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  1. When we were there in July one of the guys in the yard mentioned they were getting rid of 30 boats this winter, including all the Ideal 45’s. He said they were aiming for an entirely Elite fleet, going to price a lot of their long term existing customers out of the market that’s for sure…but going by the bookings for their new boats at the moment it must make business sense
  2. Thanks Jean, glad you enjoyed it, took a bit longer than expected as busy with work just now and been too tired to concentrate in the evenings 😂 Yes prices have taken a huge jump ..Louise is saying the same about trying something different next year but I’m not so keen 😂 Enjoy your break in October , sure it will go ahead ok then Thanks, glad you enjoyed it 👍🏻 I can’t believe the jump in prices ..Monaco is over £1000 more than what I paid this year 😕 it was rolled over from last year right enough but still taken a huge hike
  3. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Yes your lucky having a syndicate boat , the AF Pearl 38 has always been a favourite of mine, my parents hired Yare Moonlight from Brister craft when I was younger, very nice to handle and great visibility. Hope you get your trip away in September , things are finally starting to look a bit more normal now
  4. Thursday 22nd July The dreaded last day had come..I didn’t have a plan where to head today as long as we were back in Stalham by teatime. We always tend to spend last nights in the yards, having the kids to organise etc, it’s handy to get the suitcases back out the car and pack away most stuff (toys! 😂 ) so it’s not such a rush in the morning. We left Acle after breakfast at 9.45am, canopy down again as it was another nice warm morning and the river was starting to get busier. We passed the Albion under sail near St Benets, always an impressive sight. We turned down to South Walsham for a look, I’ve not been down there for years , what a lovely spot it is, plenty boats at most of the moorings and mud weighed on the broad, we had a slow cruise around then headed back up, before making the turn back up the Ant, we wanted to stop at Ludham bridge a while if we could get a space. Ludham bridge holds a lot of memories for me as as well as boating holidays on the broads, my family spent a lot of caravanning holidays at Ludham bridge caravan park when I was young , long before it was bought over by the caravan club, it was owned by a real old character Mr King, still remember him directing caravans to their spots on his trusty old bike 😂 Lots of memories of walking along the road in the morning to the Bridge stores and standing on the bridge watching the boats. We managed to get a mooring just up from the bridge and moored up at 11.30am, it was very busy and only a couple of spaces. First stop was the shop for an ice cream , it was pretty hot by then 😂 then a wander up to stand on the bridge and watch the boats go through (think that’s compulsory there!) We had a walk along to the caravan site for a look around, it’s changed a lot but still holds a lot of memories of happy childhood holidays and family who are no longer with us. We set off again at 1.30pm, I was hoping to get a spot at How Hill but know it’s always busy so wasn’t overly confident, but we were in luck, there was quite a few free spaces so we got moored up there and had lunch and the kids fed a family of swans. We had a walk up to How Hill at 3.30pm, visiting Toad Hall cottage and had another icecream 😂 before walking up to the house and gardens, we had never visited here before , always bypassed it but it’s a lovely place for a walk around. We set off again at 4.30pm knowing our next stop was to be our last . We took a very slow cruise up the Ant, before mud weighting on Barton Broad a while so the kids could have a shower , it’s a beautiful spot and I sat on the stern and took it in and the sadness at going home tomorrow. The last slow cruise back to the yard filled me with dread, it’s always the worst part of the holiday knowing it’s over and you have to hand the boat back. We moored up at Richardsons at 6.15pm, hoping to get a last meal out we walked up to Stalham. We had eaten at the Swan inn before and it was very good and family friendly, unfortunately it was very busy and would be over an hour wait for a table..disappointed we headed to the chip shop instead, it was also a very long wait, we took it back to the boat , it was very good actually, but I was a bit annoyed at myself for not booking the Swan inn earlier in the day. After tea I took the sad walk over to collect the car..that’s when reality hits..you are going home . I took the car over and suitcases out then launched the kayak and took Ava for one last paddle around, saw Broad Ambition come out the wet shed and go over to the quay to load up. We went down the river a bit and around the marina, then it was time to give the kayak a wash down then deflate it and pack in the car, had a lot of use of it and was really glad I took it with us, definitely take it again. We packed up most of our stuff so we were ready in the morning , it was a lovely night again and I sat out and made the most of it and our last night aboard. Friday 23rd July We packed the rest of our stuff and loaded the car and were off the boat by 8.50am (miracle!) we had to wait a while to get the diesel dipped and paperwork, I got £2.74 back in unused fuel, that wasn’t going to pay for breakfast 😂 We drove to Wroxham again and headed to the Old Mill Cafe for breakfast , we have been here a few times before and it’s always very good, friendly service and good food. We then headed over to Roy’s toys again..as the kids still had some holiday money left , they soon spent it..then one last walk to stand on the bridge then it was time to head back to the car for the long drive home. We left Wroxham at 11.45 am and parked at the house at 1am…journey was a nightmare, traffic jams , crashes and roadworks, I think all my relaxation of the holiday was wiped out within the first hour in the car! 520 miles and 13 hours driving, I only stopped once, apart from the couple of hours in a traffic jam 😬 Monaco was a lovely boat and it was a great holiday, Broads always is! I’m currently looking at boats for next year but availability and prices are crazy..never hired the same boat twice but would hire Monaco again but not at next years price..now over £4000 for 11 nights in July, I could not justify paying that unfortunately, still looking at a few boats but as they are booking up quick I will need to make a decision soon Sorry for all the pics! That’s the last 😂
