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  1. Stranger

    Richardson 2019

    i got a brochure from Herbert Woods a week ago lol heres a tale im told Richardsons at Wroxham are hiring day boats on Christmas Day derrrrr???
  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Alan Dave
  3. Stranger

    Why Is It?

    unless its Broads Suncharm that has radiators but they are useless tiny double radiator to heat the galley and saloon had a cold 2 weeks aboard one April never again
  4. Stranger

    Google Chrome

    Sorted, done a system reset so back to a blank canvas lol all I have on start up is the recycle bin and Microsoft edge
  5. Stranger

    Google Chrome

    Hi does anyone have problems with chrome? mine keeps throwing up that i have 3 viruses but my Avast virus scan says no problems im thinking of changing my Browser whats recomended by you users?
  6. Stranger

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    its open
  7. Stranger

    Playstation 2

    i have played this game before on a PS2 but the disk is worn out and will not load teeth marks from the dog diddnt help lol i have located one in Rotherham just 6 miles away at £19.99 it has a price sticker original that is of £9.99 i shall try and get there Saturday morning and see if its ok BTW 98% of PS1 games will play on PS2
  8. Stranger

    Playstation 2

    anyone got Hogs Of War for PS2 for sale pm me plz
  9. Stranger

    Mobile Phones

  10. Stranger

    Mobile Phones

    its on contract but i may have sorted it ty
  11. Stranger

    Mobile Phones

    HELP lol anyone got a samsung galaxy core prime phone im trying to enable it to sent SMS to a premium number ie a radio station number for a comeptition but the phone wont let me ive trawled through all the settings and cant find eny way to enable these messages the sim card works ok and sends the messages on a different phon e any help would be appreciated
  12. Stranger

    Steering Wheel Centre

    try city seals and bearings 01142 435343 they would post to you if they have one inner dia?
  13. Stranger

    A Few Insurance Claims

  14. Stranger

    Winter Cruising

    Avoid Broads Suncharm From Richardsons as the Radiator Heating on that boat is useless as we found out a couple of years ago in April wIth the heating on 24 hours a day the temp struggled to get to 8deg C in the saloon
  15. Stranger

    Calypso 28 For Sale

    MARK POST HIS NUMBER SO WE CAL ALL PHONE HIM Blinkin time wasters grrrrr

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