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  1. I love the Hampton Safaris it’s my ambition to own one very soon hopefully I’m on the lookout 👀
  2. Well said Clive I hope you all the best in your new venture I’m sure it will be successful looking back on what you have achieved with the boats you have built already I can’t wait to see your new boats when they are built. Roy
  3. Too hot too windy too icy / cold the bridge doesn’t open so that’s most days this year !
  4. Yes Vaughan you have got it. I walked from coltishal common along the road past anchor moorings it’s just past there.
  5. Nobody’s got it yet !
  6. Guess this location
  7. Just going through some old folders and found this news paper cutting from a while ago.
  8. How does living on a boat on the broads work . Are there many marinas that allow residential mooring for the whole year. Thsnks
  9. Yes I can remember looking over her at the museum of the broads. How does one hire her I’d love to hire her for a few days away. ?
  10. Just looking through what’s for sale Nya has a broom navigator waterside marine at potter has a sandersons 30. Both boats look top notch I hope the next owners look after them and preserve them for future generations to admire.
  11. I think we should leave the clocks how they are now there really isn’t any need to change back in the autumn in my opinion all it does is messes everybody’s body clocks around.
  12. Roy

    Hampton 22

    Thank you keifsmate that’s a shame I fear both theses boats are no longer in one piece such a shame as they are a piece of broads history.
  13. Roy

    Hampton 22

    Does anybody know what happened to the two wooden Hampton 22s I know the broads boat database says they are no longer registered just wondered if they are still in tact somewhere. They were the precursor to the Hampton Safari 25
  14. Sanderling looked a lovely little broads boat such a shame there aren’t any about nowadays.
  15. Thank you I really enjoyed reading this I’d have loved to have been alive in the days when the broads were buzzing with woodies
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