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  1. So much for the older generation giving the youngsters a hard time for allegedly breaking lockdown rules!!
  2. ...or Wasps as I prefer to call them, 95% of the scuffs on our boat were caused by dayboats, they use them as bumper cars 😠
  3. https://whenisthepubopen.co.uk/
  4. I would have said essential maintenance - "I'm just checking my bow thruster"
  5. Couple from November last year..very peaceful.
  6. Just Eat app is a good call, last summer we had deliveries of various flavours to Ranworth, Horning, Coltishall, Wroxham, Stalham and Potter Heigham.
  7. Anyone got a spare £1.5 million? https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/business/marina-in-brundall-for-sale-norfolk-broads-7303972
  8. Not someone I knew but some on here may have known/remember Winkle who was a past landlord of the White Horse at Upton, sadly he passed away recently.
  9. "If and when" foreign holidays resume in the distant future it may well be worth applying for a GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) it offers health cover in the way the old EHIC card did/does (which is still valid until expiry) They only countries they do not cover you in are Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. https://www.nhs.uk/using-the-nhs/healthcare-abroad/apply-for-a-free-uk-global-health-insurance-card-ghic/
  10. I met the owners last summer at Womack, I'm pretty sure its a Pedro boat built in the Netherlands... https://pedro-boat.nl/en/
  11. During the day its around 17° but feels warmer, I wear shorts and t-shirt but you need a fleece/coat in the evening. Lots of expat retirees here for the winter, only around 20% of bars are open but its nice not to have all the stag/hen parties, it makes for a pleasant experience, its not somewhere we would visit in peak season, we had planned to go to Portugal later this month but sacked it because of covid. Looking at the snow on the webcams in Norfolk makes us glad we are here.
  12. The promenades and bars are quite busy during the day, shorts & t-shirt with a fleece at night, currently bars have to close at 5pm so the evenings are quiet, we are happy watching TV at night(have an app on the telly with everything on).
  13. Meanwhile in Benidorm..
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