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  1. Thanks for that webntweb it is just as I remember it in the eighty's. Great memories.
  2. Definately Neatishead boatyard as it was in the 80's. In the second Aston photo you can see Peter's crane in the background. He did have 6 Ocean 30's, we always hired Aquajet. I have attached the only other photo I have of the area (sorry for the quality). It was the last day of our 1982 holiday. You can see Aquajet nearest with others in the background. Pleased to have challenged some of you. Keep safe.
  3. As I have said before a great couple to hire from. We hired from them from 1980 to 86. It was an excellent area of the Broads to start our first holiday and get used to the boat, so peaceful, not many other boats till we reached Barton Broad where in those times we were joined by Richardsons boats and many more from yards I cannot remember.
  4. Well done Maurice I thought you would know it is Peters yard at Wayford Bridge. I have attached the view from the other direction
  5. correct webntweb but how about the second? I hoped this would prove to be more of a challenge.
  6. Looking through an album for a different thread I found two photo's from our 1986 holiday. Can members work out where the two locations were.
  7. We hired Aston Nelson 4 years in a row in the late 80's. Smashing boat so comfortable and easy to control. The staff at the Beccles yard was so welcoming and helpful. We always arrived early and they were always ready for us one year we were away by 11.00 am. I may well be wrong but I have the name Michael Osborne in my head as manager. I have attached a photo of Aston Nelson I am sure members will be able to tell me where we were!
  8. Talking of Jimmy Hoseason 30 years ago I had booked a canal boat 10 months early and when the brochure came through the boat layout had been changed and was no longer suitable. A phone call arranged for a change with no problem but I was concerned that if I had not studied the new brochure I would not have known. In those days there was a letter in the front of the brochure signed by Jimmy Hoseason. I did not know if he existed but decided to write to him explaining my concerns. Three days later I received a phone call from him thanking me for my letter apologising for not alerting me and saying he was pleased to know we had found another boat and wishing us a very good holiday. Three months later we went on the holiday and returned home on the Saturday. The very next day the phone rang it was Jimmy asking us if we had a good holiday and if everything was o.k. That was for me someone who however big his company was still considered his individual customers. Those were the days.
  9. SwanR could not agree more, lets all stay positive.
  10. Brings back memories. Having just been for my daily walk under lockdown, as usual everyone was saying hello and smiling as I passed which brought back memories of the Broads in the 80's and 90's when we holidayed there. Everyone used to wave and smile and if you had a problem someone would always appear to help. It was one of the things that made those holidays so enjoyable. I do hope it is the same these days and you can all get back to enjoying the Broads as soon as possible.
  11. As a relative new member to this forum although I have visited many times in the past can I just say how much I have always enjoyed Vaughan's posts, always interesting and educational. It is vital for future generations that his type of contributions are retained.
  12. Thanks very much,I knew someone would know
  13. Thanks for mentioning Bronze Emblem SwanR this is the first time I have seen a boat we have hired mentioned on the forum. We hired her 1993,4,5 and 6 as River Hart from Stalham Yacht services. From Craigs list it appears she was built the year before we hired her. We found a very comfortable craft. I have attached a photo of her in 94 somewhere on the Northern Broads. If anyone knows where it is please tell I cannot remember.
  14. Jill Browne, great memories. Try these:- The One Ronnie The Flowerpot Man Closed all Hours (What) Holiday Home and Home QI 2 metres apart and for the seniors (No ones) In Town Tonight
  15. As you say MauriceMynah a great couple. I am very pleased to hear they are both well. Even when we stopped hiring from them (needed a larger boat) we always stopped there to see them. I have attached a picture of Aquajet the boat we always hired.
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