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  1. Bern this last link is not working theres an extra full stop or comma at the end
  2. can someone explain to me how THICK some people are we have friends she is a carer he is a machinist she is still going from house to house doing her normal self employed he is in a machine shop working as normal yesterday she worked as normal then went to visit her daughter and granddaughter then went home to husband who is working with loads of others so shes done several households in a day with a chance of spreading anything where is the sence???????
  3. mmmmm bugger I wanted a good rant in the chat room but no one in lol I would like to thank all the idiots that were out at the weekend ignoring the advise by the Gov pics on facebook of folk standing in line at chip shops in Scarborough the hundreds of Bikers at Matlock ohhhh whats the point you cant educate PORK!!! EVERYONE ELSE TAKE CARE
  4. Parkdean Resorts have closed all their sites for at least a month from today 22/03/20 refunds for people who have paid for their holls
  5. Have a great Christmas everyone
  6. same offer is being done in February
  7. Woods are doing some cheap offers this November up to 20%off and free fuel
  8. dip yer toe in Neil we at Breydon Waters from 21st for a week lol
  9. if the starter is mounted on the wrong side and thus spinning the opposite way to the other engine are you sure the engine is designed to spin in the anti clock wise direction as to the other spinning clockwise twin engines esp shaft drive should spin opposite directions to equalise the vortex caused behind the boat and making it more efficient pp Maffetts John used to have a boat with twin v8 perkins in it. that set up worked by one engine working clockwise and the other anticlockwise
  10. well that was a quick year retired a year ago today and its flown by not missed work a bit lol
  11. Stranger


    just found out myself, condolences to Gill and family
  12. it will make it a large spanner fitting tho 15/16 or 24 mm at a push 28tpi taps are available on ebay for 6 quid if you want to make a nut
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