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  1. Neal


    Aparently from what people have said, this ornament was part of a display for caley advertising, its a solid bottle, no screw lid,
  2. Neal


    I dredged this up outside the quayside in Norwich,
  3. Neal

    More Finds,

    This jug came out at Fisher Gate near the courts, my father took it to the norwich castle, they confirmed it was 14th century, a German stoneware jug,, the castle have one on display whole,, shame he broke the top off, the footwarmer on the other pic was dug out at Thorpe near postwick Bridge,
  4. Neal


    We did from bishops Bridge around winter 2001 to 2002, six months at a time at the end of the boating season, I was amazed how much came out, that section aparently had not been dredged since the 60s, I haven't been through Bishop Bridge for many yrs, is there still plenty of depth in the channel?
  5. More pics from dredging up the river, these ones are outside the lower court then other side of white friars Bridge,
  6. Neal


    Lol I wish,,, na no gold was found, when I was on the dredger and dug out from carrow Bridge to New Mills Yard I did pull out a few enamel Signs, I gave them to my father in law, we used a priestman 250 in a pontoon from carrow Bridge up to bishops Bridge, for the other part of the river we loaded a priestman tiger crane at the pub Adam and eve, we then we're able to dredge right up to new Mills,
  7. Neal

    How Hill

    May gurney had the job in 2001 to pile around peters boardman islands, he was such a genuine chap, when we arrived with the crane and grab, it was something like a paradise island, lol, sun shining, glorious weather, we piled around his small islands to protect his sycamore trees,, also he insisted that one part of the island pile to be lower so the ducks could get on and off easily,
  8. Neal


    Also over the yrs on the broads dredging, we did find some good things, plenty of old ginger beer bottles,
  9. Neal

    How Hill

    Looking through my old man's photo albums,
  10. Lifting the stone of the albion at Norwich cathedral,
  11. Looking through my old man's photo albums,
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