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  1. Unable to access web page any news ??
  2. Trouble is 'Pricey for the Broads' is a major reason why we have lost so many pubs. I wish someone would define why the broads should be offering cheap food/drinks compared to the rest of the country
  3. Spotted all 22+ waiting on Breydon for bridge lift on Thurs. Rafted up in 2's and 3's using the marker posts as mooring, sorry but not able to take photo. Very impressive sight, had a chat to a few of the skippers while they were moored at Coldham, seems there where a few buttock clenching moments as depth of river at some points was a tad shallow. They had to be bused to Norwich, shame they couldn't motor up something to do with a bridge not working
  4. I was amazed by the daft comment by one reader of this article
  5. Broads National Park – a tourism boost or a pointless rebrand? Latest almost accurate EDP article http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/broads_national_park_a_tourism_boost_or_a_pointless_rebrand_1_3925886 You have to admire the determination of some people. Front door is locked so let's try all the back doors and no doubt if that doesn't work it will be an open window somewhere. For goodness sake is there no way to stop obsessive compulsion. Not being sure who BA answer to I have sent an e-mail to the Head trust fund baby with a request to terminate something/someone.
  6. In nearly 30 years of broads sailing my view on Breydon is "If I can get under the bridges I can cross Breydon" Yes you can gain some advantages in picking you time but there is almost nothing (Krakens excepted ) to stop anyone crossing Breydon whenever they like
  7. Today's EDP http://www.edp24.co.uk/business/stalham_hire_boat_firm_richardson_s_buoyed_by_broads_bookings_1_3766685
  8. suggest 40 kilos of semtex would do the trick... 10 on the rust bucket and the rest on the concrete road bridge beyond it
  9. Hi 650xs Correct me if I am wrong but I somehow get the impression you buy and sell boats on the Broads. Not sure why this is ????
  10. This made the local tv news. Police involvement is due to the violent responses of a number of fishermen asked by EA/BA to produce valid licence (Talk about sledge hammers and nuts!!!)
  11. I agree but boat thieves don't sit on a river bank waiting to be caught.
  12. http://www.yarmouthadvertiser24.co.uk/news/six_people_caught_fishing_illegally_on_the_norfolk_broads_1_3655945 Glad to know these highly dangerous master criminals are now dealt with. Fines of up to £2500 for the 6 caught = £15000.00 fantastic result for the elite squad “This is a great example of multi-agency working and we will continue to patrol the Broads throughout the year to ensure they remain a pleasant and safe place to live and visit.” (at this point I am rolling on the floor laughing/weeping) .
  13. Do not disagree with Mod as Clive says Yarmite is a good way of expressing your feelings Andy
  14. I love the new colour scheme One side bright red, the other British racing rust. But perhaps they would have been better spending £10,000 on enough semtex to turn it into very small pieces.
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