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  1. Kind words indeed, thank you to both of you. Enjoy your new season. Baz
  2. Unfortunately Branden, my boating days are now over.My wife you see is now disabled to the point that I can't really leave her on her own. She has a tendency of falling, so really needs quite a bit of care. Thanks for the thoughts Branden, most appreciated. Baz
  3. Just to bring you all up to date, the boats has now been SOLD. baz
  4. Hi all, I'd like to let you know that my boat, Moonlight, a seamaster 27, is now up for sale. Jon at Wayford Bridge is handling the sale, and has the boat on his web page. If anybody is interested, then please give him a call on 01692 582555, or if you have any questions, then please ask me. Ok all, thanks for the attention, have a good day.
  5. Baz


    Hiya Bob and Liberty, Certainly seems to be the way to go, and the best so far. At the moment it's a toss up of either the Dual Lock tape, or the silicon filled screw through the cabin roof. Decisions decisions eh. Many thanks to you all. Baz
  6. Baz


    Hiya StillCruising, Your fixing sounds pretty good to me, and tell me, is all still ok with the strips, haven't pulled off etc ? The corners that you mention are the same as I have, albeit the solar panel is only a 40W unit. Baz
  7. Baz


    Many thanks all. I'm beginning to think that maybe it's not such a good idea after all i.e., just in case I need to remove it at a later date. Maybe I should revert back to my original plan to use screws to hold down the supports, at least I can always fill the holes after, or, is there something else that you can come up with.
  8. Baz


    Hi all, am I right in thinking that Sikaflex-221 is the one to use to stick my solar panel supports to my cabin roof. To be honest I've looked at quite a few others, but Sikaflex seems to be the one. Many thanks. Baz
  9. Hi all, Could you tell me please, a good mains battery charger, ( to charge two 110A Leisure Batteries ) while I'm on my boat at my mooring. I've read about quite a few now, but the 'C-Tec' charger seems to be a good one, am I right, or is there a cheaper one that fits the bill. When not on the boat, a solar panel with regulator, will charge these batteries. Many thanks in advance. Baz
  10. One sound I love to hate, is the sound of large diesel engines first thing in the morning ( 5.45am) I was a driver you see, until I retired a few years ago. Now I can just lay there and smile, especially on a bitter morning with the wind blowing. Do I feel guilty, not on your nellie lol.
  11. Hiya Seriously, What a coincidence, my birthday is on the 12th August, maybe I should expect a card this year then eh .
  12. Baz


    Oh you are awful, but I like you .
  13. Baz


    Hiya Ray & Carole, Really sorry peeps, but I started a new topic, "Tolls" and didn't realise you'd already started one, so sorry for that. If I can find out how to delete a topic, I'll go ahead and do it, sorry again.
  14. Baz


    Hiya Griff, If I knew what to do, I'd remove it, any ideas ? or maybe a Moderator could do it for me eh.
  15. Baz


    Just had a shock, my new Tolls have just been sent to me via eMail. Has the time really gone that fast ?, and I do believe they've gone up again. This year I've been asked to pay £277.09, quite a bit more than last year. Well, bite the bullet and pay up, or I don't use the boat again, simples really.
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