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  1. Thank you for the really helpful and detailed insight. Really appreciated.
  2. Not sure my DIY skills could live up to that level of repair!
  3. Thanks both for the heads up on Brexit. I’ve done a bit of homework and I can purchase the boat in the U.K. and pay the EU VAT locally on import. What are your thoughts on the build quality of these boats? Are they likely to have had an easier life in the U.K. as compared to the French ex hires? Again thanks for the time responding.
  4. Hello, I’m new to the forum and would greatly appreciate some knowledge and insight from the community. I’m based in Ireland and having cruised the Shannon for the last 4 years I’m considering taking the plunge on purchasing a cruiser. I’d really appreciate thoughts on an ex U.K. based Le Boat Crusader? I’ve read differing views on the Old Broads Boats thread. This is the boat I’m looking at https://www.leboatbrokerage.com/annonce-bateau-le-boat-crusader-219111.html?l=en I’d greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge and insight form the Broads community. Thanks in advance.
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