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  1. springsong

    Emily B

    Another update from Lowestoft on Emily B. One of the fibre glass engine and gearbox drip trays manufactured in house by Robin, next photo is of same in situ for the starboard engine. There has had to be some alterations to the starboard engine beds as the starter was fouling. The help of an angle grinder and some welding soon had it fitting better, sorry about the photo being out of focus a new phone i gather. Fourth photo the I rather think starboard engine on the original Brooke Marine lift now licensed for 20 tons. Chris, Robins long suffering wife filling and undercoating the hull. The black water tank fitted under what will be the port bunk in the saloon, this will extend into the heads immediately aft, you can see it poking under the bulkhead. So things are moving along quite nicely, baring misfortune we will be at Beccles but maybe "camping" on board as the upholstery and fripperies may not have made it on board by then.
  2. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I was told at the time thy were born on the wind from the continent, it was not pleasant walking down the Southsea front with them flying in ones face and crunching under foot.
  3. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    1976 saw us on Ferry Pioneer, sorry about the odd photooto
  4. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Yes they had complete sets of crockery and pans for each boat, they could then clean them for next week at their leisure. We had Vestella 6 in 1958
  5. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    He was quite correct when you consider the hulls of the Freshfields boats AKA Richardsons boats at the end of a season, I have been looking for photographic evidence but cannot find any. Moores boats were always immaculate as were Landamores
  6. I was very lucky to have a friend who found three on e bay and he donated them to the cause, We already had three.
  7. springsong

    Tudor Reformation

    Really taking shape well done to you all, I know what it takes, I also know I haven't got another "boat" in me.
  8. springsong


    I knew a little about very little pre about 1980 since which I can remember very little about the very little I thought I knew
  9. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I am sorry Howard we did sell Courage Best Bitter and Directors but I have never been a courage fan, and it was too hot to drink English beer, for my taste at least.
  10. springsong

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I was working at The Royal Beach Hotel Southsea in 1976. Black jacket striped trousers a nd waistcoat was the uniform, that was very warm work, on the plus side good sailing in the Solent and a ready supply of Lark dinghies from the Poly sailing club. That year Courage introduced Kronenbourg 1861. Courage could not brew enough of it , we were selling around 100 gallons of it alone a week. Martini were on strike as were the Italian glass bottle industry. A useless piece of information a cricket match in Buxton Derbyshire was snowed off on June the 12th, the sun came out afterwards and went back in in October Nato had an exercise in the North Atlantic and got hit by a huge storm with many ships damaged, they put into Portsmouth and we had thousands of foreign sailors every night on shore leave ; that was the first and thankfully the only time I watched the American MP Shore Patrols in action they were evil.
  11. springsong

    Tally Ho Restoration Films

    A great set of,clips I rather like his style, and what a boat.
  12. springsong

    Emily B

    Vodka is part of the fabric of the boat and beer there will undoubtedly be some on board somewhere. The two very pretty boats submitted above both have one major difference to Emily is they both have a coach roof, Emily has three butterfly hatches.
  13. springsong

    Emily B

    It'll be there the inside may not be finished but we will have cooking and water and bunks. What else could one possibly need. Oh and engines and steering.
  14. springsong

    Emily B

    CMBooth that is a very pretty boat, I love the rig Emily has a 10' mast but we haven't devised a sail plan yet. So Emily is now ensconced in her new home in Lowestoft, a plan has been worked out and work has begun The first photo is of the huge transporter which placed he in her place The second is her galley taking shape Third is her in her temporary birth. The bottom right of the picture show the two BMC 1.5 s' awaiting fitting. The new couplings are fitted and aligned so the engines should not be far behind. In the roof of the building is the original electric hoist from the Brooke ship building days, it is still operational although reduced to 20 tons now.
  15. springsong

    Bit Of A Stretch

    The Waveney somewhere around WRC ?

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