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  1. Keep trying to retire from bikes but once it's in the blood.
  2. I'ts got two wheels and 250 massive cc's
  3. Not exactly cars, but i'm in the middle of buying a Mutt at the moment, it's a Mastiff but it hasn't got four legs. . Griff may know what i mean.
  4. Just had ours too, very easy and no queue, my appointment was for 3hrs after Elaine's, as there was no queue they did me at the same time. No slide efforts yet as i speak.
  5. They are accepting bookings for the over 60's now, we managed to book ours earlier this evening, first for 4th march second for 20th may. At least we will have had the first for when we can get to the boat 12th april.
  6. I'ts a yes from me too, but the first visit won't be a holiday. after almost 5 months there'll be a lot of cleaning and servicing to do before we can relax on the boat. Oh the joys of owning one
  7. I've got someone very local for heater repairs and spares. . They are only around the corner from me. https://www.melloronline.co.uk/
  8. That brings back memories, my dad had 2 VX4-90's in the 70's, the 2nd one i was left in charge of when he went to work abroad. my 1st boating trip was driving it to Inverness for a weeks holiday on the Caledonian Canal with another couple.
  9. I can only like or love those photo's, wish i could 'HATE' them . Like everyone else on here i'm badly missing the boat and The Broads, who knows when we will be able to get back there, it's nice we have one or two locals who can remind us what we are missing, please give us more to keep us sane, thank you Peter.
  10. I've had several over the years and this is by far the best. 3 of us have now got them in our yard at Beccles. https://www.youboatmarine.com/ballade---tv-antenna---dvbt--tnt---12v-1794-p.asp?gclid=CjwKCAiA8ov_BRAoEiwAOZogwZeNbvSl45NKJTfR2t8K8_kEcWK_22xIdHacWy-PVxN8t6gmkx743xoCH3cQAvD_BwE Good reception just on the roof where i had to have others 3mtr high to get a reception over the sheds.
  11. what about this. https://www.citroen.co.uk/new-cars-and-vans/future-vehicles/ami
  12. I've heard of people taking all the light bulbs when they move, but all the tiles too!!
  13. Sadly not a mere 10m but 10bn pounds.
  14. Just catching up here. I fitted one 5 years ago when the engine was changed, it's charging 3 110ah domestic batteries and a 95ah starting battery, never had a problem with it and only need 2 or 3 hrs running to charge them up. Let me know if you want anymore info as long as it's not too technical.
  15. i'm doing the same, Setting off this morning, back tomorrow. at least i'll know the boat is safe if we cant get down again this year.
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