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  1. I took the plunge and bought a UV5-R, then wondered what I'd use it for! now I wonder why I didn't get one ages ago, so far over the bank holiday it's been a godsend for finding mooring spots and arranging meetings, warning of boat jams and a few idiots, , I took the plunge and bought the 701 antenna upgrade as everyone told me the rubber ducky was rubbish, it's not that good but better than the 701 as mine turned out to be a fake, I tried a genuine one and it's spot on for what I need, so new 701 on order and then a mag mount one, working out Chirp took a bit of doing but youtube to the rescue, even learned how to set it to not transmit on the channels I shouldn't use, just in case I hit the send button when being nosey, I still need to learn how to do the other frequency's so I can listen in, as I thought you just hit scan and it found them but it seems it only locks on if they are transmitting and you have it in your list, the only downside I found was a load of kids transmitting this weekend from a campsite, but moving channel solved that,
  2. Have you checked the gearbox oil level?? my 23 used to jump out of gear if the oil got too low! a friend in my marina had the same problem, I topped up the gearbox oil ands it's been fine since,,
  3. Charlie! you mean the ones that sit through a TV program then write in to complain about the swearing and sex,, to be honest I see it as a lot of fuss about nothing, and nothing I havn't seen before in my 36 years on the Broads, simple answer is take details, report them to the hire yard, phone the Police or rangers let them deal with it and just get on with life and enjoy your holiday,,
  4. Bit late to the party but I had permission to moor there! I think the owners name was Laurie and he also owned Wayford marina, I moored there a few times but after a few near hits, I decided Summercraft was a safer bet
  5. I have two of these on my boat and after trying several other brands these are the best by far, I had the Kidde ones before but got a few false readings, I spoke to a friend who's a fire fighter and he told me about the Fireangle, I put them side by side in the cabin and cockpit and got the same Co readings on both, so having a Petrol inboard I now have one in the cabin and one in the cockpit and can see if the Co rises,,
  6. Try the Gorilla glue grab adhesive, it sticks anything,,
  7. Mowjo


    That floor looks the same as on my last Hampton 25, I used an offcut of non slip floor vinyl, stuck down with a tub of B&Q vinyl adhesive, I even use it on toilet walls,,
  8. I've used this Renovo in the past with great results!!https://youtu.be/3BR0ElNMTlw
  9. OK! this is not for me but I have someone looking for an Elysian 27, I've pointed him in Jon at Wayfords direction but he won't deal with Jon for some reason and is looking for a private sale, I'm not sure how much he wants to pay! but if you hear of anything please let me know,, Frank,,,
  10. In my house if you lost something, mum would say it's in Annies room, if you asked where she was going or had been! her answer was been/going to Annies room, even now I have no idea who Annie was or where her room was!
  11. Mowjo

    Annual Moorings

    Not much to add, apart from you need to get a shift on! as everyone will be looking for new moorings about now, and it will also depend on what facility's you want, places like Richo,s have it all as does Broadsedge, showers, toilets, electric, pump outs, Richo's also has diesel, I've moored on the Ant for many years and wouldn't go anywhere else, it is a bit of a trek to the main river, but it's a really nice run, we often don't make it as far as the main river because there are quite a few places to moor on the way,
  12. While I generally agree about speeding, in no way do I agree all boats should be limited! on more than a few occasions it's only by whacking on full throttle have I avoided what could be a serious collision when someone else has done something silly, my boat is quite fast for the Broads really, as it's classed as a inland and costal cruiser, but just like cars! just because your cars does 150mph it dosn't mean you have to drive that fast, the main problem I see is dayboats and the problem with them isn't the speed it's the hull design! they just creat a lot of wash, on my boat I can happily cruise at 6mph with barely a ripple, yet I've seen smaller boats with outboards doing 4mph sending waves up the bank, so there's no real answer to speeding unless there's more rangers and prosecute more, or give instant fines, but like all things be carefull what you wish for,
  13. Great news! never worked out why they even trialed it, I think everyone knew beforhand the problems except the BA, I had a few near misses there last year with people doing silly things like just pulling out without looking, it would only be a matter of time before there's a serious accident there,,
  14. Think they will be fully booked when they get all their boats up and running, I love the all in price, I've always wanted to win the Lottery and buy somewhere like Broadsedge Marina and really cut the mooring prices, it's now getting expensive and take it or leave it basis,
  15. Vet! Stuart is asking about walls and the roof lining, if he was talking floors then Flotex is brilliant it last for years and you can even jet wash it! but it's expensive and as it has a rubber backing you can't stretch to shape around walls like the bunk sides, I've used it quite a bit over the years usually in reception areas because it's hard wearing, one problem with it is waste, it only comes 2mtrs wide so if your floor is 4mtrs long you either have to buy 2mtrs cut it down to the width of the boat and have a join in it! or buy 4mtrs for no join and waste a lot, the tiles are good but the problem is getting hold of individual tiles as most places only sell them by the box, even when I was a fitter we had trouble getting hold of them, I think the last lot I bought was over £70 a box of 12, to be honest I don't know why people use expensive carpet on boat floors, all I ever do is buy off cuts or basic carpet for the floor then change it every couple of years, if you want good quality carpet, have it cut to size and shape, then take it to somewhere like Stalham carpets and have it edge bound, that way you can take it up and clean it with a carpet shampooer or that stuff they advertise on the TV, Like everything to do with boats, they say you must use this, you really don't have to most of it is just re-branded as marine and double the price,
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