  5. Thanks Jean, I am a bit snap happy 😂
  6. Wednesday 21st July Wednesday morning was another lovely sunny one, after breakfast I filled the water tank again , hoses are no longer attached to the taps at the yacht station, they are stored in the office and you take them back when finished. Canopy down and we were underway by 10am heading back north, I didn’t have a plan ( as usual 😂 ) but quite fancied Acle if we could get a space as we always enjoy a meal at the bridge inn. The river was pretty quiet, mostly WRC day boats heading down , we headed up the new cut again , made decent progress with the ebb tide, reached Breydon water at 12.15pm, met a few sailing dinghys with safety boats just past Berney arms, not sure where they had come launched from. We turned past the yellow post at 12.45pm and started pushing the tide, there was quite a few boats coming the other way higher than us, so knew we were ok leaving kayak on the roof 😂 Reaching Yarmouth yacht station I was surprised how busy it was, not seen it as busy in a long time, lots of boats double moored and no free spaces, glad we weren’t stopping there now and had made the right call stopping the previous week. We passed Stracey Arms at 2.20pm, thought about stopping a while to let the kids see the animals but it was quite busy and hardly a space free so we just pushed on to Acle. The bridge inn moorings were full and passing through the bridge I doubted we were going to find a mooring, Pedros basin was empty but didn’t fancy it, the 24h moorings were full till we got to the very end and found a space just big enough, perfect! We were moored up just after 3pm. Louise decided to try booking the bridge inn for tea later…we really should have tried earlier in the day and as expected they were fully booked and only serving outdoors due to staffing issues, pity as we always like it there ..second choice was Pedros, been there before too but I wasn’t overly keen, they were also fully booked. Bit of a problem as we had used up all the food on the boat really as just 1 day left! We relaxed on the boat a while and watched plenty boats go by, it’s a great spot to boat watch , we saw our boat from 2 years ago pass, Fair Royale 1, I wonder if they have fixed her badly leaking stern gland yet 🤔😂 Later on I checked online and saw there was a takeaway from Martham on just eat which would deliver, so food ordered and picked up by the bridge at 6pm 😂 food was ok ..but not up to Bridge inn standard, never mind hopefully next year! It was a lovely warm evening , we had a walk around then I launched the kayak again and took Ava for a paddle down past the bridge, we didn’t stay long as the current was quite noticeable and dads arms were getting sore! It was a beautiful evening and sunset, we kept the canopy back till it was dark, a few hang gliders were out flying around which was an usual sight. Still quite a few boats passed in both directions quite late on, I did wonder where they were going to get moored. Tomorrow was to be out last day… I was already dreading the sad cruise back to the yard 😭
  7. Yes it’s always been a favourite of mine too, pity I missed the powerboat racing this year. I’ve never thought of going side on , would probably need to book that in advance as outer pontoon always seems popular. Thanks for the heads up about the train, I didn’t realise you could do that 🙈😂
  8. I’ve always liked the yacht station moorings and outlook from Oulton Broad , but I can’t remember ever being at Lowestoft, apparently we went when I was very young by water taxi when it was still running 😂 We did think of walking there this year but decided against it
  9. Tuesday 20th July We had a very quiet night at WRC, a couple of boats set off early but we were in no rush today. We headed to the pool again for 9am, another good swim, pity the jacuzzi was closed due to covid situation. It’s a good pool for the kids, not too big , they were limiting it to a maximum of 20 people for 45 minute slots , still plenty room to swim. We weren’t sure where to head today, obviously had to watch the days now for getting back to Stalham for Thursday night 😭 Oulton Broad powerboat racing has always been a highlight for me, lots of memories from family holidays in my childhood. I had been checking the racing schedule and Thursday 22nd was to be the first race , not really feasible for getting back to Stalham the same night 😂 I wondered if it was worth phoning the yard to ask if the boat was going back out on Friday or if it was Saturday….we could maybe get one more night..🤔 I already knew the answer as all fully booked but as there was some last minute cancellations due to the “pingdemic” and it doesn’t hurt to ask does it…so I phoned Richardsons and as expect the boat was going back out on Friday, the guy on the phone said it was worth asking but the only way I’d get extra time on the boat was if I stayed to clean it after we handed it back 😂 I declined that offer 😂 Knowing we could only really manage one more night south we debated whether to head to Oulton broad or Beccles as we like both, decision made, Oulton broad it is. After topping up the water again, we left WRC around 11am for the short cruise down to Oulton broad, river was very quiet apart from a few day boats, we arrived at the yacht station around half an hour later. The yacht station was very quiet, there was no other hire boats there when we arrived at all but quite a few nice private boats moored. The Wherry hotel moorings were fairly busy with more boats arriving, we have never moored there for some reason. Arriving at the yacht station I asked the attendant if it was ok to moor on the pontoon