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  1. it will make it a large spanner fitting tho 15/16 or 24 mm at a push 28tpi taps are available on ebay for 6 quid if you want to make a nut
  2. UNF do a 28tpi so im guessing ita a 5/8unf
  3. Ludham cafe this morning was OK nothing to write home about tho
  4. the auto box has a 13 pin connector plug on it and the "o" ring seal could be at fault a common thing apparently check oil level as for heater fan get a secondhand matrix assy from a breakers yard theres a specialist breakers at Manchester with very reasonable rates Dronsfields the name of the breaker
  5. anyone showing up tonight ? tiz open from 8.30
  6. due to the mess over Brexit it is alleged that lorry drivers will be doing a go slow on motorways Friday and Saturday
  7. hmmm no wonder the Reed and Rhond was boarded up on Tuesday
  8. you did not miss a thing Steve no one showed I left at 8.40 that's 2 weeks in a row m8
  9. should be open at 8.30 maybe before
  10. omg don't take flying lessons or it will be miles and miles of cloud viewing!!!
  11. Herbert Woods are doing 40%off short and full hires in March so try a mid week or weekend trial
  12. Yes that's the one but at 34.99in their outlet store almost a full pallet in store
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