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  1. Does that mean I have to desist as well?????
  2. Its the type of equipment that is the issue! On the North Norfolk coast you can indeed use heavier and larger machines as the ground is more solid, but the problem on the Broads is that where the reed is grown these days, on the marshes, it will only usually bear the weight of lightweight machinery - you should remember that the marshes are not drained and in the winter consist of floating hover. Break through that and both you and the machine could just disappear!!! Harvesting reed from the Broads is hard hard work and then having got it off the marsh you still have to dress it to g
  3. I think Howard may be right about the electric boats - I think HW have a few. Up towards West Somerton, there can a lot of weed growth but it has been dredged I believe this winter and the weed is cut around twice a year so in a diesel day boat drawing less, you should not have a problem. The electric ones should cope but they might try and dissuade you going to Somerton - try not to miss it as Martham Broad is great for dragonflies and I know their is an otter family up there - as there is in most places these days! You should also get up the Waxham Cut too as that has been dredged
  4. Fine but south of Acle and north of St Olaves you will see a lot of reeds and riverbank, just a few trees and bu**er all else!!!!!! You are coming to the Broads and will see just one!!!! Or two if you nip into Oulton!!! You shouldn't be punching the tide too much but they are spring tides next week, and tides never could tell the time that well!!!
  5. That belongs to, or was at lest used by the NWT - whether it comes with the information centre I do not know.
  6. You couldn't reserve a mooring for a wherry for an Open Day to raise money for a charity - I suppose they should have just taken a large can of white paint with them and painted a white stripe along the capping!!!!!
  7. Liana is not really big enough to block the corner - you will still get a small boat in the corner. That whole stretch will easily fit a a full size wherry!!! Where was Liana moored at Wroxham - was that on a BA mooring?
  8. Theres a whole lot of squit being talked about electric cars and indeed heat source heating in house - targets here there and everywhere, none of which will ever be achieved. Everyone goes on about electric cars and still they cannot manage a decent journey - in the cold weather when that affects battery power and you have the heating on, that alone can reduce your available mileage by up to half! So if its not bad enough to not get where you want to go, you have to freeze your n**s off just to achieve that!!! There are plenty of other savings to be made, for example by banning bitcoins,
  9. I am afraid Vaughan is right - perhaps if the Australians would stop opening enormous new coal mines and the Chinese stopped doing the same, we might get something started!!!
  10. G3 for cleaning hull - use plenty of water, i use any old kitchen spray bottle and if you are using an electric polisher use only a very low speed setting for the cleaning phase. You won't need a big bottle - they do tubes. For polish I use a Starbrite one ,Premium Marine Polish with Teflon - its the one in a black tub. Expensive but goes a long way, the paste goes on easily and more importantly, buffs off easily very soon after application. If you go to a car accessory shop you can get polishing stockinette in big rolls quite cheaply. Then top it off with two coats Autoglym Extra Gl
  11. Tide came in and didn't go out at Acle today!!! https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/6203 Thas the wind a'doing that! Got another couple of days of that too!!!
  12. Yep - rode that once when Nobby Clark built it at his place in Whitlingham!!
  13. An uprated Nutty Slack!!!!! ( No if you don't know, its too long a story from about 60 years ago!!! )
  14. Nope - a big wheel like the London Eye only smaller! https://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/giant-observation-wheel-for-great-yarmouth-7327492
  15. McD don't make the litter problems - everyone is quite capable of taking their litter home like I do after using the drive thru!!!!!
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