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  1. He loved driving - especially when the 'adults' were having their post-lunch snooze... Seriously, though: the time we had to just watch the world go by and chat about 'stuff' (everything and nothing) was something that I just don't think we would have had anywhere else. For example, we've been trying to (gently) get him to think about what he might do after sixth form, and he has always resisted the conversation. With me driving, and my friend chatting to him, they got to the point of him narrowing down both possible courses and locations. Very precious.
  2. Just to update, and close this. We had the most AMAZING 4 days on the Broads. Weather was gorgeous (if BL**DY cold at night!) and there is no doubt that 'life at 4 mph' is incredibly relaxing. Day 1 (afternoon/evening): Stalham - Horning. Had booked the Swan Inn for 6:45, and slightly worried when we arrived and there were no moorings. We could have doubled up, but weren't sure of the etiquette. We drove round for a bit, and then found a little pontoon downstream by St Benedict's church, where we moored. A brisk walk to the pub and a very decent meal. Day 2: Decided to set off e
  3. @JanetAnne@annv Brilliant - so it looks like getting to the South Broads is back ON again. Here's the NEW plan: - On Weds morning, set off from Horning at 9-ish to arrive Yarmouth around High Tide + 1.5hrs (13:00); if necessary wait until tide slackens, then head through and across Breydon. - Weds afternoon: Potter around South for a bit, moor at Fisherman's Inn, Burgh Castle, for the night. - Thurs morning: potter around/stay put, aiming for Yarmouth at High Tide + 1hr, (13:00). Use slack tide to make progress up Bure in afternoon. Does that sound like it will wo
  4. Thanks@annv John, Interesting; and to add to this, I've just spoken to the Broads Authority helpline at Yarmouth, who have advised, with the tide times next week, going through around High Water, aiming to cross a couple of hours afterwards: around 2:00-2:30. Now I'm confused again...
  5. Thanks @PaulN I did know that there's not much at Berney Arms, but according to Joe at the Fisherman's (Burgh Castle) the mooring spaces are still there and mostly in decent nick.
  6. When I spoke to Joe at the Fisherman's, he said that the 3/4 outside his pub were available, but the other ones were closed "for repair": but he wasn't sure how long they would remain so...
  7. Thanks to all; you've changed my mind! We will now, I think, follow this route: https://www.norfolkbroadsboathire.biz/suggested-itinerary-from-Stalham-4-nights.asp although we will still make for Horning on the first night. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed not to 'do' Yarmouth and Breydon Water, but I think the tides at the very end, and very beginning, of the day, make it too much of a gamble; any other time and it seems like it would work, so we'll have to come back another time...! The general feeling seems to be that there is enough to see in the North Broads o
  8. Thanks @andyg. Good advice. To be honest, we might get to Horning the first night, decide we like the pub(s) so much that we don't move for the next 3 days And you are right - enjoyment and relaxation is the main point in going! Although I am trying to plan everything now (so that the options are there if I need them), if we find that it's too cold to be anywhere but inside, and the engine noise means we don't want to be doing that for 5/6 hours a day, then the whole plan can change - and then we will just potter around the North Broads and not go through Yarmouth at all: but that i
  9. Once - about 35 years ago. And it was on a very slow sailing boat that took the whole width of a Broad to tack. Progress into the wind was EXTREMELY slow....! I did come to Great Yarmouth in a rented motorhome a couple of years ago; does that count...? N.
  10. @Davydine @CambridgeCabby Again, very good advice - and as someone who has done a fair bit of yacht sailing, I do appreciate that gambling with winds, tides or moorings is definitely not to be recommended! Many thanks for all of this. Your comment about Acle and Yarmouth echo what I have been told elsewhere - which is why I've planned, as much as possible, to do these bits 'en route' to the South. I definitely don't want to take any risks, but there is some advice here that seems to suggest that passing between low water and low water slack should be doable - so my plan for cros
  11. @Davydine @BrundallNavy Thanks for all this. I guess I wanted to try and see different places, not be just going up and down the same stretches as much as this can be avoided. But your points about the tides at Yarmouth are good ones: I have looked at slack water passage, but wondered whether it's possible to nip through 30 mins before that without too many issues - it would be very helpful to know if this is just not possible... With sunset at 19:50, going through at 6:15-30ish would hopefully still allow enough daylight to cross Braydon and head for Burgh Castle (then bac
  12. Hi John, Thanks for your input. I put the itinerary in the OP; plan is to try and see as much of the Broads as we can, so although not dawn-dusk, possibly 5-6 hrs "moving" per day.Only changes I've made to OP are to head for Horning on Tuesday evening (booked table at Swan Inn) to celebrate re-opening. So, overnights will be: Tuesday - Horning (outside Swan Inn) Wednesday - Burgh Castle/Berney Arms (depending on whether it's Yare or Waveney river for the day; advice on that would be lovely!) Eating/drinking (!) on board - so doesn't matter if it's remote! Thursday - Be
  13. Thanks CC - I've been using that one to plan the days. Again, very helpful to know that it's accurate. N.
  14. OBB, Suggested by a friend of mine and downloaded - but difficult to know how useful it is in Sussex , so good to have it confirmed! Thanks. N.
  15. Marshman, It's the idea that we want to keep going which is driving ('scuse the pun!) the itinerary. Perhaps it might be better to go up the Yare when we leave Breydon, rather than South down the Waveney?
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