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  1. Well thats really handy then!!!!!!
  2. I have put this in the general area as I am sure others may have a view, but I just thought I would have my say. I don't often fish these days, primarily because the licence has become a little expensive, relative to the little I do, but I do watch what fishermen do and generally take an interest. We have not even got to the time when people used to be out fishing for pike, yet already we are seeing a proliferation of pike rods and floats - here we are one week into September and already today I counted around 20 rods between Wroxham and the Ferry at Horning - and that will be only the beginning! Yet fishermen tell me, and indeed I read about it on here, that the pike seems to be in overall decline, for a variety of reasons. I suspect they are plenty(?) of jacks around but surely it cannot go on like this before it impacts other areas and associated issues? To me, it would seem to make sense to introduce a moratorium whilst pike restore their levels and thereby allowing the bigger fish to survive until they are older - all seems a bit obvious to an outsider but I guess fishermen generally will certainly not agree with that at all! Do others have a view?? Or will we see the pike virtually fished out??
  3. I use the AA one on my phone but its a bit limiting when trying to plan so I always use the other one everyone uses if I am planning going anywhere. I am not sure , on the Broads either that I trust the 6 hrs flood and ebb times as shown - I prefer to assume for most places, a 5hr flood and a 7 hr ebb but thats just my preference I am not sure of the source of the AA one so on balance would check it with the other source - however always remember tides cannot read tables !!!!!!!
  4. Its an old Elysian I guess but they were quite widespread I think - certainly used to be ( still are? ) some available for hire on the Fens. I holidayed on one years ago but I guess they are probably still around!!!!!
  5. So who pays for the renewal costs for the quay heading when required? Although generally the geese keep it short, I have seen the grass being mown as well. I suppose in all the circumstances you would perhaps prefer it fell into disrepair and overgrown so no one could moor there? Whilst I agree that the geese do make a mess, has anyone any idea how you clean up the mess as suggested? I am no lover the people who own it but do all those of you who do object to paying the fee, really expect it for nothing? It is only ever occupied in the peak months and I doubt there is much, if any profit in it. If I recollect correctly piling is pretty pricey these days - anyone got a recent figure per metre?? And of course you can always mudweight for free!!
  6. I doubt it is as easy to change legislation as CC would suggest otherwise these bodies would do it - there will be differing solutions to every problem, but it will never be "easy" I suspect. Nor cheap nor easy to find the parliamentary time, which I suspect may be necessary, given the current circumstances!
  7. I am so pleased to see this aired here - the sooner this technology is taken out of the zone of "boys toys" then the better. They are not toys and need to be regulated accordingly and carry the appropriate insurance.
  8. Classic example here of technology overtaking existing legislation and people think "they are doing no harm" when in fact there are a host of issues if you sit down for more than a minute, and think about it.! The new legislation due later in the year cannot come in a moment too soon - leave it too long and it will be too late! A classic and growing issue with new technology is motorised scooters - of course you should not be a killjoy but riding them on public roads and pavements should only be allowed if you have compulsory insurance. Cyclists were missed at an early stage and now its all a bit of closing the door after the horse has bolted - if you injure or damage property you should be able to trace the culprit and charge him accordingly.
  9. It is a good App but why on earth would it stop speeding? We are not talking about people a bit over the top but excessively so! What is the good of a speedo, if a) you never look at it, or b) chose to ignore it? If people don't want to take the info in ,they won't!!
  10. Not sure either whether it jams on hot days - if it does can we blame Network Rail??!!
  11. I wasn't jesting! The BA check stuff like that rigorously and was merely hoping that they had been through the hoops!! They expect private individuals to do so so I guess they will have asked the trees owner to have done likewise!!!
  12. I hope they are going to check it for evidence of bats first!!!!!
  13. But it does not say you can use the boats after dark does it? All cars can exceed 70mph but that does not mean you are permitted to do so!!!!
  14. Sutton Bridge closure now postponed and will start on 30th September for those interested
  15. marshman

    Nice Poster

    Good job KK, we all have differing tastes then!!!
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