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  1. springsong

    Monte Carlo Or Bust!

    Vaughan I rather think it is actually Monarch. Gerald Sketch and his family used to holiday on Monarch while we always used Landamores. I of course could be mistaken. (often I am)
  2. springsong

    Monte Carlo Or Bust!

    The only photo I have 1962 before your arrival . I seem to remember stopping at the yard in 76 where the then Mrs. Ashby, Moira, was heavily pregnant with your first ? child. Those were the days 1952 when you could get moorings, no ster on then.
  3. springsong

    Tudor Reformation

    Good effort everyone. She looks good.
  4. I was once talking to Percy aka H.T.Percival of the boat building company in Horning who bult the bar. He could tell a good story, they brought it up by boat unloaded and carried it to the pub. They could not get it through the door so had to remove the window on the left of the door. I cannot remember when it arrived at the MOB but I do know Griff was involved so maybe he will pop up to tell us, at a guess 2008/9
  5. springsong

    Emily B

    Just as an aside Some of you may Remember Ocean Pirate built by Brooke Marine in this very shed has been work done to her. She is now going to somerleyton to have more work done
  6. springsong

    Emily B

    Onward and upwards things are moving forwards I am pleased to say. To start with both engines are now fitted with shafts connected. The exhausts are also run to the transom with swan necks immediately inside the transom. Two very pretty brass hand pumps for extracting the oil from the sumps of the 1.5 ltr BMCs. Photo 5 The frame work for the galley frontage drawers and cupboards etc.with the bilge which will be hidden given a good coat of paint. Photo 6 showing the spirit stove in place, the Taylor s stove will be lifted in through one of the skylights if time allows, this will have an oven and grill but may not be operational in time for Beccles.
  7. I have it on VERY good authority that the new engine for Falcon is a steam engine. The old one being the original one from 1895 when she was built. The confusion may arise from the fact that a new launch is in build as we speak by the Lowestoft training college. This launch will be electric.
  8. springsong

    River Wensum

    We all went up to New Mills last August. Here we are moored at the Ribs of Beef at Fye Bridge. Lady Christina the outer of the three even went through the bridges with the fly screens up.
  9. springsong

    Emily B

    Very droll, that means funny to you, but I get ahead of myself you don't do funny do you Griff,
  10. springsong

    Emily B

    This is the navigation seat with its swivel base attaches. All that is needed now is the carver seat to be attached. Another ace job.I think.
  11. springsong

    Where Was This Taken?

    Approaching the Ranworth turn, going upstream ie towards Horning.
  12. springsong

    Emily B

    In photo 2 you can see bottom right the draining board in place although it will need final fitting.
  13. springsong

    Emily B

    A bit of a gap between updates for which I apologise. The first photo is the reconstructed engine beds. The originals were not made for these engines, so now they have new beds and new mountings. The next is the Port side bunk with its boards fitted over the waste tank. The next is the same bunk with some cushions on for scene setting. The next No 4 is looking the other way ie forwards with the starboard bunk to your right. You can see in this photo at eye level an aluminium tool box sitting on a cushion, this is the original set up for sleeping four in the main cabin two bunks suspended above the other two. Photo 5 Alan is adapting on old pine carver which over the years has had its legs shortened. He is making for new pine legs for it. Then a swivel plate will be fitted and thus the helm (especially Me) will be able to turn around easily without dismounting. He comes up with all these aids to help especially my boating enjoyment.
  14. springsong

    Rfa Sir Galahd Remembered

    I am guessing that is the reason behind the naming of your hire fleet at Womack. Sir Galahad, Tristan Lancelot Etc. I often wondered.
  15. springsong

    Emily B

    Another update from Lowestoft on Emily B. One of the fibre glass engine and gearbox drip trays manufactured in house by Robin, next photo is of same in situ for the starboard engine. There has had to be some alterations to the starboard engine beds as the starter was fouling. The help of an angle grinder and some welding soon had it fitting better, sorry about the photo being out of focus a new phone i gather. Fourth photo the I rather think starboard engine on the original Brooke Marine lift now licensed for 20 tons. Chris, Robins long suffering wife filling and undercoating the hull. The black water tank fitted under what will be the port bunk in the saloon, this will extend into the heads immediately aft, you can see it poking under the bulkhead. So things are moving along quite nicely, baring misfortune we will be at Beccles but maybe "camping" on board as the upholstery and fripperies may not have made it on board by then.

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