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  1. Sanderling looked a lovely little broads boat such a shame there aren’t any about nowadays.
  2. Thank you I really enjoyed reading this I’d have loved to have been alive in the days when the broads were buzzing with woodies
  3. Thanks Andyg I have already spoken to Clive about this boat but unfortunately he did not know about her. I am trying to find information on her as at the moment she is lying in bits in a boat shed in a very sad way. I thought she may have been one of the first horizon 35s a broads bit of history ? Roy
  4. Thanks everyone admans girl has found it. I am trying to find out some of its history as it looks like a horizon 35 but isn’t ? Roy
  5. Thanks the name of the boat was caroline from potter and haylett.
  6. Hi has any body got a holiday brouchre from 1972 with potter and haylett I am trying find find out some info on a boat that was in their fleet then. Pictures would be good. Thanks
  7. Am I right in thinking the dual steer craft so popular now a days on the broads are not that new if I remember top craft of Oulton broad converted a Caribbean to dual steer with a sun deck ? Can anybody remember these ?
  8. I think I would have a yard at Ludham my yard would specialise in small boats for couples maybe a fleet of Hampton safaris with names relating to wildlife.
  9. Where would your yard be ? What boats would make up your fleet? the names of your boats and business?
  10. Hi just sitting in my house wondering what happened to j153 dunnley of beccles it was mired at Brundall but always looked very sory for its self. Just wondering if it’s still there or maybe it’s been modernised ?
  11. I’d love to have the money to restore her and the skills. Lets hope somebody does and returns her back to the broads
  12. Thank you for the information. My involvement with this old lady is quite small I am afraid we used to own the plot of land next to but one to where she was kept. I as a child liked old woodies and would often go round to see the owners when they were down I can remember her being used but later life she was used as a house boat and then not used at all. My dad sold the plot of land about 20 years ago and I have often wondered what has happened to her. It’s nice to know she may well have another inings. I am afraid my woodwork skills are not up to much. Roy
  13. Hi this is a question for Janet Alan / Anne I was reading a old forum post from 2016 about you raising a sunken boat a Leo Robinson eagle class. I think this looks like a old boat I used to know ( rich fields) could you be so kind to let me know how the restoration is going if going at all. Thanks Roy
  14. Roy

    Hampton 25

    Thank you that’s really helpful.
  15. Roy

    Hampton 25

    Thank you that’s very kind. I don’t mind one that needs some cosmetic work undertaken. Thanks again
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