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  1. That's me decided. Next time I'm at the boat and decide against taking her out, I'm inflating the dinghy and using battery power for another trip up to Hickling. Or West Somerton......or Maybe Horsey, then again....Waxham........
  2. I do whatever necessary. Boat, kayak, walking, car, riding my bike... This can't be news to you that I like to get around, I have to admit though that I generally hate the beach. Loved it at Winterton though although never actually had to go barefoot or visit the sand dunes, but I'm much more of a scary road and muddy field kinda walker. Some people moan about that though I'm not sure what you think is wrong with the juke box in the KA, mainly because I'm far too young to actually know what a jukebox is...
  3. Ooh, I've got a pic or two of when I was on Winterton beach enjoying a lovely walk recently...I'll see if I can find and post them
  4. General chit chat, information for anyone reading.....oh and this is the NBN where thread divergence is the norm, especially when I turn up
  5. Eating's cheating
  6. Now don't get grumpy Mr Nog, we know the truth hurts Oih I would, i would, what with your love of the stronger fizzy stuff Charges for name changes??? Next you'll be suggesting for closing accounts only to reopen a brand new one next. I'd be bankrupt Still....I like to keep him busy. Can't have him enjoying his holiday now can we
  7. Ooh thank you very much So you're not going to kneel before me then?
  8. Sorry matey I don't speak French I have had a Google however and I can assure you that to answer your question, yes. Yes I am the messiah
  9. PintA'Stella would fit him well too
  10. Oh God, once again I wish I hadn't asked. What did I just watch? Why were there random women walking babies in prams on the stage and why was I watching a group of women having a conversation mid way through a song
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