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  1. Sorry MM - but there is some logic in what I said, and I was also basing my judgment to some extent on the Which review. I don't always make purchases in line with their recommendations but it is somewhere to start if I haven't a clue!! Which I haven't!!
  2. Whilst that one has not been tested by them, an earlier Cello model managed to get an abysmal score by Which when tested. They are only British assembled and I guess in the end, you get what you pay for. But if you want a cheap tv for your van, and you dont mind what the picture is like too much and you can put up with the sound quality, and you only use it in the van.......... I would want to be convinced though. I am not sure I would be taken in by the reviews on Amazon!!!!
  3. Probably anywhere in the UK except the Broads!!!!
  4. I think you are all probably reading too much into this change from the information that is currently available - we do not know for example if the Trustees have even talked about it reviewing the arrangement earlier in the BA's tenure? They may well have done for all you know. Nor do I know what the terms of the original setup where? Trustees have a duty to review regularly their professional advisers and I do not see a lot of difference here - the BA were merely "managing" an asset and although they were pretty embedded through the use of "their" volunteers, perhaps it was felt that they were just too cosy and they had received advice to review? All things are possible - we just do not know! Many years ago the BA were more directly involved in some of the Broadland historic craft - they used to provide direct support but that has long long gone. I am not sure how much input or support they gave - but Vaughan could probably . Perhaps some thought it all too cosy and felt an element of "competition" would produce a better result. I am sure that we will learn more as time progresses but in reality there is little or no substance in sight, despite 4 pages of not a lot - it couldn't really be a lot else given whats currently available to the interested public, and before I get picked up on that, that includes my contributions as well!!
  5. And if the BA don't know why? Ask the Trustees who do know - but they will probably ignore you as you have no right to know that information, despite views to the contrary.
  6. Perhaps the need for transparency would be better if it came from the Trustees - although I doubt you will get that in full. As far as the BA are concerned, they "lost" the contract to manage the area further - what more is there to know? They have already told us that and given the circumstances, perhaps we should be extending our sympathies to those directly involved? There is no need to gloat over the loss, nor much need to criticise the BA further. If anyone owes anything to anyone, perhaps it is the Trustees who should be questioned further - after all it was they who finished the contract for some reason, and they certainly know the truth. I guess Vaughan may be closest to the truth, but I perhaps like many changes in the world it may be harder to get hold of the real facts, other than it was felt that a change was needed to look at differing ways to proceed for the future.
  7. I have done many charitable presentations in the past, to both retain existing business and to apply for new charitable business and you are right in that you never know the real reasons as to why they need to review existing arrangements, nor are you often told why you were successful, or indeed unsuccessful. It could be that as James Colman said, they felt that it was time for a change and that was all it was. It may also be be that the Whitlingham Trust were using other people to carry out this review and that the Trustees only acted on the recommendations made to them. Often a change of a Trustee would be sufficient for a review to be initiated and indeed IMHO it is incumbent on any Charity to keep these types of arrangement under review for whatever reason they feel appropriate. However it would be unrealistic to expect everyone to be included in discussions on behalf of the BA and they may well have been limited in the number of people directly involved in any meeting - I have even seen that sometimes. And perhaps however much one might wish to help, they could also hinder any discussion and certainly any attempt to influence as PW suggested, could have an entirely different and negative , effect. But I don't know what occurred, nor will, I guess, much posting here change what has happened, nor are we likely to get any closer to the real reasons - I doubt even whether the BA know the truth. What they do know is that they "lost" the contract and thats probably about it!
  8. I must admit I agree with those who suggest why bother? The tides are as difficult as they can be, levels are pretty high, daylight is going rapidly and with the amount of water there is at the moment, tides will be running quick. Thats a lot of extra diesel just to go and see the south which some love because of the solitude, and others just don't bother with! Its not as though the Northern side is less attractive and there is nothing to do - quite the reverse. I go south fairly regularly - but then I also cross at slack at neaps when the tides are nearer the middle of the day. I like an easy life!!!! P.S. ST - have you actually seen a dipper on Breydon? That would be pretty unusual being an upland bird? Not saying you havn't but it would be something of a rarity in the region methinks.
  9. Come on PW - you cannot really expect either the BA or the Charitable Trust to go further into what would have been private negotiations? You can argue all you like that a charity is "public" but would you really expect any Charity to go into the details behind such a decision - can you expect to hear the National Trust, RNLI, or the RSPB go into details behind their decisions, especially ones that MAY have an element of controversy attached?. I suspect all you will get is what we heard from James Colman - that they thought it the right time to have a change. There are many reasons why charities change advisers and even if you knew, it would make little difference. I suspect some would wish to hear the detail so they could pick holes in what the Authority did, or did not do. I doubt those will be given that opportunity!!
