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  1. Summer 2021. probably late June.
  2. Is there enough to see/do in a week staying North?
  3. Hi virgin boater here. O.K...so I hire a boat from Horning, for a week. It is too big to pass under the three lowest bridges. How far should I aim to travel in a week. Do I stick to the North? Do I cross Braydon waters? What would you advise?
  4. LondonGuy


    Hi virgin boater here. Yarmouth/Bradyon water sound a bit scary to a novice. Can I got to Yarmouth from Horning and Moore up easily, later to back-track (without crossing Braydon). Are the currents stronger in this part of teh river. Are the mooring on the North side very near the town?
  5. LondonGuy


    Hi, virgin boater here. So what's all this about tides as a beginner? What do I need to know? What happens when I tie my boat up, go to the pub, and come back and the water level has dropped. Will my boat be hanging on two ropes?
  6. Great help, thanks everyone. I think I will by the book AND use the online resources.
  7. Hi, virgin boater here. O.K...so I hire my first boat, have a little bit of tuition and off I cruise for a week on the broads. What are the "Beginners Mistakes' that I should try and avoid?
  8. HI, virgin cruises here. This may sound like a stupid question, but how important is the weather to your holiday on the broads? I assume if it rained all week and/or there were high winds, it would affect your pleasure?
  9. What are the oldest boat/s on the broads, available for hire? Are they the equivalent of vintage cars or are they 'old tubs'?
  10. A great read! So is Silent Emblem a good boat for virgin boaters like my wife and I?
  11. Hi Virgin boater here. I've been investigating my first boating holiday for 2021. When I go to the web sites, there are few recommendations as to which boats are more suitable for a novice and which are not. I have no idea which areas of the broads have stronger currents. I've no real idea how wind/tide affects the handling of a boat. Us virgins reply on the hire 'system' and their does not seem to be much of one!
  12. Sounds like the clock is ticking! (Sorry a tasteless joke!)
  13. Wow...I've opened up a can of worms here! Anyway, if I moor by boat outside a pub and consume a few pints then drive the boat, the river police are unlikely to keel haul me? Correct?
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