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  1. Not sure it ever was like that - other than in peoples imaginations!!!!!
  2. I have it on good authority that one well known yard made more money in 2020 than in 2019 - you should not always assume that you can guess these things!!
  3. marshman


    27mm of rain in Blofield Heath early evening yesterday - all in about 30min!
  4. The card was too small for the info contained in the pass!
  5. Some pubs / restaurants are indeed asking for the pass not most by any means but a few.
  6. Look inside - they probably have bulkheads holding the roof up!
  7. I suspect that it would be more prone to water ingress too.
  8. Used those tables for years and well aware of the GMT issue - but if HW say you can do that, so be it!!! You will just be using more fuel and going slower punching the tide!!!!
  9. My guess is the Yacht Station will stay open until half term - whenever that is. Your window down south is going to be limited merely by daylight hours alone and whilst neap tides do extend the window a bit, and one could reasonably expect current speeds to be reduced, Old Greggs timetable looks viable, on the face of it. However your margins for error and very limited and with daylight closing in, on a wet and dismal day, sunset times are pretty irrelevant. I would not make any plans at all now - it is just impossible to tell as, that time of year, any crossing is weather dependant. You are well into the autumnal equinox and whilst the weather can be lovely, it can equally be horrific!!! About the week before, ask again..........!!
  10. Its worth it if it helps stop Covid spreading! Jabs alone are not sufficient and they are no good at all if you don't, or refuse, to have them. Even if 10% don't have them its a lot of people! Personally, for what its worth, I think everyone should have the vaccine, unless there is medical reason why not. I am fed up with people prattling on about personal freedom etc etc but we wear seatbelts in cars without a question these days and if by not having the vaccine you spread it to someone who actually dies as a result, be it on your conscience!!
  11. Coldham Hall are open but are not doing food - he cannot find a chef!!!
  12. Having just been along the A47, please be aware there are still some night time closures at the Eastern end. I think they are mainly finishing off but westbound from 9pm it is shut tonight for example between Brundall McDonalds to the A146 at Trowse. Nearly there although minor holdups on the NDR as they spray on something or other during the day - the road is not closed whilst they do this but down to single lane working. Less relevant now the southern bypass seems fully open during normal hours.
  13. I agree and they are outdoors too - you don't catch it merely by looking at one another! Don't think I would have too many concerns over being on that beach but I suspect we are now so conditioned that many will see that view as being a "hot spot". Warm too I guess!
  14. They have been known to go whizzing past the lifeboat station, asking whether this was the way to Wroxham and quick as a flash the reply came "No - Holland"
  15. Andrew - it depends on where you are eating or where you are drinking as they can set their own rules. I think is a sensible precaution for venues to insist on it, but how easy will it be to forge? Its only a letter but we shall see!
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