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  1. It's on another post, think it's a Bermuda 34.
  2. Hi, did we see you on Oulton broad last Wednesday? Paul.
  3. Even after 14 years owining it i still enjoy the drive there and back, many years averaging twice a month. Apart from one other time this was the longest time since just before lockdown that i haven't been to the boat. Can't wait to be able to stop there overnight again. Hoping for a week from 8th august for our honeymoon if the wedding can still go ahead on the 7th.
  4. Today saw the alarm get us up at 5am. By 5.45 we were off, boat here we come . Not looking a good day raining when we set off and drove through some heavy downpours all the way to Beccles. We arrived at the boat by 9.15. When we got there, unloaded the car and Elaine got the bacon on for sarnies before i set to work washing the boat down and Elaine started a deep clean inside, starting from the front cabin back. It was still showery out and the boat was wet but easier to wash down. It started to brighten up mid morning. About 2pm decided to have a little cruise up to Worlingham for a little late lunch, when we got back did a little more work before packing up for the drive back home. set off back at 6.40pm and got home about 10.05pm after one of the quitest runs home ever, hardly any traffic on the road. Here's a couple of photo's of our little cruise.
  5. petersjoy

    First Photo

  6. can't wait till we can get there, might have to have a long day out next week. have done it in the day before, 400 mile round trip. last visit was just before lock down.
  7. Always remember when Yorkshire weather used to show Hopton, Skipton and Jump. in the yorkshire area.
  8. petersjoy

    Nanni Engines

    Whats 2.5hp between friends.
  9. petersjoy

    Nanni Engines

    https://www.peachment.co.uk/discontinued/ This worked.
  10. petersjoy

    Nanni Engines

    Depends weather it's from the current engine range or the previous models. I fitted a 4.195 to mine 5 years ago which is rated at 40hp. https://www.peachment.co.uk/engine_range/ Link didn't work to previous range.
  11. Quick update, Obviously the wedding got cancelled when the lockdown was extended. Fortunatly we've got a date for the 7th of Aug for it to go ahead as originally planned, here's keeping our fingers crossed. Paul and Elaine.
  12. Love that photo Roger, Wiggy (Terry) and Alan (bocyee) With i assume you in the foreground. Paul.
  13. Two shots from me, Could be Watersedge at Brammerton, or Lord Nelson at Reedham.
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