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  1. petersjoy

    Travelling Up, And Then More.

    Hi Neil, i'm on the boat in Beccles, got here last night, cleaning today, may get out later today or in morning, i'll be looking out for you. Paul
  2. petersjoy

    Broads History and Old Photos websites

    Wow, this one page goes back to 2010, there's a few gone but not forgotten members there. Wonder what happened to that JennyMorgan.
  3. petersjoy

    Advice On A Trip To Great Yarmouth..... Help!

    Ermm, Would you like to adjust that
  4. petersjoy

    Hampton Safari

    Probably the wrong forum for those sort of pictures.
  5. petersjoy

    Gathering Gazebos Appeal

    Ok so after checking the family don't need to borrow it again, and i wont use it, i'll donate the gazebo to the forum if required. The same one is still available from Argos to match it so you only need to buy one more. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4832669 Paul.
  6. petersjoy

    Gps Speedo

    This is the latest one similar to mine https://www.force4.co.uk/garmin-gps-73-handheld-navigator.html Had it years now Paul
  7. petersjoy

    Rnli Online Shop

    Spot on.
  8. petersjoy

    Rnli Online Shop

    I was lost with the 3 posts after i started this thread. Now i've had my eyes opened. Got to agree with Philosophical's post above. it started happening in the company i retired from last year. management putting different working practices in place making it difficult for people on the shop floor to do their basic job with loads of paperwork and reports to do too. Just had a text from old collegues saying it's totally changed from when i left with more wanting to leave. Just had a look on RNLI job site.....anyone for the job of Director of community lifesaving salary only £95k
  9. petersjoy

    Rnli Online Shop

    I've missed this, it's back. https://shop.rnli.org/ Paul.
  10. petersjoy

    Two Weeks On Ranworth Breeze

    Creams and suppositories are avaible for that.
  11. Hi, looking forward to this If required i could be talked into fetching a gazebo. Paul.
  12. petersjoy

    Brundall Boat Show 19th May

    Quite a few of us will be at the meet at Salhouse. Bad planning on their part clashing with our meet.

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