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  1. springsong

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    Alan and Barry Emily B (fresh from her restoration ) 17th 18th & 19th Millie the Golden Retriever
  2. springsong

    Griff's Wedding Anniversary Today!!

    Loreen when do they make you a saint ? Congratulations to you both.
  3. springsong

    Old Broads Boats

    Three from over the years Ferry Pioneer cockpit in 1976 Aviemore in Chumley and Hawkes dyke in Horning Ranger (Banhams) at the Ferry Horning
  4. springsong

    Someones Been A Busy Barnabee!

    The Ribs definitely worth a visit nice little mooring outside, if it is not full of big stinkies. Quite interesting climbing up through the pub from river level to street level where the bar is located.
  5. springsong

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Sorry you didn't pass first time Robin but it is good to know the curved ball fairy is attacking you because then he is leaving me alone
  6. springsong

    Closed Season Decision In The Spring 2019.

    I once saw in a Victorian recipe book a recipe for wild goose, it was a while ago but here we go. buy vegetables onions leeks carrots potatoes. Spread news paper on the kitchen table. Go and dig a hole in the garden. Peel all the veg onto the news paper, place the goose on the paper wrap it up and place into the previously dug hole in the garden, fill in the hole. Take all the peeled veg and make soup.
  7. springsong

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Dave is that not the one restored at Martham up in the top right corner, I seem to remember him fitting a bow thruster. If memory serves they were built on an Ocean/Broom 37 hull. Barnes Brinkcraft had one in there hire fleet for awhile (Brinks Prelude was it? ) she lays on the Repps bank in Potter. I believe Seraphina was sold by the guy who restored her but a call to MBs might give you a phone number for the guy who restored her.
  8. springsong

    Has Anyone Seen Or Know?

    He donated a picture of a wherry to the MOB and came in every so often for a mardle but like the rest of you I have not seen him either. I will try to remember to enquire of other volunteers.
  9. springsong

    Tudor Reformation

    so does SP
  10. springsong

    Slide Carrier

    Afternoon Howard I have left an email with VI so hope to hear something tomorrow. Barry.
  11. springsong

    Slide Carrier

    Thank you all for your replies. Howard I have emailed video impact but with a bank holiday in the way I don't expect a quick reply. To you other nice people I am looking for a carrier to go on the bed of my Epson scanner printer to copy slides, I don't have many so don't want to spend a fortune.
  12. springsong

    Slide Carrier

    Hi Maxwellian I have a SX435W. I shall have to look at the prices . I only have a few slides so don't want to spend too much or so I am told.
  13. springsong

    Slide Carrier

    Morning all We are moving house and my lady wife has put her foot down with a firm hand and demanded I do something with the 16mm cine film of my Fathers two world tours by banana boat. I have also found a few colour slides mainly of me as a pre teen on the Broads. Does anyone have one of those slide carriers that fit on a scanner that they would be prepared to lend to me. If any one knows of any organization or person who might be interested in the 16 mm film please contact me.
  14. springsong

    Real Boats!!

    Hear Hear. Harrumph.
  15. springsong

    Real Boats!!

    You are most likely right Clive. A very forward thinking man, just look at the basin at the yard.

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