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  1. Hi all, just a quick question out of pure curiosity more than anything else...! Are the Broads still used by any commercial shipping vessels? I'm aware of the Broads Tours 'paddle steamers' and a few other smaller trip boats, but was wondering if any cargo vessels still use the Broads etc? Thanks!
  2. Absolutely, I was more referring to the below statement from an earlier poster: By which I meant, a £19,000 salary will attract thousands (if not tens of thousands) of applicants from around the country and abroad I'm sure. Whether the job is floating around lapping up the summer rays, or scraping goose poo off pontoons in the middle of December - there will be no shortage of people willing to do the work. Especially for something which is, in essence, a fairly average unskilled job.
  3. Great pictures, thanks for sharing! We're looking at hiring Captain for our next visit to the Broads
  4. As to who would do the job for 'only' £19k a year... I'd bet money on the fact that if the Broads Authority advertised for 1 ranger position, they'd get thousands of applications within only a week! Especially given the current state of affairs. Having been made redundant 3 times in the past 12 months in the airline industry, I'd probably be one of them!
  5. Found this courtesy of Vaughan. Not that it matters now they're getting rid of their boats, I suppose.
  6. Really enjoyed reading this thread, thanks for posting. We've been look at Broom Captain for a while now and each photo we see brings us closer to booking it for early next year
  7. Not technically minded enough to understand it but wish I’d taken a photo under the hatches, just for interest of those clever minds like annv. You’re correct in saying the batteries weren’t all together though, only ones I noticed was a bank of 4 under the sofa. Presume there was also some (or all remaining) under the bed, as this is where the inverter and master switches were
  8. Interesting to know, thank you. Didn’t realise they were part of the federation. Does that mean that HW, Richardson’s etc can moor at WRC for free also?
  9. What happened to Broads Boating Co, may I ask?
  10. Did have a nosey at most places and managed to squeeze our 28ft boat into what felt like a 27ft space with all the glaring eyes at Potter (needed a quick emergency maggot stop at Lathams). Was on a boat from Waveney River Centre so don’t think we were allowed into other yards, though maybe they’d have let us if we asked nicely - who knows :) Either way, much preferred the peace of mudweighting and wild mooring.
  11. Engine, heating and lights worked fine without issue (lovely well fitted out LED strip lighting may I add!). Assume bilge pump was fine also as we didn’t sink :) Shower box, toilet, plug sockets, fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave, oven and hob not so okay without shore power!
  12. That’s what I was told, but I could be wrong. I’m sure someone will correct me if so.
  13. There was certainly a small amount of charge going back into the batteries, just nothing to sustain more than 2 minutes of cooking. Was led to believe there’s 14 batteries fitted to the boat, and a dead cell etc in one of them could’ve goosed the whole system. Engine and heating started like a dream every morning, so assume it was on a different battery system . It’ll be a lovely boat once the issues are sorted and it’s given a bit of TLC of the winter. Though interestingly I see it’s no longer bookable
  14. This was the placard at the helm. Vogue Marine, I assume!
  15. ‘Loddon Pizza and Kebab House - www.loddonkebab.co.uk Admittedly probably not everybody's cup of tea whilst on a Broads holiday, but for a cheap and cheerful takeaway meal the food was great! We put in the postcode for the Staithe along with a comment explaining we were on a boat and within 30 minutes the delivery man had found our boat and delivered our food. Can’t complain really as we had no working galley at the time, so it was either that or the pub opposite.
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