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  1. Hi. We hired a boat from Herbert Woods for a week at the beginning of the month. Both my wife and I and our two friends who were with us had no problem with our mobile data strength whilst there. I see that you’re with 3, so not sure about their coverage, we’re both with EE and I think our friends are with Vodaphone. I certainly had 4G whilst in the Potter Higham area. Hope that helps! Chris
  2. My wife will most probably kill me if she reads this but ever since she has had a rear view camera (with the reversing aid technology) on her present and previous cars, she says she'll now be lost without it!! Me - nowt wrong with using two door mirrors and an interior mirror Chris P.S. Oooops just realised I've contributed to straying from the original topic! Sorrreee
  3. I believe that part of the new CPC Part 3 test will still require a S shaped reversing manoeuvre into a bay to be carried out (off road facility)?
  4. Oo-er well, whatever they were, they were despatched very quickly nothing worse than having something buzzing round your ear'oles when trying to relax Chris
  5. Wasn't sure where to post this but seeing as it was used on our holiday, here is as good a place as any! Enter the Mk1 very useful eco friendly mossie exterminator! I'm glad I decided to include it in our packing list as it proved to be invaluable during the evenings when relaxing in the saloon area ! Any leftover residue on the saloon ceiling or elsewhere was duly cleaned with kitchen wipes Chris
  6. I’ve never fathomed out why patio gas is a good £10 dearer (13 kg) than propane gas because they’re both propane gas!!! Chris
  7. Local Calor supplier in Rugby is charging £33.50 for propane 13kg. They have put a warning on their website that due to the global price increase of gas, they expect their prices to also rise soon!! We have a 1000 ltr Calor bulk tank for heating, hot water and a gas hob and so glad we were topped up a couple of months ago!! Chris
  8. I lost the toss last night as Brenda wanted to watch Endeavour on the other channel so I've recorded it and will watch it later Chris
  9. I agree! Even when we were there a couple of weeks ago (covered in my blog in the other section), we had to wait until a berth became free in the NBD basin and that wasn't even the busy season! Chris
  10. Crikey Griff!! I'd be grabbing the gin bottle if I'd experienced what you've just described Hopefully, something good will come out of all what you've experienced and you can stick a finger up to adversity!! Hope this week proves to be better for you! Chris
  11. For anyone who is interested - BBC2 tonight (Sun 19 Sep 21) at 8 p.m. Fishing for rudd on the Norfolk Broads. Chris
  12. I thought I'd share my views on Sovereign Light that we were on 3rd - 10th Sep 21. Overall, we were very pleased with the boat. Considering we hired her towards the end of the season she was in excellent condition. All equipment was clean and serviceable including the bed linen and galley utensils. Cooking onboard was easy and everything functioned as it should. We cooked a roast chicken dinner on one of the nights and it was just as good as if we had cooked it at home! The design of the galley and its location was perfect. The boat handled perfectly and the bow and stern thrusters (which I believe are hydraulically operated) were very good when required. The ignition key must be left in the ignition on the lower helm panel after starting the engine for the thrusters to be operated from the upper helm position. One thing I realised very quickly is that because the bow is lighter than the stern (engine is at the back of the boat), you don't need as much input as the with stern thruster to do a sideways shuffle!! This might be not so obvious with first time hirers? There were four adults on board for the week and we all showered daily and had numerous cups of tea and coffee. The showers were excellent and well designed. The fresh water tank holds 250 litres of water and we never got low enough to panic. We topped up the water on the 3rd day at Wroxham and the 5th day at Richardsons and that was sufficient to see us through to the end of the holiday. We only had one pump out during the course of the holiday and that was on the 4th day at Ludham Bridge. We kept to the speed limits and whenever possible cruised with the tide, I think this was a factor in how little fuel we used but I'm no expert on this!! I attached a file in my blog on the holiday section showing the journey itinery and fuel used if anyone is interested. We always helmed from the upper deck as we like to take in the scenery that is more accessible when higher up on the boat and this is the main reason why we always hire a dual steer. Even in really wet weather conditions (not this time thankfully!) we will don wet weather gear and still helm from the upper deck. The presence of a GPS readout on the upper helm was handy in referencing our speed although we always kept an eye out for any excessive wash at the rear when we were cruising. For a 44 ft boat she handled perfectly and presented no problems at all during the week. Daily checks on the coolant, oil and weed filter were easy to complete, the engine access at the