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  1. Hi Griff. I looked around the forum and couldn't find a "tongue in cheek" font there. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Actually I think everyone going into Tier 2 or 3 is a great idea. Personally we should all have gone into 3 as far as I am concerned. What seems to have happened is that areas that are getting high transmission rates have been "punished" by being put in a higher tier. This "punishment" will almost certainly cause a minority (or even the majority) to rebel and shout about infringing civil liberties and so on. Punish people and they push back. Now we have a new reward based system. Play the game and in a couple of weeks we will review and move you down a tier if you have been good. If
  3. I would imagine that this post is more of a "critical friend" role than one that can influence any policy, procedures and ethical standards So if the Ethical Standard One says "Thou shalt not inflate frogs with a bike pump" and someone inflates a frog with a bike pump this person should be able to hold the frog inflator to account. If Ethical Standard One says "Thou shalt not inflate frogs with a bike pump" and someone inflates a frog using a straw then they have no teeth to call anyone to account (and one fewer frog) If Ethical Standard Three states" Thou shalt not inflate frog
  4. I am in the process of fitting 2 new pieces of wood now. I estimate that my boat will be 26.5% wood by August. Can I come and play again please? Vote Marmalade for free ice creams!!!
  5. I have my boat at BroadsEdge I found out about the total lockdown of the marina from this forum and called David to check what was going on. His stance is that, according to the BA statement (somewhere on this very thread) that (Partial quote) The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has advised the Broads Authority and other inland navigation authorities that ‘winterising’ boats and other planned maintenance by the general public is not permitted under the restrictions as it is not classed as ‘essential travel’. He is adamant that I am not allowed t
  6. That phone looks like just the ticket. Will check them out later. Thanks. ANNV Which phone do you have that does that?
  7. My 80 year old Mum who has Dementia just had a call left on her answer machine saying that her bank cards would be frozen if she didnt contact them immediately. She just called me to ask who to ring back as they (luckily) hadn`t left a contact number. Then she called me again 5 minutes later to tell me all over again. She is so frightened and scared in case they call back or cancel her cards. She has no idea this is a scam and that if she doesnt give any details she will be fine. So - a two hour journey tonight to collect all her bank cards and any bank details I haven`t already go
  8. Hiya. Just to let you know that Wroxham Bridge was only showing 6`3`` this morning. No idea what the Airdraft is on your boat but it might be a bit tight :( Have a great time whatever you do. Andy
  9. I am pretty sure British Heart Foundation take stuff like that. Or at least they did a couple of years ago. And they have a collection service as well https://www.bhf.org.uk/shop/donating-goods/book-furniture-collection-near-me Andy
  10. Skin so Soft for me too. I have stocked up this year as it does tend to sell out when midges etc are bad.
  11. I will be coming from South to North at around the same time so unfortunately wont be able to help you out. I am sure you will be fine though. You are at least asking questions which is a great start. A lot is said about Breydon and for newcomers to the Broads a number of these stories can be quite scary. In reality it is just a wider version of all the other rivers on the network. True, faster tides and wind add another element to the crossing but if you can get under the bridge you can do Breydon. I have a 7 point plan. 1. Check best time to cross with GYC Station (and
  12. I like this idea Wroxham at 13.00 today was at 6` I tried to upload my picture but it was upside down for some reason. Inverted the picture, saved it, uploaded and STILL upside down. Stupid technology.
  13. There is one of these at Sutton Staithe too. Or there was for most of the Summer. It alternated between the information board/shed and the bar. Surprised it lasted as long as it did though.
  14. Just seen this on Stalham FB page Wayford Bridge Repair This is just to confirm that Norfolk County Council Highways has reconsidered the timetable for working on the Wayford Bridge and this will now be a one-lane closure and take place after Easter next year. Exact dates to be confirmed Andy
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