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  1. Thanks all - I’ve decided to get someone to come and have a look rather than me messing about when I really don’t know what I’m doing! Hopefully I’ll learn something along the way.
  2. Hi all. This one's a 2 parter as per the title. I have a (new to me) Volvo Penta AQ145 that cuts out after around 15 to 20 minutes of running at idle or low speed and then won't restart. The engine's <100 hours since a complete rebuild. I think the fuel in the tank is E10 from the previous owner, plus some E5 with STABIL that I've added. The engine's a bit low on oil, but still within limits, and doesn't appear to be running hot. Perhaps slightly hotter than the other one, but still in the green. Only other thing that (I think) might be relevant is that she's just had a long road journey to contend with to bring her to the Broads. Bearing in mind I'm not particularly mechanically minded, is there anything I can try before getting some to have a look at it for me? Which brings me on to the second question. Is anyone / does anyone know a decent mechanic, preferably mobile and who doesn't mind explaining things to a stupid man? I'm going to need one at some point, and I'm tempted to see if I can get someone to give the engines the once over and perhaps explain some stuff to me along the way... The boat's in Brundall if that makes a difference! Thanks in advance.
  3. Yep, that’s the one. Lovely little spot, really pleased with it.
  4. Excellent stuff, will be sure to you a wave on the way by!
  5. Am sorted, found a lovely spot between the Yare View Holiday Cottages and the Ferry House courtesy of John at Willow Marine. Less than 10 minutes from my house and a cracking spot, if slightly rustic! All I need now is the boat - arrives Thursday, all being well.
  6. The two Thorpe Bridges have a clearance of 1.83m at high tide, but getting under them gets you to the Rushcutters pub and a few more half decent ones within walking distance. We ate at the Oaklands the other night (opposite the Rushcutters) and they’ve really raised their game food wise.
  7. Yep, already factored that in! Looking for a mooring with decent vehicle access if possible for that reason.
  8. Thanks - we did pop down there and I also emailed them but no reply. And no leccy has been vetoed by the Mrs!
  9. We think so, yes. Going to look at her on Friday - a Fairline Fury 26.
  10. Hi all. As per the title, we’re looking for a mooring anywhere between Brundall and Norwich (we’re in Thorpe St Andrew). I’ve tried most of the larger ones already (Bells etc), but are there any other options? Thanks.
  11. Thanks all - maybe not as divisive as I first thought!
  12. Hi all. We're currently looking to buy a sports cruiser, probably in the 8 metre range with a budget of up to £20k. What are people's thoughts on surveys? I've had a look through the forums, and it seems to be a divisive issue! What sort of cost would be involved, and would a survey include the engine or is this treated separately? In my mind, an engine look over would be arguably more important, especially as I'm not particularly mechanically minded. Any advice appreciated! Many thanks.
  13. Hi all. New member here, so thought I'd introduce myself. I've been away from boating for around 20 years after we sold our Shetland that we had at Bells Dyke due to small kids. They're now not small any more, and SWMBO and I are seriously considering going floating again. We're looking for a sports cruiser, 2-4 berth, around the 7-8 metre mark at some point between now and the start of next season. Something big enough to weekend in, and occasionally longer. SWMBO has insisted on an enclosed head, other than that I'm weapons free. I'd prefer a sports cruiser if only for the occasional blast across Breydon and possibly some salty fun once in a while. When I was living in Portsmouth a few years back, we had a small Fletcher speedboat and used to nip over to the Isle of Wight. Not fun in the fog when you're in something 17 feet long and need to get across the hovercraft lane! Our budget for the boat is 20k, and we'll be based on the southern broads, probably Brundall. I'm only putting that out there in case anyone's looking to sell...I'm all over the various sites like a rash at the moment but more than happy to consider a private sale, even if deferred until the start of the season. So stand by for lots of stupid questions - I'm military, so work on the basis that there's no such thing as a stupid one. I'll try to chip in with local knowledge where I can, though, just to pay it back a bit. Anyhow, hello!
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