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  1. Isn't that the truth! I lived in Lulworth for a while and people very often said how lovely that must be...not during the winter it's not!
  2. This story has been posted on another FB group and it's generating quite a bit of controversy. I'm firmly of the opinion that whilst it's not the absolute worst idea, and as much commercial sense Wroxham makes, there must be a better place for these. There are plenty of less crowded stretches of river. I can see it now on a handover day, with Queen of The Broads coming out of the basin. It's a recipe for carnage in my eyes.
  3. One of the comments just made me howl, about the skipper missing low tide and is now up there waiting for high tide.
  4. I spent 3 years in Catterick (and I'm off back there for a fortnight on course later today!) and I was always gobsmacked at the cost of property in Richmond. Aside from being quite pretty there's not nearly enough there to warrant the cost in my opinion. As you Andrew's original point, I suppose Norfolk is far (and different) enough from Essex for it to feel a real change but still close enough for family etc. That would be my logic at least.
  5. The New Inn, Horning, are advertising on their social media that they're overhauling their (rather large) garden ready for 12th of April.
  6. After 18 years I'm still finding stuff I was told was untrue I was once told not to apply for a recruiting job by the chap who was interviewing candidates. "No chance Clarky...you're far too bloody honest!"
  7. I've never been in there, although a mate of mine who lives in what were previously the married quarters for RAF Coltishall says it's lovely. I think it's something to do with the name; I've never met a recruiting sergeant I can trust...certainly not the one who recruited me
  8. We have a great many in my "organisation", and we prefer slightly more colourful terms for them than cockwomble! Although sometimes we use that term with the "womble" omitted.
  9. If I owned a boat I'd have my car loaded and running at 2359HRS 11 April!
  10. Pubs have always been an added bonus rather than a reason to travel for me, and aside from what has become a traditional stop over at the New Inn (mostly because it's a convenient mooring for Horning) I usually make a point to avoid pubs whilst away. I'd much rather spend a night on the mud weight at South Walsham than moored outside a noisy pub. I can spend time around drunken cretins at home (especially as I live in a uni town ).
  11. What a handy tool, and definitely great for wasting my evenings when I'm stuck back on camp from next week. Would have been useful this morning when I was tracing the old route for Yarmouth Beach station and where the old third bridge over the Bure was!
  12. I'm sure I've seen one advertising on a Broads Facebook group for delivery to Ranworth over the last few days, although I may be mistaken. I hope not, they were great. Fantastic meal delivered right to my transom door
  13. Just had a look on Google Maps. If it's the Le Boat base in Douelle it really is perilously close to a weir. I know the most important thing is nobody hurt, which thankfully is the case, but that must be soul destroying, however big your yard, to see part of you livelihood literally washed away. If they've made it as far as Fumel that really is a hell of a way.
  14. One yard immediately springs to mind.
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