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  1. How reliable/accurate are the gauge boards at the vertically challenged bridges? I ask because, thanks to https://www.barnesbrinkcraft.co.uk/webcam/ I've been keeping an eye on the one at Wroxham and have yet to see more than 6'9" and that just once, very close to low tide. The B.A. published Average High Tide clearance in summer is 7'3", presumably at the centre of any arch. I guess there may be more water feeding in right now, and the recent prevailing winds may be having an impact, plus generally low pressure, but 6" difference at different tide heights seems a bit large. Obviousl
  2. Google is hopeless at this. Falling back on tried and trusted hopeless guesses: Thumbsuck - £269.13 Other thumbsuck - £369.13 One for his knob - £319.36
  3. Mmmmm, but they provide the opportunity for people to fill the gap.
  4. The first McD in this county opened a month or few back. They swore on their ancestors' graves that litter won't be a problem. As we've not been out much, I don't know how that's working out, but traffic flow in that part of Oakham is now a bit messy.
  5. I hope this semi-understandable pricing escalation is not taken up by the food and especially beverage outlets.
  6. I used it and liked it in September ..... but, not yet sure where the data comes from, so pinch of salt for now.
  7. Not wishing to hijack the thread, but what is an AF38?
  8. Thanks Claire and Bryan, I very much enjoyed both your write up and the video. Your dates coincided with ours (also rearranged from earlier in the year) but I think our paths only crossed at Ranworth on the Monday/Tuesday, where we overnighted on the mud anchor. You caught us in the background of a couple of shots, most obviously in the one with the canoe in the foreground. I might post a few notes of our trip in a while, but my photos are not half as good as yours. Thanks again! Mike
  9. Thank you very much. These posts and pictures are giving me great pleasure, as well as a heap of useful information about moorings and facilities. We were out north and south a couple of weeks ago and I'm now at home thinking 'I wish I'd known that' as I read through your progress. Mind you, it was so busy in the north, there was a fair bit of Hobson's Choice and mud weighting going on - a relief to get back to the south. We're not new boaters, but we are new to the Broads (this was only our second visit), thus have a lot to learn. Like yourself, we live only a couple of hours from Brundall
  10. Am I right thinking MS is Broom based? If so, our paths will cross on Saturday. In any case, we appear to be in for some decent weather - should lift our spirits somewhat!
  11. Thanks for the video, Griff. Food for thought, as we'll be running up that way this coming Sunday. OK, it's a long way off springs, but still worth thinking about. Coming back later next week might be less inviting as the tidal range is greater and I don't fancy being under marginal control 'downhill' through the narrow bits.
  12. ...... reading the forum - so much useful/interesting/humorous content - and forgot to say hello. We're not exactly new to boating, but will be new to the southern Broads from Saturday 12th. Fair warning if you wish to take avoiding action. Will no doubt wave to all and sundry and hope to bump into - er, come across, some of you. Broom Cadet 002, name not known yet. We're really quite excited now, being among the many who were Covided from our original dates. Best to all, Mike
  13. OK, here you go - https://www.amazon.co.uk/non-stick-bbq-grill-mats/s?k=non+stick+bbq+grill+mats Plenty to choose from!
  14. You can reduce cleaning with non stick (and reusable) mats or mesh. I'd post a link, but not sure it's allowed. However, the search engines are all-knowing.
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