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  1. Colin, to rent a birth just to land your dinghy does sound a little extream, but i do understand your issue, if its ever of any use you are welcome to motor down to Bishy corner and leave your dinghy with me if ever your car is further that way. If you rent a space you might find others use it, you may well be happy with that, but issues could develop with dinghy's swinging on one rope rubbing against private owners boats and leaving or removing paint. My end there is a certain green and yellow dinghy that sports 'Bishy red' paint on its wooden rubbing strake, I moved that dinghy most days and asked if they could please leave it so it did not swing onto my boats, worse things happen at sea but it is annoying. We did well to get away with Red and pushed our luck with spots! Thope st Andrew is predominantly Blue voting, blue is the colour We return for easter hols, early april.
  2. Hi Vaughan, it would not be my 1st choice to keep a private boat, but the price offered was/is exeptionaly competitive for TSA residents, they did have enquiries from owners.
  3. Colin, last time i had a meeting on the subject the building had still not changed ownership from Broadland council to TSA town council, but that said I have not had a meeting for some months. I would very much like a room to use though, the Gazebo is great when the sun shines but the fun stops with wind and rain.
  4. I have no further semi insider gossip on the private mooring, last i heard from last year the plan is still to go ahead. Im not sure on the current hold up. Rest assured 'aesthetically pleasing' is a phrase that the town council are reminded of regularly (often by me) and is constant reminder that you have to choose your words very carfully when talking to the EDP as they know how to stir up and sensationalise for their gain.
  5. £60 per hour and 16hrs of man time? Now I know I am doing something seriously wrong, I should only be working one or two days a week on that rate.
  6. a couple of disposable nappies under the engine are very good at absorbing the odd drips of oil and water that build up.
  7. Haha, sorry i did not know the price I just used to fit them! never had the need for such a thing since self employment
  8. It's been some 11 years since my time but we made custom fridges on Oysters, really quite simple, a GRP box, lagged on the outside with closed cell foam, a compresser mounted remotely, cooling plate and thermostat inside the fridge, door with door seal. Look into Frigomatic/Frigoboat systems, they were pre-gassed and easy to assemble. Assuming they are still making them.
  9. I have never looked that closely at it to say Seamaster or not but yes that sort of size and shape.
  10. There is another Liveaboard boat down, one of the ones just outside comissioners cut. Not sure when it went down as its been a few weeks since my trip round. Cabin cruiser with the cockpit boarded round.
  11. We are overdue a beer, next time you are over give me a shout and I can pass on the gossip from my angle.
  12. I have to sit on the fence a little and the town council know this as i try and stay on good terms with all, but i can say from first hand experience that you do not have to say much about anything and the EDP run with it, their desire to fill column inches and a obsession with Thorpe st Andrew see's them take any info, or a quote often out of context and go with it. Sadly the EDP is for many a great way to keep up with local news.
  13. Having clocked more hours than most (if not all) on River Green this year I tell you 1st hand what a wonderfull place it is, full of people enjoing the wildlife and views. Sadly it does also have a darker element, TSA has its fair share of undesirables and unfortunates, there is the youth element that have no regard for other peoples things, attempting to gain access into the Islander's post box, and jumping on my day boats (they got a shock, I could see them from the Rushcutters!!), the drunk guy with his huge backpack and can's of budget cider I think fair to say homeless, he fell asleep in the full summer sun (and that day was scorchio), I went to see if this man was ok, he woke as i spoke to him, i passed his glasses that had fallen to the ground and all I can say is I should have let him burn, I did not ask for his rudness. Day after day myself and the town councils ground team would clean up beer cans, bottles and takeaway litter, too hard for people to use the bins that the town council provide and empty. As I understand the webcam plan is to allow the public to view the green and river from the comfort of home, many people seem to like to do this and people are quick to shout when webcams go down, the webcam and some cctv cameras if they happen will give a little extra security to myself and full time moorers paying to use the Green, as well as active deterent to those who wish to misuse the green. The Town Council ground team visit the Green every day, certainly seven days a week throughout the months i was there and often more than once a day, they do their daily duties one of which is making note of the boats visiting the Green, as far as what happends if a boat can't get back under the bridge? that boat will be allowed to stay until the tide falls enough to enable the boat to leave, the Town council numbers are easy to find if you need to inform them, or if its in season you can always talk to the friendly guy with the day boats, he will happily let the council guys know why your boat has not moved on next time they they come down.
  14. very little parking in Thorpe St Andrew at the moment. You can park at the Freedom yard and take the boat from there or walk round to us, there is also a very regular bus service in and out of the city inlcuding from park and ride, the bus stop is at River Green.
  15. Hi peoples, how's things? life has been busy and i have not kept up with forum life. Summer came and went, Autumn is here and the end of the season is nigh, well what can i say? We started something new in a place that people dont instantly think to go for a day boat, we used boats that were new to the broads, Promotion was lacking and the day to day running was mostley done by a guy who had never worked full time on a hire fleet. We've had customers, we've had local support, kind words and some lovely reviews. I personally could not have asked for more from this year, i'm pretty sure we have laid a solid foundation going forward. This seed may have been planted by myself and i nurtured it a lot as it sprouted, but this has been a team effort and many have played their part, I thank them all (I'm sure Andy does too). A last note to those who have not yet come down to River Green for a little jaunt out in one of our boats, you have until the end of the Autumn half term otherwise you will have to wait until next season starts.
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