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  1. Great write up. Kirsty and I travelled up yesterday, staying in cottage in Wroxham, but will be doing plenty of isolated broad walks, a day boat and visiting some marinas! Hoping the pub ban advice doesn't limit our lunch options. If we see Melody 2 pass us by we will give a wave. Have fun!!
  2. Thanks all for the warm welcome! Regarding Diesel vs Petrol, this was our suspicion so good to have some guidance and clarity...carrying Gerry cans for 20 mins back and forth takes away some fun! @floydraser We went on a cruise at 23 and where the youngest couple there, we often enjoy the calmer 'fossil' company . @Ray The advice on 'subject to BSS' is a great idea and one we will keep in mind. Generally it seems everyone is suggesting the extra £££'s now will save us in the long run...which leads me to... @Paul - This is one of the only boats that we have both really agreed on, is a little out of price range so may have to wait see if it still available in a month or two. Any advice on what kind of flexibility can you make on a boat offer? understand it depends on sellers circumstances but is there a general guidance? We have been considering/ looking for over a year, getting to the point where we are wanting to jump in as, are you ever really ready? it's one those hobbies I think comes from experiences. Really like the list building.
  3. HI all, My Wife and I are looking to buy our first boat on the broads, travelling up this week (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) to spend some time looking at Marina's, country walks and maybe looking at some boats, we have some thoughts that are making the decisions difficult, so any advice you can give will be great: Some notes: This is our first boat. I am ICC, VHF and RYA PowerBoat Level 2 Qualified (with my advanced booked in) We are only really looking at a £15K budget (as its our first) We are from London so will look to travel up on Weekends/bank hols. We are both 31, healthy and active. Mostly just be on the Broads, though I would like to get some coastal time in. Questions: Petrol vs Diesel - we have read the masses of posts and opinions on this subject and know Deisel still seems to be the better option, but with so many petrol boats in our budget, will it make much difference on the broads? I don't really like the idea of storing lots of petrol on-board. Happy to pay the extra thirst on the few coastal hours we will get. BSC - A few boats we have looked at need a new BSC shortly, we know the cost is in region of £150 and that's not a problem, but worried, 'what if it fails?', would the pre-purchase survey cover what the BSC would and give us some piece of mind? River vs Motor - I'm a Motor cruiser fan but Kirsty likes the space and light you get on a river cruiser so any experiences of river cruisers doing coastal runs, Canopy space vs hard top space or any other clear differences when it comes to own we should note? For initial purchase we have factored Tolls, Mooring, Insurance, surveys. Are we missing anything? In general, excluding Insurance, tolls and mooring how much do you factor a year for other boating costs? Sorry for all the questions from a newbie, know there are lots of posts around, all responses would be highly appreciated! Nick & Kirsty
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