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  1. You sort of have to admire them for their ingenuity and lateral thinking A few years ago, when CD's were a thing, my local Tesco were losing hundreds a week. They were all security tagged so no one could work out how they got past the front door without setting off alarms. Eventually they worked out how they were doing it. Step 1. Pick up a load of A5 padded envelopes from in store Step 2. Put CD`s in envelope Step 3. Write your chosen address on envelope, apply stamp and post in shop post box. Step 4. Sit at home and wait for the postie to deliver your ill gotten gain
  2. I was thinking exactly the same and already have a Go Fund me idea worked out The distance from the underside of the bridge to the river bed is, say, 9 feet. (Water depth is 3 feet and Air Draft is 6 feet) If we dig out another 3 feet that makes 12 feet. All I need is everyone on the Broads to donate £10 each and I will have enough to hire a couple of people, some scuba gear, two shovels and a large skip. I also need a new deckchair and table for drinks whilst I watch and supervise. Project should be completed by 2034 (Covid permitting) Either that or fit flood tanks to a
  3. Just googled Alan Finn and the only post I can find was from someone called Janet Anne on 1st April this year on this very forum. So no, you didnt dream it - just forgot that you knew it.:)
  4. I remember "Chief". And the eels. He used to us a breakfast of them from time to time.
  5. The Tavern/ Hideaway was a definite favourite on some (most) of my old boating trips. Probably because at the age of 14/15 it was one of the few places that would serve unaccompanied people of our age without asking too many questions. As we were young and usually had little money the delightful barmaid would also serve us what she called "a pint of slops" if we helped collect the empty glasses from around the place. This was basically a mix of all the overspill from the drip trays and probably tasted foul but to us it was a. Free b. Alcoholic I seem to remember it we
  6. It is indeed a 23 foot plastic antelope. However, it does have some wood on it in places. And just to be on the safe side I took a small wooden spoon along for the ride. OK - not a true "woodie" in any shape or form but its mine and I love it. Thanks to Dave and Ali who allowed me to join you all and to the rest of you for being so lovely.
  7. Sorry but my post above was not about the mooring as such. It was more about the fact that there are unregistered and un tolled boats bobbing about on the Staithe. Section 5.1 and 9.1 of the Vessel Registration Byelaws seem to have been broken. Regardless of who or who does not "own" the mooring is there nothing BA can or will do about that ? It's not like the boats in question are hard to find. Anyway - I shall duck out of this discussion now. Life is too short to stuff a mushroom. Regards Andy
  8. There are 5 boats there now. None of these have tolls paid (according to the BA toll checker) and a couple come up as unregistered. 3 of the boats have been there for more than 2 years. As far as I am aware these boats have been reported to BA on numerous occasions but still they remain, untaxed and almost certainly (although I have no evidence of this) without BSS or insurance. I have to say this does not seem to be exactly a favourable outcome for anyone but them. . I do understand the pressure BA are under, especially in these challenging times and this is not meant to b
  9. Yep. It does seem like a "goodwill" kind of thing. I wonder if there are figures available for the actual number of boats on the Broads and figures for the number registered/ tolled? If I am honest, it seems pretty easy to chase up non payers. My boat had tax last year. If I hadnt paid again this year its quite a big indicator. There will always be boats that are sold/ transferred to others but if the last registered owner is still liable for any and all fees it is a big incentive to let BA know when it is sold on. As you say though if the BA has no teeth then they are
  10. The Staithe does seem to be turning into a showroom for boats for sale on Facebook. Hopefully when they sell the new owners will move them. I notice that a new liveaboard turned up earlier in the week and shows no signs of moving anytime soon so it is not getting any better. It appears from the post from Tom above that the BA and Stalham Council are working to resolve this but regardless of the state of play with the moorings there is the issue of tolls with all of the boats there. A quick check reveals that none of the are tolled and a couple not even registered with BA. Looking a
  11. I may start a second hand face mask business. The 7 that I came across (and fished out) between Sutton and How Hill has given me a stock to start the business off. I am looking for £11.37 of investment for a 50% likelihood of catching something from them. People are idiots. And messy idiots at that. Andy T Boater
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