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  1. It's acually Hardley Mill i mean.
  2. Jaws said the one near Cantley, i thought Langley mill as soon as i saw it!.
  3. If we're talking decking, i started replacing mine in January, thought i'd have an easy job just replacing the planks with new composite. unfortunatly i found the joists were rotting too so it became a major job. I originally built it abiut 18years ago never thinking i would have to do it again.
  4. Sorry that Mags couldn't have more of her family and friends there.
  5. That was nice, upsetting for me as it is 2 years to the week of Lorna's funeral too.
  6. It took a while to get connected
  7. You my want to rephrase that
  8. Yes very sad news indeed. we found out last night from Mags ' his wife'. Our condolences go to her and their families at this sad time.
  9. I'd like to anounce the delay in signing up for this years meet as we have a busy month, myself and Elaine are getting married on the 1st of May, so it looks like this week will be our Honeymoon on the boat, as Elaine can't get any more holiday from work just after the wedding.
  10. Had to delay confirming, PetersJoy/ PetersJoy fri/y sat/y 2of us.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy boating new year. All the best, Paul and Elaine.
  12. I don't seem to be getting emails at all... Probably because no one sends me any...
  13. No, i've been there, you'll fry the tv. they need a stable 12v feed, remember an altenator running could be up to 14.5v+ been there got the tee shirt. A small 150w inverter is enough to power a 240v tv no problem.
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