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  1. Hi Guys. My Pegasus 700 currently has a meth's hob burner which i hate and i want to get a gas hob fitted. does anyone have any recommendations of someone who would be able to do the work and any experience of cost to get it all plumbed in and set up to pass a BSS certificate? it would be on a sliding system so the hob burner would need to be on a flexible pipe as it will slide out from under a bulkhead. Thanks in advance Tom
  2. thanks everyone. im looking at setting up on horning sailing club initially and then ill start heading out to different marinas to chat with people.
  3. you misunderstand my meaning, i mean available mooring spots. im more than happy to pay. but every marina i speak with seem to unfortunately be full
  4. Hi All! looking at purchasing a sailing yacht rather than a motor cruiser... have found the one i want but the mooring isnt transferable... does anyone know of somewhere with free moorings? otherwise im stuck and cant buy the boat :( also just some info about me. im a volunteer RYA dinghy instructor and spend the majority of my spare time sailing :) took part in the 3rr this year and am finally in a position where i can get something on the broads... just proving problematic to find an available spot. looking forward to learning lots from you all! Thanks Tom
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