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  1. MBA Marine

    River Yare In Norwich

    http://www.pubandpaddle.com/ If you fancy using those arms.
  2. MBA Marine

    River Yare In Norwich

    I was talking with a gentleman manning the yacht station last week, about our new dayboat offerings and that I had hoped to encourage more people to head Norwich way and with our boats being or low air draft and fairly shallow below the water they could explore up to the Ribs, the idea was welcomed.
  3. MBA Marine

    Pumpout Adaptor

    Aquafax, they might not have it in stock but will get it.
  4. MBA Marine

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    Certainly was Peachment did the engine, the upholstery was also very expensive, my bit of cause was great value . A classic case of spending £25k on top of over paying in the first place add the two sums together for the current value, yes? sadly not, the price will creep down to a more realistic value and the owner take a (big) hit or the boat will go back to sitting dormant in his dock.
  5. MBA Marine

    Wanted.aquafibre 38

    She is beautiful, some of my finest work in there, its a bit sad to see it up for sale. The owner bought as Price of Moonlight direct from Herbert Woods and spent a fortune on the refit work, did not like the old BMC so had a new Nanni fitted with more HP then never really used the boat, I never saw it out of his doc!
  6. MBA Marine

    Hourly Labour Rate

    Rules on advertising do not allow me to directly do that, nor could I cope with a large influx of enquiries, but i am not hard to find should people wish. I would also point out there are other people out there not charging the earth, Toby Cox in Stalham would be my first recommendation. There are limitations on where I can work, although the high level insurance gains entrance to most marina's there are some that simply do not allow contractors on, and depending on where the boat is and there is willingness to move it or not, depends on if I can be competitive with lifts and antifoul and the likes, some places I cannot compete with in this area, Sabeena for one beat me by a long way for antifoul in the Wroxham area and I do send people to them for this (just be wary of them upselling on other services).
  7. MBA Marine

    Hampton Safari

    There is a fantastic, very well looked after M2 Hampton for sale in Horning, im not sure where its advertised as the seller did not was to use a brokerage. £20k looking for £18k is the upper end of Hampton value but this is a nice one, I believe an offer of £15k was rejected, I would be happy to put anyone interested in contact with its owner.
  8. MBA Marine

    Hourly Labour Rate

    Some people charge £20ph and no VAT, fully insured with £5m cover.
  9. MBA Marine

    Horning Boat Show

    The year after next is fine by me, hopefuly I will have the workload in balance by then.
  10. MBA Marine

    Horning Boat Show

    There was no presence of MBA Marine at the show, not even to walk round, next year just might be the year, have been working hard learning much about electric propulsion systems (including how to make a Bewilderwood boat that motors at 3x the required speed, shall be turning down the wick very soon!!) and working alongside River bank boats have some very pretty offings on the way. I might well come out of my antisocial skin a little and see y'awl at Horning next year.
  11. MBA Marine

    Inverter Install

    https://aquafax.co.uk/product/8-28132-blue-sea-panel-230vac-source-select-16a Here is the Blue Sea version I mentioned earlier, as said I usually opt for the rotary type above but I have done a couple of these.
  12. MBA Marine

    Inverter Install

    Two sources of AC going to the same point of distribution, one inverter and one shore, turn both on and inverter goes ****! technical term there, I have had to replace someone's whoopsy having done just that! AC source selector switch required, now say that after being on the sauce. I do tend to stick to the Rotary style but be wary of the very cheap direct from china ones as I have tried them to find they were close but not quite right, the 'real' ones have a built in link that links a couple of terminals together, the cheapo ones did not have this and i had to add my own link wires to make the switch function as it should, next problem was life expectancy, I replaced one of my cheapo switches a year later, the replacement was not the budget variety. Blue-sea used to make a nice panel for two AC sources, comprising of a pair of breakers and a sliding tab, the tab covers one switch and allows you to switch the other on, then to swap sources you turn off slide tab to switch on the other. As for batteries , well covered by others above, wired in parallel (unless you wanted 36v) then draw and charge using the Pos & Neg at opposite ends of the bank. If in doubt as a friendly engineer to lend a hand. just posted and noticed I got censored ****! can we not say P O OF
  13. MBA Marine

    Boats Far From Home

    Last post should say 'Paint job' I can't change it now!!
  14. MBA Marine

    Boats Far From Home

    She was once owned by a member on this forum, I did a job or two on there. The paint job was done at Sutton Staithe Boatyard.
  15. MBA Marine

    Boat Recovery Options

    That would certainly be my prefered option, a reciprocal use of each others boats is the only sensible option other than keeping your tug boat on a trailer and putting it in at the nearest possible location.

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