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  1. Easy peasy - put it on a lorry!!!
  2. Still not done all the Care Home staff around here!!!!
  3. Reading between the lines in the news in places today, there seems to be a subtle shift in direction. They now appear to be considering concentrating on differing groups who may transmit the the disease, like key workers, (not the NHS etc who should mostly have been vaccinated,) but nursery school teachers, police officers, bus drivers and even those who regularly have to travel on public transport, and many people who would under the "old" rules not be due it for some time. No official policy change but it now seems to be subtlety shifting away from preventing those being infected who may be
  4. I think the Omni "queue" calculator is very misleading - according to that I am due a vaccine around next week sometime. I know though, that they have not even vaccinated all care workers around here yet. I have had a letter saying I am going to get a letter but I am not optimistic - I reckon on getting mine around mid February sometime at the earliest - although I may yet be surprised! They seem now to talk about getting all the 70+done - I think they are going to combine the 75+ with the 70+ so they can give a good impression but as ever, they seem to be treating Norfolk, and Suffo
  5. Whilst downstream there are flood banks to stop the river overtopping, further upstream most of large areas of marsh are "designed" to flood so they can take up a lot of the surplus water coming downstream - all around Ranworth and Horning the marshes are currently flooded, but that stops it going elsewhere. Its a bit complicated and the Northern Rivers are very different to the S Rivers where more of the water drains away more quickly. In certain places gaps have deliberately been left in flood walls so that land behind can flood above a certain level - as PW says landowners, and the In
  6. No need for duplication - it would be a waste of resources!!!!
  7. Aha, Nutty Slack!!! My parents used to keep a boat at Nobby's and I pedalled up and down the river on "Nutty" a few times - I was a bit little in those days and I remember the pedals were a bit of a stretch to say the least!
  8. The primary objective of the jab is to reduce the risk of hospitalisation and subsequent death - its not to give it to those who, were they to get it, it would probably have less impact, or possibly none at all! Your "new" prioritisation would have little impact on lowering the death rate and it is that which is being targeted. Using that prioritisation the death rate would probably double or more - not sure thats the aim!!! There is a table somewhere I have seen, showing just how vulnerable the elderly are to hospitalisation and death relative to those, say, under 60. The graph for being
  9. And this one is for the ladies - Kurt Geiger is only designing flat shoes and trainers for this years collection! No high heels as he says the bottom has dropped out of the high heeled shoes market!!!!
  10. This is what happens when a department answerable, or so they thought, to no one goes outside its boundaries. Take note any local organisation which may consider, or may have acted, similarly!!
  11. I think Southampton long took away Londons crown - at least there were always plenty of boats to see and go on board, unlike London.
  12. Well Pete, gloatingly or not , he clearly shows how much license artists employ! Looking at the church it clearly is Belaugh Church but the picture from the Sun Pictures book confirms its position on a "hill" - which he forgot to put in! I have a Rackham watercolour of the same view and that too, has the church on a "hill". The title suggests the "white ball" on the horizon might be the moon, but does the moon ever rise in the west?
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