thing.
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