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  1. Not over bothered we do pop there occasionally but always found the shop with hardly any stock the pub is hot or miss nothing spectacular, I do like the walk with the dogs early when the suns coming up, but I wouldn’t hang around waiting, I get why hire boats “must get to a pub” never really understood why it’s a must if you have your own boat we do sometimes but if your going often it would be more than going abroad
  2. Agree 100% there’s probably no reason to over complicate river cruisers on the broads less to break = less to maintain = more beer tokens 🍺👍
  3. Years ago richard sabberton (dick) was still alive and running summer craft all ways moaned about ba when Richardsonsons dug out at stalham there was no opposition however he wanted to put another shed and slip way and dig out for it and it was rejected I don’t no the final outcome but I no he never held them in high regard
  4. I travel 100 to 150 mile a day not life saving work just a contract I’m on at the moment, how ever I may have to not work this week due to lack of diesel and then incurring late finishing charges which may loose our future tenders and possibly the other tradesmen I work with may need to find other contacts it has a massive knock on JUST BUY FUEL LIKE YOU NORMALLY DO!!! Then there would be NO problem….
  5. Well I joined the army straight from school, and I’m convinced I wouldn’t of had the opportunity’s I’ve had if it hadn’t, and it wasn’t because I got bad grades at school
  6. Keebz

    Dog Ban?

    It’s not a dog ban that should be implemented it’s a irresponsible owner ban, I have two working labs which I walk twice a day and when we are near wildlife or live stock there on leads to many owners think they can let dogs off where they like they CANNOT!
  7. Keebz

    Boat Search

    Just a bit of fun, I’m trying to find out if anybody knows or themselves hired the old golden girl from summercraft not the grp ones they bought in the 80’s the aft cockpit one, my great uncle used to hire her but I’m struggling to find any pictures at home and web searches haven’t brought any to light! Any one?
  8. There is no easy way, various grits down to smooth (without sanding the decks away🤣) have plenty of tack clothes and some relaxing music
  9. I got a new 13kg bottle plus returned one for exchange £29 each £39 for bottle
  10. My dads was no.2 L95 so many happy memories
  11. Great boats the Hampton, Tony and pat was very good friends with my uncle they had a fleet of them at sutton all called honeymooners my dad had one off him many happy years of two week holidays one week holidays countless weekends all year round usability we had 4 people and a dog never seemed to small it had 1.5 bmc which in 11 years only had 1 fuel pump and dad serviced it annually it’s still on the broads now called ‘Kate’ I believe the last time I see it it still had the curtains my mum made on it 🤣🤣
  12. I remember this in the eighties
  13. I’ve seen on another social that there will be a charge to drop your weight on malthouse broad and salhouse next season, they used to charge on salhouse and we used to pay it but I was told by to boat yard owners if your on your weight they haven’t really got rite to ask you to pay if this is the case it’s two more places I won’t moor, i stress I have no problem at all in being charged for mooring with facilities but for swinging on your mud weight I’m not sure it’s worth it think I’d rather wild moor I’ll probably get shouted down now but when you pay the river license to ba and there reducing there services/facilities it’s the usual private owner frustration!!
  14. Probably missed my point I never meant to make bmc I got hybrid I meant replace but really appreciate the input👍
  15. I personally think standards slipped when sue and Brian separated Brian being the boat builder but sue worked just as hard I can remember when her dad had the garage where Norfolk marine are now she worked there and was cleaning at summercraft before Brian had financial interest in the yard very often she would be cleaning ovens down on the service key due to sloppy customers I do hope they have a long happy retirement once they do pack up completely
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