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  1. I am sorry to take issue with you again PW but can you explain why, in your view the dredging in Heigham Sound and Hickling over the last 5/7 years, has anything much to do with conservation? My understanding is that it is, and was all about dredging the channels and disposing of the spoil. After all how else can you dispose of the spoil in that area, other than filling in a few shallow bays? The last time it was comprehensively dredged the spoil was dumped on a piece of marsh near White Slea, and the consequence of that was, in the middle of an area of marshes a wood of birch became established and only recently was this cleared to attempt to return it to what it should always have been - and to restore the wind to the sailies!! Anyone who really knows that area will know that that wood was not a natural event but only because the spoil was dumped there. I think the " resistance" to dredging in that area was more where to stick the stuff!!!
  2. Returning to the OP, if I may, requesting the "local"rag carries out an investigation is in itself slightly bizarre. Whilst I am not even going to bother to look in detail to find them, I can remember several times over the years when Members of this very Forum have bemoaned the lack of accuracy of the reporting from that venerable institution - do you think that anyone in these circumstances would actually believe what they said if they did agree to carry out a serious piece of investigative journalism?? Methinks not more than a few! It is after all a newspaper and we all know what the prime objective of papers is - to tell the whole truth? Not my take on them in general terms!
  3. Rightly or wrongly, my view, not necessarily accepted by all, is that this argument has become very tedious to the point of boring. Nothing has changed yet now another topic, closely related, is being hijacked by a small number of individuals to discuss their views ad nauseum with NOTHING new being actually discussed. It has all been said before, not once but time and time again!! Is there nothing happening in the Broads of real interest? Surely its time to move on until something actually happens that directly alters the issues?
  4. 3 at least! Ferry, HW and Bridgecraft so far..!!
  5. Presumably as they envisaged "road signs" it cam out of the Navigation budget!! Whatever next!!!
  6. And in contrast Ferry seem to have started!! I think the yards find it quite disrupting - they still have to provide breakdown cover, and when the boats go out, there are dewinterised, and winterised when they come back. They also have a planning process whereby boats are taken through the sheds for overhaul and this all has to be fitted in. I suspect Len is of the view it is just uneconomic, which it probably is!! Cannot believe in reality if it is worth the effort, or not!
  7. I believe the "ditch" is an IDB drain which runs down from the How Hill area and is pumped out into the river - there is a pump I believe behind the boatyard. I shouldn't think that it is particularly prone to flooding but at that time the Upper Ant did have flood warning out and was probably some overtopping in some places. Hence probably the stilt arrangement for times like we had.
  8. Hello, hello, hello!! This seems to add up to a measure of agreement!!! No - that must be wrong!!!
  9. Whether or not the sign should or should not be on the post, perhaps the point is in reality, it is easier for this Forum to take a pop at the BA than all the other agencies/firms that now use that slogan and also who were directly involved in the original decision to erect that sign. That means, the local authorities concerned, including probably the Highways Agency under whose auspices the A47 will fall, and then everyone who uses the "lie" on their material from the OS downwards. Off you go then boys, and do your duty!! I wish you well and many hours of happy correspondence - and no ST that does not mean that I support the introduction of a full NP for this area
  10. So Grendel - would it be a good idea to put that type of powered boats on the Trinities? I assume from your comments you would think that a good idea, or rather would not oppose it! Sorry ST - guess again as to my thoughts!! ( I actually do not ever recall supporting a NP per se for this area, although I might have pointed out that legislation is required for that purpose, rather than the appearance of a road sign. Equally neither Clive's brochure nor the OS publications actually make it one either! ) I do think that sometimes my comments are perhaps taken too literally - don't forget there is a need for balance in all discussions and rather than read all posts following the "party" line, there is a need to point out the other side of the story! I just believe the need to point out there is another side to be considered.... ! Balance is what its called!!!!!
  11. Yep agreed - utter boredom with all the semantics involved????
  12. Correct - Grasmere currently has only rowing boats, hardly 30/40' gentlemans electric launches with overnight accommodation!!
  13. Its not a question of "going for big bucks", but if you are to make an investment, surely you can not deny them the right to make some money out of it? If indeed you do not allow them to make money, then they will not invest and without investment, the Broads will surely die? Its no use saying that the shop can be redeveloped because my guess is that you just would not get any return whatsoever - who would use it? OK a few would pop in to buy something they were missing, but why not wait if going upstream to get what you want and cheaper at Stalham? If it requires the holiday lets, then so be it but even that is a dodgy market with few guarantees - its certainly not a place I would go and rent a property for peace and solitude, right next to a fairly busy road and above a busy public mooring! Good luck to them I say and will it be a success I ask? Possibly marginally but I doubt if anyone is going to to make big bucks, or what I call big bucks!!
  14. No Upcycler - you cannot turn the clock back and if you had ever owned a woodie, you will know what heartache they are! OK they give pleasure but I recall however smart they looked, there were always hidden corners where even angels feared to tread!! And the bigger they are, the bigger the pain!!!!
  15. As you say, one of the "bibles" of wherries containing a wealth of information - how ever much you think you know, a valuable reference book. Just the sort of book to be kept around especially when afloat And of course, the Norfolk Wherry Trust will benefit and anything to help the Trust to continue to have a presence well into the future is to be welcomed
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