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  1. Not close enough for some propper boat spotting, but that looks like Cerise Lady (cambridge cabby) in the corner.
  2. Look what's just come up for sale. https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/ernest-collins-35/ I remember it been for sale in 2004 i think it was, my dream boat, and still is.
  3. There's 2 moorings avaible at Derby's Quay in Beccles (the old Astons yard) for 30 Foot plus boats. Contact James Tubby on 07884478141 for details.
  4. I'm following this with interest, as you know i too have a Mikuni as old as yours, it's only let me down once when the glow plug required changing. If mine packs in again i may fit one of these. after 12 years i'm about to go to the boat next week to finally extend the heating into the Heads, it's always been cold in there if the door isn't left open.
  5. Another 'pay and display' mooring meter on the Broads.
  6. I Avoid those two islands by turning off at Coddington and joining the A1 just south of the Newark turn off.
  7. Just bet me to it, i remember the Reliant Fox too. I'm sure i remember one being built as a mini motorhome too. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/7430965@N05/8040704628/ found it.
  8. You can't get thicker than a Quick fit Fitter, try saying that after a couple of gin & t's 😂
  9. As no one has mentioned it, if it's an old pump could it be the impellor is worn? that would show those symptoms.
  10. Monday afternoon half of Oulton Broad was frozen over, couldn't risk breaking it up to get to the yacht station so had to go back to WRC for the night. that was frozen over in the basin too.
  11. I've kept looking in daylight hours, not thought to look in the dark as it wasn't good. that is brilliant, more to see.
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