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  1. Interesting! Obviously the demand for nostalgia or a supply of careful skippers was not as expected.
  2. Hi Team, a while back I asked what the oldest boat was on the broads. I was really thinking of motor boats for hire. Anyway, I found this YouTube video:
  3. LondonGuy


    Hi virgin boater here! Are Gnats a problem on the broads in summer? (I know some people are almost immune, but I'm not)
  4. That's called an "Affair"!
  5. Hi, virgin boater here. Are you all very loyal to the broads or have you tried other U.K. waterways? If so, how do they compare?
  6. What does that mean, please?
  7. A great read Susan! Does this boat support normal 240v electrical appliances? Also...did the boat need filing with water daily? How many times did you need to pump out? Di you need shore power or did generator keep batteries charged? (Depending how much cruising you did, I guess?) Thanks
  8. Does this boat support normal 240v electrical appliances?
  9. There seems to be some problems caused by inexperienced boaters. Should there be some sort longer/more formal mini-course/induction that is offered to virgins (like me). Is that practical? Would it help?
  10. ...I was joking of course! Just wondered if their was a equal gender divide to piloting the boat.
  11. Hi, virgin boater here. Are boats like cars - men are SO MUCH better at parking them? Do you and your female partner share the boat 'driving' or is it a male pursuit?
  12. LondonGuy


    Are the broads getting busier each year, remaining stable or has their been a decline? Just wondering?
  13. A great read! So is Silent Emblem a good boat for virgin boaters like my wife and I?
  14. Summer 2021. probably late June.
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