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  1. It's interesting to hear there are so many differences between them. I understand only 9 and 10 are exactly the same as each other. We only had bow thrusters, no stern thrusters. The table is an interesting one too. Ours could be moved around but didn't fold away, only dropped in height to make up the bed. Before we went, I'd assumed the length of seat by the door moved round to make the infill for the bed, but it was fixed in place, which make the bed really long when made up.
  2. I suspect they have tried to save a bit on the costs of putting together the newer versions but the quaity of everything still seemed very good. The main issue was that the backs of the seats were completely upright, which was a bit uncomfortable, but you could pull the bottoms forward to make them slant a bit. It's quite a large area of seating so there's room to sit in the corners and put your feet up which is quite nice. What I would say is that I found the seat that flips over to face forward to be very comfortable when cruising along, and it gives you a good view.
  3. The water levels were unusually high when we were away and it was a bit of a problem. We couldn't get under the bridge at St Olaves, and had to rely on Somerleyton opening, which it did so it was fine. I would imagine it wouldn't be such a problem under normal conditions, as long as you avoided being there at high water, but others may have experience that contradicts that.
  4. Yes, I think it probably would be, though I would imagine most boats are a challenge when you're that tall. We've stayed in a couple of campervans that had more spacious beds than any of the boats we've ever been on. I guess it depends on what you’re used to. It’s probably not as good as a decent walk around bed in something like a Silent Emblem, or a Swan Roamer. But if you’re used to a v-berth with an infill, or a bed where the foot or side is tucked under the freeboard, I would imagine it would seem miles better. One thing that might be worth mentioning is that I did make up the
  5. We were on Broom Captain 9 at the end of September. I think there have been a few minor changes on the newer boats. For example, we had a window in the saloon area which seems to be missing on the earlier ones. We also only had a shower curtain, not a screen, and there wasn't a curtain in the kitchen. I also think our seating doesn’t look quite as plush as in Markw’s pictures. The tables look like they’re different sizes too, which might have implications for how the bed in the saloon is made up. All in all it was a fantastic boat and it was absolutely perfect for all the rainy weather we
  6. Monday 5 October We decided to go to the coast again before heading home. Aldeburgh was our chosen destination this time. And, obviously as it was time for us to go home, it was a lovely bright morning with quite a lot of sun. We walked along the beach and then just spent some time sitting in the sun watching the waves and the sun sparkling on the water. Tried to take some pictures but they don’t really do it justice. Then it was time to find something for lunch. Monday seemed to be a popular day for places to be closed so we didn’t find anything we liked the look of in the town. So,
  7. Sunday 4 October It was chucking it down when we woke up, and the forecast was now predicting rain for the rest of the day. How depressing. We debated whether to cancel the day boat but decided to give it a go anyway as it’d be our last chance to get out on the river for a long time. The handover at Hippersons was friendly and efficient, despite there being a couple of other groups of brave souls taking boats out at the same time as us. The boat did have a lot of dog hair in it though, so not sure if the boats get cleaned very thoroughly between uses. The boat was really easy to
  8. Saturday 3 October We had a lazy morning watching all the comings and goings of the boat yard and just had a very short walk to the church and back. After lunch we decided to go to Southwold. I’d not been there before and found it to be a really lovely place, and it was interesting to discover that all the little green spaces that give it its unique character were as a result of a fire in the 1600s. We had a walk along the beach and onto the pier, and picked up some bits from a delicatessen for a picnic the next day. Presumably because it was the weekend, it was really busy, and
  9. Yes, I guess it minimises contact if you leave it after it's washed, and it gives guests confidence that everything has been cleaned properly. Having had experience trying to make an office Covid-secure, all I know is that there are many different ways to interpret government guidance. I can imagine it's the same, if not worse for holiday lets!
  10. Not many good pictures from this day. A few nice views from our apartment (albeit a bit dull and rainy!)
  11. Fri 2 October We were very sad that it was time to hand the boat back. Whilst it was a seven night holiday, it was only really six days of being out and about on the boat, and that didn’t seem enough. The only consolation was that we had three more nights before we had to go home. It seemed to take a long time to do our final bits of packing, and then it was a bit of a faff retrieving the mudweight, so we got back to the yard a little later than the requested 9.30am. Didn’t seem to matter too much as another boat was just finishing at the kiosk, and then we had to wait a short while
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