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  1. There are some amazingly funny responses here. Well played! My fantasy boatyard is nowhere near as amusing. I'd probably base my yard near Ludham Bridge - to the South just in case of high water levels! I'd have a small but varied range of cruisers including a high dual steer and a smart bathtub. That way, I'd have whatever type of boat I fancied for my family holidays. The fleet would have all mod cons but feel cosy like some of the classic cruisers rather than the more sterile feel of modern boats. I think I'd have them specially made to ensure the layouts were just right. O
  2. I've often wondered that but I decided that it is largely leisure boaters who would find it useful. Man-made water courses are crazy expensive and were generally only built to improve trade. It's my understanding that most river trade was heading to or from the sea and I would imagine Wroxham to Norwich was easier by road. I decided that this is in the pipe dream category along with a bypass of Potter Heigham bridge!
  3. Sounds similar to when MS Word is on overwrite mode (by using the Insert button).
  4. Interesting. I wonder if Richardson's plan to move some of their higher air draft boats down there to avoid the peril of Ludham Bridge?
  5. Geoff Marshall is great - I love his videos. This was particularly great as we were there only a month ago. The ITV crew saw a lot more wildlife than we did though! Glad to hear someone is going to give it a go at opening something there. Good luck to them!
  6. With all the switches and lights behind, it could be the Battlestar Galactica. Think that would be tight getting through Potter...
  7. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ZV_Qqlq_0r2OZmha6xlTLT3y1ODoG6D It is a playlist - that's the first video on the list. Here's the link without the thumbnail which will take you to the list.
  8. It's not just you. I love pointing out boats we've had before - particularly Contessa from Richardson's (my first and favourite). I get for too excited seeing her! Sadly, I think all of the boats from my childhood are off fleet so are very hard to spot. Craig's database has been great for tracking down the ones in private ownership (that I can remember!).
  9. Hi all, I was bored so collated many boat reviews together that are on YouTube. Way more than I realised actually. I have ordered them roughly by boatyard. If you know of any others, I'd be happy to add them. Are think there may be a couple of Captain's Blogs (a.k.a. London Rascal) ones missing from my list. I hope this helps someone, or, if you're like me, just provides some easy light entertainment!
  10. I am going ASSUME that is a view of Potter Heigham's bridge from up river. I say assume for two reasons. One - I've never seen it from that side. Two - there's so much clearance that I think you could almost fit a dual steer through there! How times change!
  11. Great photos! Thanks for sharing - I needed this tonight. Sea Gem was an odd shape design. I quite like it's sleek 80s design though.
  12. I love your part of the world. This is the first year in probably 15 years that we've not been. Stupid Covid!!! I don't think I do have any videos. I have some from a trip on the longest zip wire (what a tourist, I know) but I tend to forget the camera when I'm absorbed. The view from a mountain top, the top of the Orne, or across the Menai straits are stunning - and I really don't think the camera do them justice. Maybe I'll put something together next year...
  13. We both love getting away. But like good films, you shouldn't watch them more than once a year in case you get bored of them. We also spend a fair amount of time in the Brecons and Snowdonia. With things as they are, we're unlikely to leave the country in 2021.
  14. Unfortunately, the long suffering Mrs C only allows me out on the water once a year. Thank you for watching though.
  15. After some arguments with my laptop (and dealing with some personal demons), I have finally edited a 'holiday' video together. Not my best work but maybe it will prod some memories if you're stuck indoors...
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