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  1. marshman

    Freezing Weather

    At Ranworth today there were a few ducks walking around close to the quay but I would think that 70 % was icefree and melting further.
  2. marshman

    Freezing Weather

    What there was cleared overnight Monday or mostly - Hickling was virtually free of ice yesterday. Not sure we are actually going to get the penetrating easterly (yet?) - the weather systems most likely to be from N and NW which is not quite so bad!!
  3. marshman


    As it may struggle to get under the Yarmouth bridges too, why not look on the S Rivers?? At least you will be able to go somewhere!!! I must admit I am generally in favour of Broads boats for Broadland rivers (although Robin may feel differently! ) Womack staithe - the parishioners bit - probably has a waiting list and you of course may well not be eligible living in Stalham
  4. marshman

    James Knight's Blog

    For what its worth, I still think James could be better employed full time at WRC rather than as a activist! If it is JP's downfall he is after, then it will take someone higher up the food chain I am afraid! And he will exist even if you all doubt it!!
  5. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Diamond 35's do hold their value well and oldregg is right - they just seem about right and their appearance does not seem to date much either. The cheapest recently went for just under £50k I believe but that was a poor example and they seem to fetch from around £55k upwards, rarely less, I am afraid.
  6. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Its not quite true that all the moulds went back to Brooms - I think that in the end Aquafibre went into receivership and some moulds were left up on the premises at Rackheath. In the end I believe that what was finally left up there in the hands of the Administrators was just smashed up.
  7. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    I know nothing of real interest but the more you look at it, the less it actually looks like a Broom, in or out. Looks more to me like a specific one off, probably by a professional builder to an individuals spec. The design of the windows and their positioning too, just look a little odd and the inside is just too dark with lots of poncy bits included which do not look Broom like - the little spice rack fiddle rails all over do not appeal to me at all. If Brooms did do it, perhaps they "forgot" their builders plate on purpose! Still, as they say, it takes all sorts I suppose - at least it will always get people going, "Whats that??"
  8. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

  9. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Dressing screws, wherever, still comes naturally to me! Sadly or anally!!! (Thanks Griff - as they say takes one to....!!! )
  10. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    In my youth I used to muck around down Bells Boats in Brundall and I used to have to dress the screws BEFORE I glued the dowels in (with the grain running in line of course! ) and to top it all ,then antifoul over the whole damned caboodle - even the fish could not admire my handiwork! I recall that I was not even allowed to do the glueing until they had all been checked!!
  11. marshman

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Sadly though you will not get a Diamond cheap. I think the cheapest recently has been around £50k and they tend go up to £75k. There is a Diamond at NBS but thats probably been for sale at the end of the season for many years - but it will be in reasonable condition although the hull will need work after being in hire for a long time. They should do that for you - the worst area is around the stern quarters but a surveyor would pick that out and you must use on on an ex hire craft. I think the Pearl has gone - there are fewer of those around or seem to come up less often. And no, my Diamond is not for sale - not this year at least!!!
  12. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    If it is a one off, you should be aware it will have a more limited appeal in the marketplace - it may also be a slightly unusual construction all of which will affect resale value. But whatever you do, do not think having a proper survey is a waste of money - its for your own peace of mind and quite literally your insurance. That upper steering has River Thames written all over it and you should remember that at that time there were a number of boatbuilders on the Thames who could have put it together.
  13. marshman

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Windows don't look Broomlike! Notice how they are all in rubber frames - or look like it! That's not like Brooms either. Picture looks like the Thames - boat looks pristine on its maiden cruise - is that a clue??
  14. marshman

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    Not necessarily Vaughan - the mud is coming out of the channel! As it has been since they started dredging Heigham Sound about 8 years ago. They are NOT specifically improving water quality unlike Barton where they put in huge barriers to, initially, keep the fish out of certain areas.
  15. marshman

    The Authority's Response To The Glover Report.

    If they had even the vaguest intention of closing down the area above Potter, then I wonder why over most of the last 10 winters, have they done so much dredging up there? I know - its just to lull us all into a false sense of security!!!!

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