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  1. Yep you are right but I am sure quite a some years ago I checked and it was then - but I may be wrong! Perhaps there was some benefit in closing it down - never underestimate the Cators!!!
  2. I believe it is run by a charity but as you say it is the Cators behind it all https://www.salhousebroad.org.uk/ Like many charities, the primary cost to be covered will be that of the Ranger - and thats no mean feat!
  3. Vaughan - just an aside! Are all your photo records digitalized????
  4. Vaughan - on the huh!!! Yes thats about the size of it and yes, I did a quick H & S assessment - but don't tell my kids where I was!!!!!
  5. For what its worth, I think I am just as likely to hospitalise myself in the garden, as I am out driving around the roads!! I have been up a ladder this afternoon cleaning and re positioning a nest box - and you lot think I am at risk on a road?
  6. As some have spotted, it would be very easy to sort the store so social distancing could be maintained - now people have to drive to Stalham or Yarmouth? Who will be the first to be stopped for "non essential " travel? I actually think it is encouraging to see the debate being opened by some senior lawyers and especially senior policemen about the over enthusiastic enforcement of this issue in these emergency powers - some examples of police interpretation of these powers has already seen to be little more than petty. The object of the legislation is to help limit the spread of the virus and I cannot argue with that but how on earth does my getting in a car, and driving up the Norwich bypass spread the virus - I live alone, have hardly been out and probably not within 12' of anyone for over 7 days, so if I stay in the car, and don't get out, where is the risk to others? Similarly I actually believe the Broads Beat officers were being equally over zealous by suggesting people could not work alone on their boats - if I get in my car, drive 5 miles to the boat to clean it, who on earth am I impacting? No one else comes to my house, in my car or in my boat - I am old but try as I might, I cannot really see the issue! No doubt, someone will put me right!
  7. Yes indeed I agree with some that what are children want may be entirely different to what the future generation want and although I am one myself , I do sometimes think the elderly quite often lose touch with reality when they decide that what they want and what they think, is the right way forward. The "olds" cannot often see that they might be wrong - and that includes me! A very classic example of that was when the Brexit referendum result was announced, I had one of my children in floods of tears , quite simply because they were upset that the oldies had decided the way forward! They of course had a point - its already noticeable that calls are going out for volunteers to help with the harvesting of the soft fruit crop this year!
  8. Griff - you have been in isolation too long already!!! Not everything on social media is right.....!!!
  9. For the sake of accuracy, doesn't millet look like potatoes, rather than sugar beet? Think we might have opened a can of worms here (for the seagulls?)
  10. Spread worms on the "field" and open the windows????
  11. Does "Amen" mean you are actually finished???
  12. Perhaps what we also do not need is the constant nitpicking and negativity towards the BA either!! If Chris goes, which I hope he doesn't, that will be 2 significant posters who have gone as a result! The trouble is that those who do it just have no idea of the damage they do - either that or they don't care either! If they did perhaps they would just stop it!! I shall soon be feeling very lonely!!!!!
  13. I see no reason why people cannot witness a will, or indeed any document, using social distancing - just wash your hands after! However I would still recommend using a professional to draft it as home produced wills rarely achieve precisely what the testator intended! I think many of the brokerage firms will have packed up for the time being - I know that NYA have.
  14. Surely the tide does have a limit which is actually designated? Its shown on OS maps as the NTL. On the Bure its just outside the north end of Wroxham Broad, the Thurne its the north end of Candle Dyke, the Ant at the south end of Barton and the Waveney at Ellingham Mill - I guess the Wensum is New MIlls but I cannot find one for the Yare as the map does not go that far
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