stern of the boat makes it a doddle!! I was surprised at the lack of weed in the filter every day but then I don't think we cruised anywhere where there was an excessive amount of weed! There was hardly any vibration throughout the boat when cruising and no niggly rattles. Mooring lines were long enough and in very good condition. The electrically operated mudweight was something I hadn't experienced before on any of our previously hired boats but was simple to operate and took the effort away from having to manually raise it and clean it off after use. The boat comes equipped with all the standard equipment but I wish hire yards would remove that ghastly boat hook from their boats! I admit it has it's uses (I think!) but in the hands of an inexperienced hirer it can be dangerous. I quickly put ours on the saloon roof and there it stayed for the whole week!! We never had to use the heating due to the excellent weather that week so I cannot comment on its efficiency. Overall, I can highly recommend this boat and we would have hired it again for 2023 (our next holiday with our friends) but its unavailable for the dates we require so we have booked Royale Light from Herbert Woods instead. It's more or less the same layout but has an extra cabin instead of a 3rd wash/shower/toilet compartment and some storage space. A final word about HW staff. Considering the circumstances, the staff were very professional and courteous and helpful. We certainly have no qualms about booking with HW again and in fact we have now booked a further two seperate holiday with them, one in Oct 2022 and another in Sep 2023. Chris
  13. Thank you Jean. First time that I've wrote a "blog" so I'm glad you enjoyed it. Chris
  14. Sat 18th Sep 21 - Final Instalment (for now!) So, As you all may have gathered by now, we have had the most marvellous experience on the Broads during our weeks holiday and as a result we've just booked not one but TWO more broads holidays!! Our friends from Devon really enjoyed themselves on the Broads (so different from what Chris is used to on his boat, up and down the North Devon coast). Unfortunately they already have their holidays planned for next year so we've booked up with Herbert Woods (HW) again but on Royale Light for Sep 2023! This time the tides look favourable for us to get down and show Chris and Julie a bit of the southern broads which we couldn't achieve this year. The other holiday is just for Brenda and me next year. We have booked Supreme Light (yes again with HW!) for Oct 22 and again the tides look favourable for us to get down to the southern broads. You may be wondering why book with HW again? Easy decision! Great boats, good service by the staff and ....... 10% Blue Light card discount plus Early booking discount plus Loyalty discount!!! Can't wait! Chris
  15. Fri 10th Sep 21 Last day on the Broads! We were all up by 0700 hrs, I was wiping down the sundeck cushions as per usual while the rest were finalizing the packing of clothes and other items. All bedding had to be stripped and left on the bed in the aft cabin and all areas of the boat cleaned. With Chris at the helm we reversed out of the dyke at 0730 and pointed the boat in the general direction of PH. The journey was made at a leisurely speed so we could make the most of our last minutes on the water. On the way we saw an otter crossing the river behind us but as usual I didn’t have my camera handy! We had spotted a couple of them during our week on the Broads but I never seemed to have my camera! Before long we were approaching the entrance to HW marina and needed to slow down in case the boat in front miscalculated his turn into the marina. That’s a tight and narrow entrance but we got through without any scraping or other mishaps! I spied a mooring over to the right of the marina between two other boats and Chris very skillfully got us stern on and we tied up for the very last time. Having experienced a lack of trolleys when we arrived at HW a week ago, I quickly went off to see if one was available and sure enough I found the last one and quickly grabbed it and went back to the boat. Chris and I started to take our belongings etc back to the cars while Brenda and Julie did the final checks and any cleaning required. HW had left an instruction in the welcome pack regarding how the “handover” and departure process should be done (I’ve put a pic of the instruction further down this post). A final check to make sure that we hadn’t left anything on board and we bade a farewell to Sovereign Light. It had been an exceptional week weather wise, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. We met some interesting people and perhaps one or two not so interesting people were avoided!! The Broads certainly lives up to its name and reputation and we enjoyed every second of it despite the odd one or two occasions where other hirers were “over-indulging”! We will be back and at the time of writing this we have sorted that out! I’ve included a breakdown of our holiday including fuel used and distance travelled. The engine on Sovereign Light is a Kubota 2.2 diesel and was displaying 7309.9 running hours when we arrived back at HW. Journey Itinerary.xlsx
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