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  1. Can you please tell me if short stay visitor moorings are available in Horning, we may have a trip to the north side soon.
  2. I think it is rather a shame that this person, a fellow boater to us all, has been condemned so quickly. No exact details of the incident are given, and the exact boat is not detailed. The person admitted the accusation, pleaded guilty to the Court, so basically he put his hands up and said sorry. Does he really deserve the condemnation given out here. When on the river I normally have a camera handy, on 14 - 09 - 2014 what I saw behind me seemed worthy of camera use. Until now I have chosen not to publish these photos, but perhaps now they should be seen, what does the " panel " think ?
  3. Possibly built by Wroxham Marine at Thorpe, builders of Sheerline. I think I saw this one when I used to moor there.
  4. We have just moored at OB yacht station, the house boat is certainly a recent arrival. Probably a new model en-route to the Boat Show !
  5. That's a very good write up John, and the photos look good to me. A journey we have done many times, but I always find it difficult catch the tide right when going through the cut. Are you still at Oulton ? we will arrive tomorrow PM. Paul
  6. It certainly looks like you all had a very good trip Mark, slightly different fuel consumption than use on the river ! Regards, Paul
  7. I had to drive to Beccles today, so stopped in at Loddon. It all looked very nice indeed, so will be there in the boat tomorrow.
  8. Thank you all for the good information, Loddon certainly seem to be worth a visit. I don't know why we have not been along the Chet before, perhaps past stories of shallow water put me off. Paul
  9. Hi John, Hope you are well. Thanks for the info, from Google view it did rather small and restricted. Paul
  10. We expect to visit Loddon soon for the first time. Are there public moorings close to the Town, and is power available at any moorings.
  11. Hello Alan, Mike Bellamy is very competent at doing this type of work, he needs your engine to line up everything before welding, exactly as I did. Not too far to go from your location. Paul
  12. Hello Alan, The work in the photos is my own, to replace the original V8 petrol engine with a 2.8 Isuzu diesel engine in my boat. There are other factors that also need to be addressed : cooling water intake and exhaust outlet are possibly the most important. The primary drive shaft, as I said before, is very important for the drive connection to work, at the stage you are at I would certainly renew the bearings for this shaft. The bearings are available from any bearing supplier, no need for Volvo Penta parts, I can tell you how to do this, and I should have the bearing numbers. I will find my link to an on line version of the work shop manual, and send it via a PM to you, you will probably find it useful. Perhaps you should also consider new oil / water seals in the drive leg, they are also very important. Paul
  13. Here are some photos showing bell housing alteration and connection to engine.
  14. Hello JawsOcra, I have only just viewed this thread, my comments are : The bell housing ( or flywheel cover in USA ) is a very very important part of the installation. It houses two large bearings, which support and secure the Primary Drive Shaft. This PDS connects the engine and drive, and you CANNOT just mount it via the two rubber do nuts through the transom shield. The bell housing MUST be rigidly connected to the engine for the drive connection to work correctly. In many cases the bell housing has to be altered when using an unusual engine, I do have photos of this, but the method of posting them seems to be different since last time so I will post them in another reply. Regards, Paul I do have a work shop manual for the 280 Drive, where are you? I will post
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