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  1. That's what the wife said..
  2. Jemaki


    We have had takeaways delivered to Ranworth (Malthouse), Barton and Horning via the Just Eat app.
  3. Fraction of the cost...get yourself a proper mansion.
  4. I might add that we have only recently purchased the boat so it was an inherited negligence, having been a boat owner for 10yrs or more changing the impeller would be an annual event.
  5. Big wave from us as you passed the exit to Malthouse...Good to read and great pictures.
  6. Boulters 16/07/20 £0.95p per litre (Diesel) by appointment Tel: 0169 263 0498 and a pump out at Woods was £15.
  7. I think I have had my moneys worth out of that one!..
  8. Hi, I have a few areas of crazing on the deck, not knowing a great deal about GRP can anyone point me in the direction of a self fix...thanks.
  9. I've just been for a pump out at Richardsons(£15) and chatting to the chap he said that the build sheds had been shut down and all the boat builders had been made redundant.
  10. Jemaki


    Poppy please be assured that I didn't take your post the wrong way, I did not think of us as being part of the subject of the post, I was merely poking a bit of light hearted fun at myself. On a personal note though,however we are looked at or thought of, I couldn't give a fig, we are far too busy living the dream..it was a long time coming.
  11. Jemaki


    Hmm.. So where does that place myself and good lady, we are living on board for the summer or at least until the end of October, then we are off to one of the Costas and will return t'boat in February in time for summer again. We haven't got two heads..honestly, and people say that we are quite nice to talk to(we had a couple of pubs in the Lakes so we are well practised) Oh and we have a paid for mooring so all legit..we don't have any plants growing on the roof(mind you there's a spider plant in the lounge)and definitely no wheelbarrow up there, also no woodburner so no great chunks of dead wood...do wave if you see us.. :-) ps...we are self funded.
  12. Dropped flagpole off at Cox's...ready in a day or so.
  13. Thanks for the recommendations guy's, we happen to be heading up to Paddy's Lane tomorrow so will call in at Cox's.
  14. An unsecured dinghy has just blown off the roof of a hireboat next to us and snapped my wooden flagpole at the base, can anyone recommend someone on North Broads where I might get it turned. It is of sentimental value to me.
  15. Sunday@1pm..a tad busy at Malthouse Broad...
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