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  1. Reminded me of the tit (think it's a Great Tit) that nested this year for the first time in the nest boxes/bird table that I built last year during the first lockdown period. She had three fledglings, two of which flew the nest last week and are like yours, busy around the garden! Sadly the third one didn't survive. Chris
  2. Having worked in the secure environment for over 10 years before retiring, my knowledge of the "modern" english language increased somewhat dramatically over the years! Terms like "innit" and "you get me" were just some of the words/phrases that cropped up continuously and those particular two terms really grated on me!! But coming back on topic I have downloaded the AWeigh app onto my phone just to see how efficient it will be in Sept. I don't mind using apps if they're useful and fit for purpose but I agree with the thought of good old fashioned ways of doing things (belt and braces come
  3. I know it's a "few" weeks away before we return to the Broads after a long absence but it's hard not to get excited even this far in advance! So I've been having a bit of a rummage through some boxes in the loft (as you do) and look what I found!! They were certainly useful when we were on the Broads all those years ago so that's something else to take! We did have a brilliant map of the Broads as well which being ex army, I folded in such a way that we could use it as we went along on the boat. Haven't re-discovered that yet (I think it might have been an OS map). We've also still got our
  4. Hi Paul, This will be our 4th visit to the Broads albeit over an elongated period of time so hopefully there won't be too many mishaps! Easy peasey - slow and easy will be the order of the holiday - but I'm sure we'll have our moments we are all looking forward to it (the holiday I mean!). Chris
  5. Thanks to everyone for the warm welcomes, let's hope the barmy weather will be just as barmy in Sept although we'll be ready for sun, wind, rain, sleet and snow (preferably in that order!) whatever the elements decide to do! Chris
  6. I think we are going to be very lucky to get down south when we come in the first week in September. I've printed off the slack water passage times for the week that we are there and unless we do a very early start as soon as possible after sunrise on the two days that are feasible, it's not going to happen we always managed it before and loved Beccles and Loddon to name but a couple of places. Hey Ho, we'll still enjoy the north!! Chris
  7. Hope I've done this right!! The race calendar has changed slightly and I believe even Singapore has now been cancelled! Still a fairly full packed calendar until something else crops up! Chris
  8. It's been a long time since we were last on the Broads but so looking forward to our holiday at the beginning of Sept! We are Chris and Brenda and reside in a small village just outside Rugby in Warwickshire. The last time we were on the Broads was over a decade ago when we hired a dual steer from Ferry Marina having progressed from a small aft cockpit cruiser from Silverline and then sort of got bigger! We then bought a motorhome and had a good few years touring until we decided that we'd experienced enough of that type of holiday so sold it and did a few beach holidays abroad. We're both
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