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  1. I see Fair Ambassador in that link too, she's actually up for sale now.
  2. You're absolutely right of course. It's easy to forget that many people like cruising a few hours and spending time off the boat and so aren't so bothered about bridges and the like. I look at boats based on my needs. I cruise minimum 5 hours a day usually, and I like to be able to get most places. I'm not bothered about the height of luxury and loads of room. One of my favourite boats was Brinks Sonata, a Sumatra 755 with the berth under the rear deck. It was a tiny little thing but everything felt like a right adventure on that
  3. The description: "Adaptability to a T!" Also the description: "Bridge restrictions apply." Ugly, ugly boat. Every time I see something new from Ferry Marina, or Len Funnel, I become more adamant that I'll never hire from them. What was wrong with the old Aquafibres and Alphas? Or even the old bathtubs?!
  4. It's not on my route at all driving from Leicestershire...but last year I planned my route to Brundall specifically to take in Eye Green and Sutton Bridge. Added around 20 minutes on but it's worth it.
  5. Sutton Bridge is a popular one, although I don't tend to go that way. I only ever took that route when I was driving to the Broads the 3 years I spent up north. The McDonalds at Eye Green lets me know I'm about half way there.
  6. Never given masses of thought to where or what boats, but I suppose North would be my choice, probably South Walsham area. What I've given more thought to is that I'd never want to get so big that proper maintenance suffered, and customer service would always be top priority. When a certain yard had my wife in tears last year it pressed the point that a yard can have a brilliant reputation for clean, well maintained boats and still be staffed by utterly rude people who couldn't give a tinker's cuss about their customers.
  7. Flood Barrier - GYM article Apologies if this has been shared already, but I couldn't see it anywhere. It makes mention of the BFI, which we saw a thread about the other day.
  8. Oh no, the tide tables I had were right. I used one of the ones that work it out for the dates given, based on actual tide times in the run up, rather than rely on one of the annual ones of the like found on HW's website. The miscalculation was mine entirely, I left Oulton too early. I have my faults, but I can admit when I've flamingoed it up Certainly on our week last year it was tide times that dictated when we crossed Breydon. Hence the mad dash from Loddon to St Benets (via Oulton Broad) only the day after picking up at Brundall. Anything less than a week and I doubt I'd look to c
  9. It's that kraken you need to watch out for... In all seriousness I did get my timings a bit wrong heading south to north last year (albeit on a mammoth cruise from Loddon to St Benets), so I ended up punching the last of the ebb going through GY. But even in the gutless little hire boat I had I still made it through ok.
  10. I do think a lot of the fear of Breydon comes from social media. Every time I see someone asking about crossing on one of the many Facebook groups you know it's only a matter of time before someone comes along to and puts the fear of God into the person asking the question. I've never seen the problem myself. Get the timings roughly right and stay in the marked channel, it's not hard is it? I'm sure some of those who bang on about how it's a serious and dangerous undertaking do so only to inflate their own ego. Either that or it's just to keep the south quieter
  11. Not wising to hijack the thread, but I was surprised last summer at how quiet it was down south. But then when you speak to other people on moorings up north, they all seem so scared by Breydon, and that's a sentiment that's echoed on the numerous Facebook groups. The way people ask about crossing Breydon, and some of the dreadful responses they get from "experienced" boaters, you'd think crossing Breydon was akin to crossing the Atlantic on a paddleboard. It's a shame that with all the work that's gone in to the area that it's being scuppered, at least in part, by people who seem to want to m
  12. It would appear, from the photos I've just seen posted on Facebook, that she really is gone. There was a picture of her passing through an open Breydon Bridge at what looked like just after sunset.
  13. I thought it safer not to. At the end of the day, they're only my observations, but one of them is the only yard whose customers I've seen jettisoning bags of crap (and their mop and bucket for some reason) into the water at Gaye's before turning round and hitting full throttle on their way out.
  14. You can institute as many rules, regulations, checks and balances as you want. You can legislate for this and that. You can apply stiff penalties for those who contravene those rules... But you will never stop idiots from chinning all of it off and doing as they please. You can't legislate for stupid, and as has been said so many time before "build something idiotproof and they'll just build a better idiot". I think the yards could possibly do more. In many years holidaying on the Broads there have always been two yards that stick out to me as having customers who go everywhere at fu
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