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  1. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sailing+catalpa+episode Hopefully here is a link to an Australian family sailing the world on their Seacrete hulled boat.
  2. Didn't Windboats buy Hardy Marine ? When they were building Oyster yachts they were usually launched at Foxes in Ipswich having been brought by road.
  3. I met Donald Hagenbach a couple of times in the sixties I had hoped to join Windboats but my academic prowess was not up to his requirements. Being the mid to late sixties I think he was just starting with Seacrete he used to say you could run it flat out at a quay heading without serious damage. There are many Seacrete hull sold for DIY finishing laying around the world also many 30 to 40 footers still sailing the oceans. I must say I always loved the Tradewinds I remember Rafiki when she was new she lived in Horning I seem to remember. I had a 1930s Windboat Springsong but that was from the Graham Bunn days. In case you didn't know Donald Hagenbach bought the yard from Graham Bunn. Sorry to ramble on but I have a soft spot for all things Windboat.
  4. Dave was that a Raymond Mays head on that MK1 Zodiac. Hens teeth even in the seventies and pricey.
  5. Is she a sister to Tumblehome Dave?
  6. A Happy New Year to all,maybe see you on the water.
  7. That is good news Dave. I'm very pleased for you.
  8. If you were to get an electric dehumidifier get one with a drain to drain into a sink or basin otherwise you are always going to the boat to empty it. From experience I would keep the crystals going as well. We also had the water tank conundrum except we had four tanks three potable and one for a header tank, it took a while to get to grips with it all.
  9. Quite a few years ago while working for a well known DIY store I was invited to the Belling/Stoves factory somewhere near Preston (I think).We had never heard of induction hobs so were invited to guess using a measured amount of water in an electric kettle, a pan on a gas cooker and the induction hob which would boil quickest. The induction hob won by a country mile even without a lid.. The main problem no copper or aluminium pans and of course a hefty inverter and Lithium batteries.preferably. If I was a wealthy chap and had a boat I would certainly go this route, even after boiling this water the hob was safe to touch after seconds rather than minutes.
  10. Alan So sorry to hear your dreadful news. My sincere condolences on your loss. Barry
  11. Alan and Barry Emily B (fresh from her restoration ) 17th 18th & 19th Millie the Golden Retriever
  12. Loreen when do they make you a saint ? Congratulations to you both.
  13. Three from over the years Ferry Pioneer cockpit in 1976 Aviemore in Chumley and Hawkes dyke in Horning Ranger (Banhams) at the Ferry Horning
  14. The Ribs definitely worth a visit nice little mooring outside, if it is not full of big stinkies. Quite interesting climbing up through the pub from river level to street level where the bar is located.
  15. Sorry you didn't pass first time Robin but it is good to know the curved ball fairy is attacking you because then he is leaving me alone
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