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  1. Hi all So I'm on the boat for the first time since I started the thread I've had a look under by the engine but I can't see any pipes going through the bulkhead, where else could I look? Does anyone have a picture of the valve and where it could be Thanks guys
  2. Thanks I wasn't completely sure what I was looking for so this will help me out no end
  3. Hi Paul I've just had a look at your profile picture and your boat looks very similar to ours , so I'm guessing it's in the same place under the hatches Steve
  4. Not that I could see when I was up there last, we have one for fresh water and one for waste pump out
  5. Have you decided on a new name yet?
  6. Well I'm not sure if it would or not, is this something that would be closed off when it's shut up for the winter and hasn't been opened again? I'm at a total loss, I did have the idea just to pour water in the lower pipe, this is the one that would draw the clean water and see if it either fills up or just backs up It's quite frustrating as it's making the while boat have an oder
  7. We have an ocean 30 mk2 with a rear single cabin and we are having trouble with the "clean water" coming into the toilet unit I've serviced the unit much to the grimness that was ( I'm not good with waste) and we now have some suction on the hand pump if I cover the 2 hose holes I can feel it, but I'm not getting any "clean" water into the bowl, it drains fine now though So I was thinking would there be a 2nd water tank to fill up? I found our main one under a seat with an out pipe and in pipe and I don't want to pull the shower room apart to trace the pipes Does anyone have any ideas? I'm all new to this boat ownership Thanks Steve
  8. Thanks , I look forward to see how you get on
  9. Hey how did you get on? I'm going to need to repair some less that nice bits on our Ocean 30 just wanted to see how it all come out
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