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  1. Will do ..... on both counts. Once he's sorted me out
  2. I'm able to answer my own question - Glen returned my call last night. Hoping to meet him next week to sort out an alternator issue.
  3. anybody know if Glen is still active? - need a marine electrician
  4. Here's what we used this week to get on our boat, which is handy when your 'floating' pontoon doesn't float and you have a high spring tide! Wellies are optional extras .........
  5. Thanks for the info Vaughan, we have a Nanni 4.190HF and the service schedule suggests 200 hours (or at least every 12 months). Because we don't know the history of the engine (oil type used or frequency of change) I'll change the oil a couple of times this season and see how it looks then again just before winter storage. Wish i'd have had the opportunity to change it before the winter lockdown.
  6. as a matter of interest what are the boater 'go to' mineral oil, there's not many to chose from (as most motor stores are selling 'part' or 'fully' synthetic oils)
  7. afirmative it's certainly not easy choosing a 'simple' mineral engine oil nowadays ..... all these different options!!! thanks again, appreciate the advice from all. after finally managing to visit Karizma yesterday (300 mile day trip!) it was great to be on board again, but I have many more questions, so more guidance requests from a newbie to come!
  8. Hi John, Thankfully the engine and gear box specify the same oil type - 15w40 mineral oil, so I can't get that bit wrong
  9. Thanks for the guidance. Because I've already purchased (and I don't like to waste anything as a true Yorkshireman ) I'll do an oil change on the engine and put it in there to see if there's a difference, but I'll leave the gearbox 'as is'. cheers
  10. definitely, its been working fine for the last 25+ years!
  11. That's good to know. Not sure which one I have, other than it was sold in March 1995 to AR Peachment as part of the initial boat build.
  12. Hi Cheesey69, I do know she has a GUEST galvanic isolator on her, so I'll check that the earth wire goes to it - I'm sure it will if its been installed correctly. every day is a school day !
  13. Thanks for the reply Vaughan, that all makes sense now As for the earth wire - I'm not sure where that goes yet (haven't checked) but she does have an inverter charger on her (Sterling pro combo Q), so might be.
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