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  1. im on san fernando september 2014 dosnt time drag......ill just have to make do with two weeks this september on magic gem
  2. recently come back from two weeks on a houseboat and had the misfortune to see this utter nonsence one night.....if i was from norfolk id be insulted as all the local people were made out to be ....throw backs.....idiots.....interbreds...and utterly unhinged ......come back the evil dead .....all is forgiven :
  3. i have always known it as the stacey arms moorings and always stop there for the passage across breydon.....the shop is great for any last minute bits before crossing and they do a mean full english which for me is obligitery.....they were thinking of selling up ....dont know if they have yet....i hope not.....i remember the busy days and nights of the pub back in the seventys and the landlady being of the no nonsence type....i had the claim to disfame of being asked to leave for not taking my empty glasses back to the bar....which i thought a tad harsh......maybe it was something to do with t
  4. thanks for clearing that one up......just me confused
  5. can i just ask what is the difference between a full member and an advanced member as some full members seem to have more posts and imput than advanced members apology in advance
  6. bank holiday monday bbc4 8.30pm.....program on aerial photography flying over the broads searching for ancient sites called the flying archaeologist.....
  7. great blog each of the boats in the same class as san selino have there own merits you have mentioned magic gem which i have booked for september magic gem has a en suite to the rear cabin which is perfect for my elderly mother with disabilitys....easy access to toilet ect also has two toilets and showers and a microwave san selino only has the one toilet and shower...not en suite and no microwave ....so each to there own looking forwards to day three...keep it up
  8. ill stick with richardsons after all this is my 36th year with them
  9. two weeks in september on ruby gem another solo trip
  10. hi simon i have had a similar problem to think about and after endless searching the one boat that stood out for these requirments was broads serenade pricey but class boat i think 4 bedrooms microwave 240 volt i real nice boat and can get under potter but i would not bet on it
  11. well done richardsons ive always said you have to search hard to find a better yard or staff
  12. i guess you need that speed to esure you go in a straight line not for the faint hearted
  13. ive met him a few times i think he is a drifter
  14. ive been following said thread on the other forum richardsons have been fantastic as has the hirer ive been with richardsons for 36 years and only had to call them out once in 1986... anything mechanical can break down sometimes its just luck
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