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  1. Brilliant - thank you all. Is there a prefered spot to moor beccles 'ish'? Thanks Marco
  2. Morning - everyone. Thank you for your input. I prefer 'the look' of the sports boats but @ 6ft 3, they can be a bit of a pain..literally. Hence thinking that a shetland 27 type GRP boat would be a good compromise. OK, so it needs to be diesel...inboard. I intend to use for 2 people, 1 occationaly, to stay on for a night or two & moor in a yard on the southern areas of the broads. Thank you again for the input. Marco
  3. Good morning May I pick the collective brains of the experienced people on here? I have recently moved into the broads area and fancy a boat for weekends and short breaks. I have never owned a boat but I have a little experience of narrow boats, yachts and larger power boats....the questions... A recommendation on a boat for around £30k Onboard or outboard? ( what are the pros and cons of each) Given that there does not seem to be many places to get fuel in the south, petrol or diesel ?(linked to the previous question). I had looked at a shetland 27, but
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