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  1. Thank you! Just done a SUP this morning - great fun! Might look into getting some.
  2. Hi I’m looking for some ideas of where would be a good spot from Coltishall? We’re in a 42 foot Voyager from Richardson’s. 3 teenage boys and a dog. So far we’ve stayed at Ludham bridge, Salhouse Broad and tonight Coltishall. Boys really want to be in the water! We’ve rented a SUP first thing tomorrow (7-9am!) but apart from that all kayaks and SUPs are booked out everywhere! Kicking myself that we didn’t bring an inflatable. We’re planning to head off after breakfast and would really appreciate some tips of where to go as the temperature rises! 33C on Friday! Boat to go ba
  3. Thanks all! Decided against the dinghy which was probably the right call but really wishing we’d brought our inflatable kayak (couldn’t fit it in the car!) We stayed at Ludham bridge which was perfect.
  4. Dinghy or no dinghy? I booked it but we’re now thinking it might be a step too far! Staying in the north Broads. Novices! 😁
  5. Thanks everyone! Having a wee panic I think. All this CV stuff and masks is freaking me out!
  6. Yes we have a dinghy although it says 4 max which is annoying 🙈
  7. Would also quite like not to have to cook tonight!
  8. Just here just now and it’s taking forever!!!! Husband doing the safety check at the moment but we’ve still to load the boat with stuff and food shop (plus 3 kids and dog!) Thought we’d just go with the flow but think we need to be organised tonight. All very CV friendly but downside is no one really to ask and all regimented queues!
  9. Hi Any tips for the first night mooring, picking up from Richardson’s Stalham. Thanks!
  10. Actually we only eat haggis on Burns night or if we’re going out for breakfast!
  11. That’s a good point about the water. Would rather not use bottled water if we can help it.
  12. How big is the fridge?! ps yes I’ll watch the captains blog, sounds great. Thanks!
  13. Don’t forget the haggis slice- we are Scottish!
  14. Thanks again! I think it will be good to switch off the technology a bit, so no laptops or dongles. They’re all really keen on the boat idea and love jumping in and generally being buffoons so hopefully it will all go swimmingly.
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