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  1. marshman

    Time To Comment!

    An elected authority would be the WORST thing that could happen to the Broads! You have only to look at the Brexit issue to see that - ask most of the people to make a decision and you can see that they may not always get it right! It is not so much that that they cannot make the right decision but the information fed to them is often wrong and it is that that can lead to the wrong decision. And sadly, it is those who could muster enough votes from their own pressure groups etc who may get elected - ok that may mean they know a lot about what they spout about most, but do they know enough about the rest or indeed could they even organise a p*ss up in a brewery? Probably not! And then you come to the worst problem, that which my erstwhile name sake MM has so eloquently alluded to! I would certainly ban from voting all those who did not live here - that premise would eliminate most of you lot! But seriously, how on earth could you possibly decide who could and could not vote? Like it or not, if you got rid of the BA you would get as an alternative a like minded quango, and the only positive thing is that you should have a body you can work with. The trouble is these days, we all believe that, what we as individuals believe, is often the best solution and we also have the power to express it and spread our beliefs, often mistaken in retrospect, to others. Listening to all comments made is the big problem with most voluntary organisations - we just cannot accommodate every single idea that everybody promotes and without leadership you just end up wallowing in thick treacle never getting anywhere. Somewhere somehow you really do have to have someone who can manage and run an organisation - but you can guarantee that someone won't like the decisions he makes!! Sounds a bit like the BA really!!
  2. marshman

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    Vaughan - you old cynic!! As if......!!
  3. marshman

    Time To Comment!

    The ownership of the NW&D Canal between the Dilham Branch and Honing Lock has been in dispute for a long time but has generally remained open for canoes with landing generally frowned upon, but according to those in the area, there have been attempts to discourage even this of late. The point I was trying to highlight is once again we are worrying about something which probably will never happen, and even if it did occur is unlikely to have the impact the doomsters think, whereas right under our noses this is already happening through private landowners and no one seems to want to stop it happening! ( Perhaps some cannot see any connection either! )
  4. marshman

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Yes it is a bit late - I put it down to either them rushing around the country with the gowns or the fact that the BIC is otherwise fully booked or just too expensive in season!! They take it for the full week and use a lot of it, in fact most of it I think!! No don't misunderstand me - it was a really great day especially for my daughter who really enjoyed going back especially to see her friends - she is now in Leeds, some miles from that part of the world!!
  5. marshman

    Time To Comment!

    Paul - they belong to a commercial enterprise but that's probably the nearest they get to a commercial vessel! Not only the bridges mentioned affected, but Trowse Bridge will never again open freely - unless its attended by many NR personnel and its around 2 a.m. in the morning!!
  6. marshman

    Time To Comment!

    You try cruising up towards Honing these days!! The son is proving even more obdurate than the father and instead of wasting time worrying about what might be, perhaps we should be more concerned about what is actually happening! The trouble is no one will actually confront these people and as a result they actually get away with it, and then its too late!! (To be fair that is beyond the BA's remit!! )
  7. marshman

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Must have seen me last Tuesday on the beach then!!! ( But not getting an award other than for patience! )
  8. marshman

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Does your son like and enjoy BU? Just been down to one of my younger daughters graduation there - she loved Bournemouth and has come away with a good degree and now got an excellent job as a result. She particularly enjoyed the nightlife and in the summer the beach parties!!!
  9. Either that or insist on everyone driving on that road having an eyesight test first!!!
  10. marshman

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

  11. marshman

    Broads Engage Workshop

    I do not think the Engage workshops will continue if pressure groups emerge - in fact I know they won't! Everyone thinks "their" pressure group is the most important and are what the Broads need - my view is generally different in that only with genuine cooperation and rational thinking will any progress be made - no evidence of that so far, just the same old soapboxes appearing. For progress to be made you have to talk constructively, especially with the BA, and that seemingly cannot occur whilst we trot out the same as before. And no I do not propose, unusually, to enter into such a discussion, on Facebook!!
  12. marshman

    Broads Engage Workshop

    Oh no not again! I had thought that the NP issue had all gone to sleep - oh well must be the winter again!! However, as an interested bystander with a few fingers in a few pies and my ear attached locally to the ground, you may all be interested that the Thurne Mouth issue appears to be be MUCH more than an issue over rubbish! This is a long standing dispute and the rubbish issue came only at the very end of this very sad saga. My understanding is that the core issue may not even have anything to do with the BA so before further suppositions are made in an open forum I think it may be sensible to move on!!! The statement in the open letter is only part of the issues and locals, and myself could probably tell a whole different tale - which I am not repeating even if what I hear is right!! The Broads Engage workshops will be a total failure if people continue to drag in old and often unsubstantiated views and opinions - the world has to move on and the objective must be move on beyond entrenched views for the good of the Broads. If all we see is continued back biting by certain individuals the new format will come to end very quickly. Perhaps you never attended the old style Broads Forum meetings where these were often dominated by certain individuals with huge chipped shoulders banging on about their own personal grievances - that is why IMHO they failed. Lets not continue dredging up old conspiracies time and time again without evidence and try and move on and solve a few issues! Some of us are totally fed up with every issue leading back to the unsubstantiated conspiracy issue, on every issue, yet again - the FaceAche group does itself no favours at all!
  13. marshman

    BA In Planning Dispute

    Paul - old fashioned creosote is still readily available if you know where!!!
  14. marshman

    BA In Planning Dispute

    And probably with a stud wall immediately behind it too! The concrete cladding referred to will have absolutely no bearing on the flammability of that house or otherwise - it impacts only the visual aspect and that is the point. Any oblique reference to any other issue is in extremely poor taste - but I expect nothing else from that publication which is why it continues to be treated with distain. I rarely read it and am not going to start now!
  15. marshman

    BA In Planning Dispute

    The flammability or otherwise is completely irrelevant in an ordinary house - cannot even see why it was mentioned at all! What is much more relevant to the Broads as a whole is that wood is undeniably more appropriate, attractive and sustainable - as someone kindly pointed out what is NOT appropriate is concrete. It looks what it is - inappropriate to Irstead and a cheap option. Surely waney edged boarding would look just so much nicer even to you diehards who want to moan at the BA just because its the BA!!! (Perhaps if I get enough support, I will have to rethink the Christmas card idea - wintry picture of SOB maybe?? )

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