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  1. Thanks Vaughan just checked there website sat 25th Sept and 9th Oct 2nights only we don't arrive till the 18th Oct but thank you anyway
  2. Vaughan where is this please or do we know if its running mid-late Oct so I can take the kids they would love this thanks scott
  3. Not to sure if anyone is interested but I read this article in the sun a lovely mooring and a nice walk through down the dyke itself https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16154156/picturesque-waterway-banned-by-facebook/
  4. I always try and do research on a boat if I've been on it before
  5. Oh I know exactly what you mean by this I'd never jeopardise the boat in anyway shape or form I'll always err on the side of safety better being safe than sorry
  6. I know when we come for two weeks in Oct and air draft at 8ft6" if I can't use St olaves I'll head to Reedham down the cut onto Oulton broad that way just pay alittle attention to the bridge marker before the split just after breydon but in my eyes being a hirer if in a high air draft boat it's down to planning the tides and getting right for the lower bridges and if it looks low or close just use your eye if possible to the highest part of the boat if in any doubt about possible damage easier and safer to turn around and either wait or find a different route but that's just me
  7. Never thought about it like that before pre cook and freeze it for they boat then reheat it thanks for the idea
  8. I'll use the slow cooker while moving and hopefully moor where there is a electric post if I've planned my 2 weeks out right plan a and plan b 😉 I should be on a post in Oct I understand the battery's draining a far bit I will use it but only a few times but on a post I hope don't want to unnecessarily call the engineers out
  9. Hi good evening just a question has anyone used a slow cooker on board there boat slow cooker would be 200w just wondering to take ours in Oct for more hearty meals ? Many thanks scott
  10. We use this blue for the toilets on the coaches but I not keen on it has it stains the toilet if white personally I try and use zafora every now and then while flushing the system out then add more to keep in septic tank does keep the smell away
  11. When we hired broadsman from Rico in April for 7days we needed a pump out 2 adults 4 kids on there toilet system if I'm not mistaken there's a full flush fills toilet up then flushes or part flush no water flush then tops the basin up just a bit
  12. Same here we got 15% off our multiweek so 2 weeks in Oct 18th plus our 2nd holiday with rico's this year and a further 20% off and on board commander so a bonus has it will keep my youngest safe with his disabilities oneway out passed me on the flybridge keep downstairs locked
  13. You would have thought maybe cut price 🤔 so atleast they make a few hundred quid instead of it not making sitting there
  14. That's what the lady said on the phone what ever I don't use I can use next year anyway but if someone needs one then I will have a spare or 2 for them
  15. Possibly take the oil radiator with us or both if them that way there's no noise or minor noise with heater running at night
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