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  1. Good read and great photos! Both boats look lovely
  2. The BBC One coverage earlier this evening was showing the sailing for almost an hour. Seemed well covered to me?
  3. This year with the boom in 'staycations' and people not having any other choice, I can imagine the boatyards may find people willing to pay this much for a break on the Broads. However, I certainly can't see them filling these type of boats year after year once those who can afford it, get back to their luxury breaks in the Maldives, Dubai, etc etc... Will they be impressed at their 3 nights away, unable to get on any moorings at Horning, Ranworth, etc? Probably not in my opinion!
  4. I see Norfolk Broads Direct have a late cancellation for 3 nights starting tomorrow…. For £2020! Over £673 a night. Almost fell off my chair when I saw the price https://www.broads.co.uk/boats/fair-courier/?unit_id=1569&arrival=2021-07-30&departure=2021-08-02&duration=259200&adults&children=0&arrival_time=14%3A30%3A00&fbclid=IwAR1-MBx2eCVD6sd3ilW5zamWlslkN3YBcNdrfC_9es8fHgvXlmC0eATxeVQ
  5. We hired one of the Brinks Duet’s a few years back and the warm air heating would stop a minute or so after we tried to start it each time. Did call the boatyard a few times but we gave up in the end. Come to think of it, don’t think we had the engine running each time we tried to start (generally at night). I wonder if this was the reason.
  6. Any ideas what height she was going to be? There were a lot of boats stuck upstream when we visited last year, with the lads from Richardson’s trying to get some under the bridge ballasted with water - to varying degrees of success!
  7. Pretty much all the yards are completely fully booked until September, with the exception of a few cancellations
  8. We left our £5 worth of cards (which we hadn't managed to use) on board for the next people taking the boat - thinking we wouldn't be back to the Broads within the next 12 months. Bit of a thread drift, perhaps, but I see all Herbert Woods boats use diesel warm air heating. Does this use much (if any?) battery power?
  9. It's a shame you can't just use contactless payment at the electric posts, much like you can when travelling on the tube etc (tap in, tap out). We had a few boat battery issues when we hired last year and could only use the galley on shore power. Couldn't find anywhere selling cards, and when we eventually did (at Brooms) the electricity posts at Rockland St Marys weren't working. Hey ho! Gonna try pick a couple up from Herbert Woods this year, just in case.
  10. We love the upper reaches of the Ant, and all the little wild moorings there are hidden up there! We were gutted we couldn't get through Ludham last year due to the high water levels (and a tall boat!) but this coming October we have a little 6ft 5", so planning to spend a bit of time up on the Ant. Hopefully it's still quiet
  11. We're on a HW craft (albeit a small 2 berth one) for 11 nights from 12th October, so may see you around also
  12. Thanks everybody for the replies, varied opinions as always. Would the bog standard engine in a hire boat have the power to punch through a full flowing tide, for example through Yarmouth?
  13. Hello all, hoping for a bit of advice if I may? I understand this may have been discussed before but a quick google didn't bring much up, every bit of info I find online says that the passage across Breydon must be made at slack water. We're due back on the Broads for 11 nights in October (after another forum member kindly pointed out a suitable boat for us). 'Prince of Light' from Herbert Woods this time round, air draft of 6ft 5" I believe. Looking at the tide times for those dates, for the most part slack water passage times fall either before or after sunset which obviously won't be possible for us on a hire craft. Is it possible to take the boat through Yarmouth/Breydon at anything other than slack water? Being 6ft 5" I believe it'll fit under the bridges even at high water, but I'm unsure as to whether the currents etc will be too strong? We've hired on the Broads a few times before, so aren't complete novices to it all and I'd consider myself (fairly) competent. Thank you in advance
  14. I of course could be completely wrong here, but I guess only being a 2 berth boat it might be treated a bit better by couples rather than your average family of 4, stag do, etc
  15. Thanks Jbx5. It was just our luck, we visited last October during the unusually high water levels and our 8 10" (ish) boat couldn't get anywhere near Ludham... Height under the bridge was between 7ft-8ft all week I think!
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