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  1. So. Just to muddy the waters Potter Hi am Potter Heyam.
  2. Morning all. As the title suggests is it ......... St Peter ......... Castle ......... Something something For all my local life it's been Burrer but recently I heard an old Norfolk boy refer to it as Burr. Please tell me I haven't been getting it wrong all these years?
  3. Just filled up last week at Sutton £1.07 litre
  4. We have done Wayford with just the mast down. I can't remember what height the bridge was showing though. It was tight but not impossible. Never tried Potter but have seen a couple of 23's do it with screens down. Even at Ludham I lowered the mast. It will easily clear with it up but any opportunity to pull a bit of string.
  5. Hi I wouldn't have sold her if it hadn't been for the sudden (and to my wife, unexpected) arrival of Lovejoy, my new favourite thing in the world. Hopefully see you around on the rver or at Broadsedge. I have a few old Freeman bits that I dont need anymore so you may find some "unexpected items in the cockpit area" soon
  6. Love the fact you have kept the patented mast raising/ lowering string. Glad you are enjoying Marmalade. Andy T Ex Marmalade Owner.
  7. Hi. This is not an alternative or an option if the boat is not registered with BA in your name. Which is the process I am talking about. Now I am really sorry I started al this off. :)
  8. Yep thats all true. Paperwork for Marmalade was signed a couple of days ago and I have been told that the buyer keeps a bit of it and sends the other bit to the tolls office. That's what I did when I bought Marmalade and about a week later got a letter telling me that Marmalade was now logged with them in my name. Now could I complete the enclosed Application for Registration and Insurance declaration. I duly completed the forms using the same information as I had put in the transfer of ownership document (which as you may recall from a paragraph ago I have already sent them) and se
  9. Paying tolls is the easy bit. But only if your boat is registered. Registering the boat before you can pay is the long drawn out bit. And the fact I am getting reminders to tax Marmalade which I no longer own.
  10. Registering and taxing a boat. Download form Complete form (taking care not to include your Debit/ Credit card number, expiry date and the three digits on the back as requested) Post off form complete with Insurance and BSS Wait 2 weeks for the form to be processed (Their estimate) Get email confirmation that my application has been processed Wait for separate PIN to be sent out by post Enter PIN to activate my account Log on to their system Wait for details of the boat are added Find out that new boat has been added but discover that th
  11. Also. The Muffdingle who bought Marmalade has now not bought Marmalade. Not quite sure of the full story but early reports its a good `un. So. Anyone know someone who wants a Marmalade?
  12. I did pay a bit over the odds for it but only because the seller told me that the cockpit roof and nav lights were originally on Nelson`s boat at Trafalgar. And he used to keep his Perrier cool in the plastic ice bucket. Thinking about it - the seller did have a dodgy accent and said he was from Wymundham.
  13. All sold now. Sad times. On the plus side Lovejoy is coming along a treat. Yay for Lovejoy !!!!
  14. Hi Steve Website is back up now. Probably. Freeman 23. Up for £8500 Spec sheet now attached Boat Spec.pdf.pdf
  15. EDIT I am aware that the website is undergoing "technical difficulties" (its broken) so if you email Pam at pam@broadlandyachtbrokers.co.uk she can email or WhatsApp you more pics and details. If thats what you want. I dont know if you do but the offer is there. Hope this helps. Andy
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