stern on to the broad , pity there wasn’t going to be any powerboat racing as it was an ideal mooring to watch it from. It was another hot day, so we relaxed on the boat a while and had lunch and watched the comings and going’s. The kids were desperate to go to the park so we headed off around 2pm, an ice cream being the first stop ..or in my case 2 😂 ( it was a hot day 🤣 ) Next they wanted on the rides at “the Boulevard” , I remember there being a outdoor pool here when I was younger, it seemed to have been mostly filled in and smaller bit left at the end and the rest turned into a beach where you paid to sit 😂 We then went a walk around the park and visited a couple of shops. It’s a pity the Spar shop closed, Louise was keen to make tea on the boat tonight and had nothing on the boat to cook, couple of small shops up the street didn’t stock much , we picked up a couple of things from Jeckells and decided to get a takeaway later. By 6pm a few more boats had arrived but only a couple of hire boats. We got pizzas from Flames just across the road from the yacht station , we had been there in previous years and it was always very good. We sat on the rear of the boat and ate them, very nice they were too. It was a beautiful night so the kayak was launched again and I took Leo for a paddle on the broad , Ava wasn’t keen tonight. It was a stunning sunset and I sat outside till late enjoying the peace and quiet, always something special about Oulton broad at night I think
  10. Thanks very much Jean, glad your enjoying it Thanks 👍🏻 I’ve never had any problems with boats grounding in there before , possibly could do with a bit of a dredge out, but also water did drop quite a bit, had to lift the kids up to the quay I remember the outdoor pool well, spent a lot of time in it 😂 It was great, back in the day when you were allowed to moor in the marina right in front of it. I asked someone at Ferry marina a few years ago about the indoor pool, it is still there apparently, just been floored over and turned into the boat sales offices
  11. What a great thread this is, so much knowledge and history
  12. Thanks 🙂 Ah I didn’t know that about the church, that is very interesting, I must go and google it now 😂 we had a look inside and wrote in the visitor book
  13. Monday 19th July After a very peaceful night, Monday morning was another lovely sunny day, we awoke to find a frog outside on the deck by the door, much to the kids delight, I lifted it into the long grass on the bank before we left. We decided to head for the Waveney river centre, it’s always a favourite stop for us, the pool and park is great for the kids and we all like it there. We left Rockland at 8.45am, I never book any moorings but did wonder after we left if I should phone to ask if there was space at WRC but as it turned out there was plenty moorings when we got there anyway. Leaving Rockland via the short dyke, I was surprised how many boats were moored there, seems a very popular spot for fishing. The yare was pretty quiet, met a few boats but it wasn’t until Reedham it started to get a bit busier only a couple of moorings free too. The new cut was fairly busy, steady stream of boats heading in both directions before turning onto the Waveney. The Waveney has always been a favourite stretch of river for me, I don’t know why as there isn’t really much to see but it always seems to feel a bit more remote and less congested. We arrived at the WRC at 12.15pm, there was plenty of free moorings, we got our “usual spot” 😂 last mooring on the left on the quay side infront of the tents. There was a few large private boats opposite and 3 Silverline marine boats which all looked immaculate. The tide was still ebbing when we arrived and I noticed a lot of sediment stirred up, a short while later I went to adjust the ropes slightly and we were actually hard aground in the mud. When we were last here 2 years ago they were in the process of installing water pipes and a new quay heading and I was pleased to see there was now hoses installed, much handier as there used to be only one on a meter at the river side, I topped up the tank again. We relaxed on the boat a while, kids went to the park then we walked to reception to pay for the night and see if we could book swimming as it was timed slots only due to covid situation. The slot were all booked for the day but they had space for the 2pm slot free, it was now just after 2pm so we quickly paid and nipped back to the boat to get changed. 45 minute slots so we still had plenty time in the pool , we booked again for 9am the next morning 😂 We booked dinner in the Waveney inn for 6pm, we had eaten here several times before and always liked it. It was another very hot day so we relaxed on the boat a while and took the opportunity to make use of the laundry facilities and got some washing done and hung on the boat to dry. The Waveney inn was very quiet, despite the amount of tents, lodges and caravans there was just another 2 tables inside and 1 outside occupied. The meal was ok but not that a great menu choice and they had ran out of a few things , quite pricey for what it was I thought and disappointing compared to the New inn at Rockland the previous night. After dinner we went for a walk around the park and noticed more lodges had appeared since our last visit, we walked along the road to visit the church , St Mary ,Burgh St Peter, it’s just along from the entrance to WRC. It’s a very unusual looking church seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but there are some recent graves here. We got back to the boat around 8.30pm , kayak launched again and I took Ava for a paddle around the marina and down the river a while, it was another beautiful quiet night. We sat at the stern of the boat till well after dark taking in the peace and quiet, such a lovely spot. No we can’t keep the frog!
  14. Yes that’s right, that was us at Oulton broad, it was a beautiful sunset that night, we were at the top end of the free moorings at Acle opposite bridge craft and Irstead was our last day on the sad journey back to the yard
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