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  1. I just hope he has shut his ruddy curtains
  2. There are some rich folk in Donnie too
  3. just get shut of this Covid crap and I'll make it a reality If they know I'm around it is in their best interests to get stocked up You have no idea what's heading your way Mr JM Sir
  4. Not enough, but I'll be visiting as many as I can do as soon as I can to give my contribution to their continuing business
  5. Starting, staring, string, sting, sing, sin, in, I?
  6. You do make me laugh Mr Nog. Look at the state of all your representatives on the forum
  7. Good Sir, I find this comment absolutely repulsive and offensive. The insinuations you've made.... Never, not ever, would I use a half pint and I most certainly will not allow my mighty fine lager to be tainted with lemonade
  8. Well I'm over 18.....as long as we aren't talking mentally Mrs SR just kidding me old Young en's booze up after lockdown.... yes
  9. Inboard definitely I have a petrol engined Freeman, fine for me as I don't mind a long walk to a petrol station as needed, especially if I happen to find one of those...erm...what do you call them.....plubs is it, a plublic house, you know, where you can get a diet coke or cup of tea. I would advise a diesel however, fuelling isn't really a problem on the South or North for diesel, it is a problem everywhere for petrol Can't really advise on any particular boat as it all depends what it is you need from it but there will be plenty of advice here if you give us some ideas of
  10. I was ready to apply for the job until I read this in the description "The purpose of the role is to ensure safe and orderly use of the moorings and facilities, to assist boat users and the public to enjoy safe, enjoyable boating" Let's be honest, I'd be the one leading the conga line from the moorings to the Nelson and Ship to buy the first round and get the party started Yeah, I don't think I'm the applicant BA are looking for
  11. Jayfire


    And only a short stroll to the Three Horsehoes and/or the Swan Inn too Jean I love it there too
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