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  1. Just home from a fantastic 11 nights on the Broads, visited most places we wanted to with the exception of Wroxham due to the high waters. One interesting thing I noted on the holiday was a very large boat at St Bennett’s moorings, possibly a Dutch barge? Has anyone seen it around? Any info on it?
  2. Currently on board having a great holiday on a Herbert Woods bathtub. Plenty of fish, beer and food! Sailed from Dilham to Wroxham today, excited to pass under Wroxham bridge for the first time... We have an air draft of 6ft 5in so didn't think much of it - called the pilot as we approached the bridge and was told no can do, I'm not taking boats through today due to the water levels. Whoops. Bit gutted as I'd been looking forward to exploring that end of the rivers for months! But hey ho... Not sure if the levels will get better this week or not?
  3. We're currently at a Premier Inn in Norwich, ready to pick up tomorrow from Herbert Woods. Very excited!
  4. We hired 'Pegasus' last year for a week in October, not a bad boat for the price but we did have issues. All electric combi oven/microwave/hob setup which after a few days entirely drained the batteries, which couldn't/wouldn't charge up again with the engine running even at full revs. Subsequently lost the electric flush, electric heating, electric shower pump etc etc.... Only way we could get anything to work was on shore power. Even the guys at Waveney River Centre gave up trying to fix it after a few hours and we just carried on the rest of our holiday making the best of a bad situation. If the issues are sorted, I'm sure it'll make a lovely boat for someone.
  5. Not sure if it's been posted elsewhere, but... https://www.facebook.com/broadshols/posts/343954427423669
  6. As only a mere Broads holidayer myself… Can anyone educate me on the reasons why somebody would abandoned their boat there? Surely if you wanted rid of a boat, it’d be easier to sell it on than abandon it like this?
  7. What type of fishing are you doing Griff? We've only ever fished twice before, always on waggler floats. Caught loads of (little) fish last year during our Broads holiday but couldn't figure out how to fish on the rivers with a flow. We're coming back again this October, armed with 2 new rods, reels, lines, all sorts of tackle! Going to try the method feeder and maggot feeder, for the first time
  8. Great read and photos, thanks for sharing. Agree with the prices for next year, they're eyewatering
  9. I've always worried about mudweighting on Barton Broad. I know there's "safe" areas outside the markers, I just don't know where.
  10. Watched the video earlier on today, was around 2013 I think
  11. Hi all, Does anybody have any recent (or past) experience accessing Wood End Staithe from Barton Broad? Is it still accessible from the Broad? Understand it's tight down there but we're only 29ft... More concerned about going aground! Thanks
  12. Hi Andy, I know it's not on your list of boats but have you considered Herbert Woods? They offer a 15% discount off your second week - and also another 10% discount if you use an NHS Blue Light Discount card. We got 11 nights on 'Prince of Light' for under a grand using these two discounts. https://www.herbertwoods.co.uk/book/adventuring-light/ Perhaps something like Adventuring Light for you?
  13. 750XL

    My Day

    Still much the same in many Asian countries. I spent a fair bit of time in the Merchant Navy, mostly sailing around the South China Sea with lots of excellent Filipino crew. They were always covered from head to toe in boiler suits, hats, balaclavas etc even in 40c heat! They all wanted to avoid getting a 'tan', as being pale is a sign of wealth etc. They used to try and get me to do the same as them, usually far too hot for an Englishman! Did have fun, though.
  14. Another good read. I've also seen reports recently on Facebook of people hitting the mud at Waveney. Are river levels exceptionally low at the moment? Or is the Waveney basin just silting up?
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