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  1. I'm not worried, I am quite aware how long standing members of forums of any subject tend to talk down new members with condescending comments. Water off a duck's back mate.
  2. Sorry but I am unaware of that thread.
  3. By all accounts the top of the wreck at Sutton Broad has been removed and paid for by the land owner. Although that was one of my favourite overnight mooring spots it is no longer possible to use it due the boat's concrete hull which remains there under the water so do take care there. Thanks to the land owner for tidying the spot up and I don't blame him for not removing the hull as that could be an expensive task. No doubt it will over the years fill up with silt and be overgrown with reeds.
  4. Thanks Robin for the information.
  5. At the outset I will say that I am totally uninformed regarding this what was once a very valuable crop. What does the team think about the possibility of reviving the harvesting using modern equipment as is done in Europe?
  6. MM: You do not need vacuum bags to store booze.
  7. Perhaps using the duck tape on the cats might improve things.
  8. If the boat was put in the dinghy moorings where the other boat was it would probably obstruct the dyke and cause problems for mud weighters using their dingies to get ashore. Also it would certainly cause problems for dayboats that use the dyke.
  9. Yep, there is Black Shuck, an horrendous hound that haunts the banks of the rivers on cold windy winter nights and the ghost at Acle Bridge who was apparently a local bully who was set upon by his neighbours and had his throat cut and his tongue pulled through the hole giving him a "devil's necktie" and he was hung over the old Acle Bridge. Apparently he hangs around the area.
  10. Carole. I try to keep an open mind about these sort of things but that sounds really spooky. However, in my years exploring the canals of the UK out of interest I spent the night moored in Betton Wood near Market Drayton on the Shropshire Union Canal. Now, the old narrowboat community would never moor there because what was called a vociferous ghost that would wail in the night. Well I survived the night and spooky did not show up, perhaps it was it's night off. The only thing I did notice was an owl perched in the trees. Perhaps that was the spook. Now Whoooooooo would ha
  11. This thread has opened some memories of the past of which I would like to relate. Many years ago when I was a lad I had a little dog, a rather handsome cross breed terrier. I used to walk him in the evenings and he behaved himself until we passed a particular house in my street when he would bark and snarl at something I could not see, obviously he could sense something. After we passed the house he just went back to being the lovable little rascal I knew. An elderly man had passed away a few years before in that house. The Lion at Thurne had something strange there. I was sit
  12. White water rafting comes to mind, could be fun when you reach the North Sea!
  13. That makes the day boat a better economic decision. When you think of the amount of time spent on maintenance, the tolls etc. for a day boat and the much smaller expenses on a water bike I wonder where they get the pricing from.
  14. Whitlington would be an ideal spot too. There is road access, a car park and a place to either picnic or buy refreshments.
  15. Not long after I bought my boat I experienced on a number of occasions three bangs on the bulkhead in the middle of the night. It was always three bangs except once where there were three double bangs. As a person who takes a while to go to sleep and stays awake for ages if woken it became a bit annoying. The last time it happened I sat up in bed and spoke to whatever it was, saying that if it was a previous owner of the boat who was deceased it was welcome on the boat in my travels but please stop waking me up at night. It has not happened since. I wonder if it is still on the
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