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  1. Haven't they had enough planning arguments with the BA already? Nice if they were to reopen some moorings.....!!!
  2. I heard somewhere that the hire boat figure this year were about 30 or perhaps more down - not a lot but perhaps more than you might expect. I apologise for forgetting the figure!! Not sure why PW expects the price of good Broads boats to fall - there is already a shortage and with very limited new builds, my guess is they will continue to hold up. Its the old story of supply and demand! The 2007 recession had little or no impact - if you are assuming a fall you might be disappointed!! In the years I have had a plastic tub, they have proved to be a relatively good investment!!!!
  3. Could be any number of reasons - perhaps Len has just bought the boats to free up cash for WRC to concentrate on lodges, but like it or not, they will let better from Wroxham, especially for short breaks I would guess. I think if I am correct, most were actually built at Ferry - perhaps he just wants them back in "his" empire!!! All speculation I know and we will probably never know!!
  4. If you mean can you moor alongside a reedbed, see n o reason why not! If you are worried about falling trees, try not to moor near a tree!!!!
  5. Having said that, anyone want a stab at how old they are? I doubt that they are less than 50 years - although that in itself is not necessarily to their detriment. My guess is they are getting a bit "tired"!
  6. Barton has red and green makers - thats a good start to practise!!!!
  7. Strange isn't it! Nipped over to N Norfolk for lunch and a stroll along Holkham beach - heaving it was but brisk breeze and quite dry. Lord Ponsonby must be tickled pink he can collect all that money just for people parking their cars!! Bonus too in that I saw a little flock of Goldcrests and several Stonechats - made my day even if I forgot to take my bins!!!
  8. Note Vaughans emphasis on the phrase "...may be something quite different... " and not necessarily "..will." The fact is we just don't know - and don't think this is an open invitation to have yet more fruitless discussions with folks like me, 'cos I just won't bite!!!
  9. Don't be so sure that the German track and trace is that much better than ours - the last figures I saw were that only 18m had been downloaded and like ours, it has it glitches!! Admittedly thats better than our 10m but its been going a lot longer! These track and trace systems work best when there are no cases - as soon as numbers ramp up them they tend to fall apart!!
  10. oh - not that again!!!!!!!!
  11. marshman


    The sugar beet harvest has not really started around here yet - certainly records show they have been in Scotland for several weeks so I guess they are working there way south. Apparently the numbers are greater than ever! Certainly there are a few in N Norfolk but as soon as the sugar beet gets going, I am sure they will be around.
  12. marshman


    Mainly mallard!!
  13. marshman


    I know many of you are concerned by the lack of wildlife on the Broads but just let me confirm for you that the mallard population seems to be alive and kicking!! Walked down the road past the shop at Ranworth along the flooded road towards the marshes today (thats the second time this year its been flooded - never seen it flood once let alone twice! ) and without any exaggeration must have been 500+ or more before I got bored and stopped counting!! As has oft been said, its just a case of being in the right place at the right time....!!!
  14. Sam - not questioning your judgement (as if!! ) but don't forget the battery will be heavy, will need to be recharged and lifted in and out of the tender!!! They are not all they are cracked up to be , and if you do not have the facility to recharge it on board, you have to lug it home as well - even a modest size battery is heavy and putting it into the tender can be not be considered the easiest job in the world!! Their appeal is limited in the extreme IMHO There's a very good reason why you don't see that many about on the rivers, but particularly if its a rigid tender you do see lots
  15. Plenty of scope to take up the profession of ferryman then!! Unless we are all using rockets like the mountain rescue propose doing in the lakes! Still if the outlook around here looks bleak, think about poor old Downham Market and surrounds!!!!
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