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  1. Thank you so much everyone. Webntweb. Have pm'd you my email address.
  2. Thanks Carol I have no idea why I put those dates. I have the database info and also spoke to Denny Walklin who told me the same. So can I start again please? I dont suppose anyone has a Blakes catalogue from 81 to 88 showing "Firebronze" from Walklin Cruisers have they? Thanks Andy
  3. Hi Vaughan - thanks for the scan Mine is a little different in that the galley and shower are on opposite side to the picture. As is the dinette and sideboard. I dont suppose anyone has a Blake catalogue from 72 to 80ish showing "Firebronze" from Walklin Cruisers have they? Thanks
  4. OK - all looks good so far. A couple of suggestions if I may? Instead of rushing the digging part lets all slow down and turn this into a funding stream. Buy a digger and charge Yarmouth holiday makers £15/hr (£40 hr for family of 4. No under 5`s, Dogs to be kept on a lead etc) to come and have a go on a "Proper Norfolk Digger" That way we are sort of getting them to pay us to do our work. An initial purchase price for the 490 which you estimate at £150k would leave us needing 10,000 people to have a go to get our money back. This number coincidentally equals the number of peop
  5. Love the Darkness. Its how rock music should be. They dont take themselves too seriously and always seem to have a good time doing what they do. So much energy and charisma. Also the lyrics to their Christmas song are incredibly good considering the way it was written. In an interview Justin said they just wanted a song that had the words "Bell(s)End" and "Ring Peace" in it. The rest of the song was written around these 2 phrases. To me this is the best reason to write a song. Just to get rude words past the BBC censors.
  6. Hiya - I am no musician and this could almost be an impossible thing to achieve but... I have always thought that music could be produced using the actual landscape of an area. Hard to explain but it makes sense in my head. Imagine a picture or landscape (or even better a video) with an overlay of musical paper. Now imagine that notes are placed where interesting things on the picture cross the musical lines. My initial thoughts years ago where to use something like a New York skyline as it has lots of up and down points in it. The Broads would equally be as good/ rubbish (del
  7. Whack on three coats of black Hammerite. Saves all this cleaning malarkey. I did clean a brass thing once and tried everything. Ended up using "The Pink Stuff" £1 a pot from Lathams and other similar places. Its also great for GRP bits and a lot cheaper the G3 or G6
  8. Not so much a resto as a complete repurposing of a Mini 1000 So - just take out everything Mini shaped that gets in the way of the new Celica 2L 4WD system and put it all back together. Quite a few episodes but the chaps doing the work are quite witty and relaxing to listen to. Obviously a lot of Mini bits get sacrificed but the engineering and assorted bracketry that is fabricated is a joy to behold. Swap exhaust and three other brackets now dont fit. Build new brackets and the bottom engine mount doesn't fit. Build new engine mount and... Etc Etc. Its still not finis
  9. Things I watched and would watch again Ghosts - Christmas Special (and if you haven't seen any of the previous one I strongly suggest you do) And thats about it. I agree that this year especially the channels should have at least tried to put on some decent stuff. Other stuff (Netflix etc) I would say are worth a go. Not new stuff but I shall champion these until you all thank me for telling you about them Schitts Creek. I dont normally do American comedies but this is brilliant from start to finish. Every character a joy and quite a few genuinely funny moments. My favouri
  10. Taken from the BA Facebook Page Norfolk and Suffolk in Tier 4 from 26 December From 26 December, Norfolk and Suffolk will be placed into tier 4, the highest level of restrictions. In tier 4, it is essential travel only - travel on waterways and overnight stays are only permitted where the boat is your permanent residence or it is necessary for work, education or similar reasons. You should stay local where possible and not travel outside of a tier 4 area. Travel to maintain your boat is not permitted in tier 4. Canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, angling and
  11. Could you forge some slightly old looking adoption papers? Cruel but its something I have thought about doing to my two. Just for giggles you understand :)
  12. Oh my word. What a race!! I think all F1 should be run on short tracks now. Loads of overtaking and all cars on the same lap at the end. I haven't seen that many cars in a line, so close together and fighting for position for years. And at the end of the race as well. Normally there would be car - gap - car - massive gap - car car - 1 lap gap etc And it had all the drama you could want. Proper edge of the seat stuff. Well done to those that came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. And bad luck to those who didnt come 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  13. Now that would sit very nicely on my dinette table. :)
  14. Is that the one that was on EBay which I did a deal on and is on its way to me now? There were 2 on there one of which was cheap and the other stupidly expensive.
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