  10. There is a mile of difference between the old Tourist Information Centres and what I see as a Visitors Centre - even PW uses the RSPB one in Minsmere! Actually I am a bit surprised he opened up to that.....!!!!
  11. Why - do you want to sponsor the venue??
  12. For a variety of reasons, I am quite lucky to spend some time, especially in the winter, on the Upper Thurne and was up there fiddling around in February /March time - but don't ask me when but it was pretty nippy!! I am trying to recall precisely when it was, but a bit like my house, my brain is getting smaller! Well the point is that there was this chap out in one of the Martham boats fishing - he clearly was moving around a bit but it was all within the Hickling /Heigham Sound/ Eel Sett area and he was just off to bed having been fishing all night. And in that weather, and on his own. He said both on that night and the two preceding nights he had had catches EACH NIGHT of in excess of 100 pounds! He was taking it pretty seriously, as he would, but I found it hard to believe him - but then why bother to lie to me? It made no difference to me and he was unlikely to want to impress me, of all people!
  13. There is always two sides to every story as ST knows only too well - you should remember that for every negative side ,there is a positive!! Oh and just to pick PW up on a point about visitor centres generally - far from having had their day I see an even bigger role for these types of Centres. Look for example at the RSPB, an organisation you all love so dearly, they have tremendous success with theirs and commit to building even more; even the Earl of Leicester has seen their benefits and has just built a very big one up at Holkham by Queen Annes Drive. The National Trust too seem to see some benefits methinks . Or perhaps they are all wrong? People like these "one stop, meets all needs" type of place and to suggest the existing one in Wroxham would suit is way off the mark - thats no bigger than my front room!! Others will of course vehemently disagree with me; but remember two sides to every.....!!!
  14. I think MM is probably right - my guess, for what it is worth, is that Sir Timothy thought it was worth a change, the Trustees feel that it could be now be done in house by themselves and that it would be cheaper. Somewhere in the equation cost would probably be involved and that was I guess the cruncher. More will emerge in due course I suspect. I doubt the 24 hr moorings would be affected - I would presume that this would be the subject of the usual type of lease and a separate issue.
  15. Well thats at least solved the problem of a shortage of fish - oh and of the birds as well!!
  16. Have I been misunderstood? Whilst I agree it would be easy to leave the detritus on the bank, its the decision of the landowner isn't it? Since when have landowners ever bothered about the boating community - they care less for them than the BA!
  17. It would make life a whole lot easier if the BA actually controlled it all - but at the end of the day, thats the landowners decision.
  18. That will be cause for lengthy discussions when the handicap is discussed!!!!!
  19. Not offering advice at all - merely an opinion and it is up to others whether they take any notice. Its merely my take on a number of differing factors. In fact given the slating that my opinion often gets from some quarters, most people will realise that what I say is totally unreliable and not to be believed, unlike others, so I guess they will not take the slightest bit of notice in any case! But like it or not, I shall still contribute and add my threepenuth!!
  20. You can go through Yarmouth at any time - but whether your boat will go depends on its clearance!! IF you are going through around slack, my guess is that there will be plenty of room - but it depends on your air draught! Any doubts ring the Yacht Station - they can give a better idea than Forumites living away from the area!!!
  21. Be careful on relying on what I say, as I know nothing, but there are a number of factors which will probably work in your favour! The Barton one is probably fairly irrelevant as what needs to happen is that the water in the system needs to escape - so watch the Acle one instead or even the Three Mile house one on that website. Once the tidal heights start to drop thats a good sign! However that is unlikely to happen today if this NW wind keeps up but this will switch tomorrow to S or SW and this really will bring a change. At the moment the N Sea is being blown into the "funnel" at the bottom and this, combining with the spring tides around now just exasperates this. I was going to say watch the tidal predictions at Yarmouth too but Peel Ports seem to have lost the page - try Lowestoft as this will give an indication as it changes - neap tides are also due around the middle of next week. https://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Lowestoft 'ol Lorenzo looks as though it is going to sweep up the West Coast and strangely that too could help - I believe, and others can contradict as I am only guessing, a good old low to the north of Scotland tends to have the effect of "sucking" water out of the N Sea or so I believe, but rather unconvincingly!! Pressure levels too down here look set to remain fairly stable so that may stop things getting worse as well From tomorrow I think we could see a changing picture and water levels begin to drop away - well I think they will but as you know my views are regarded as "different" ! Once it makes its mind up to go, levels can change quite quickly!! By the weekend and certainly by Sun /Mon I think things will have improved - a quick call to LBBS late Sat may just help too as they should be able to tell you what is going on with actual levels, although that may be a bit early for significant change - or so I guess!!
  22. ST - I do not now anything - its all pure supposition and guesswork!!! However thats all beside the point, as I was merely going to check with you, that you had been in touch with the NCC Roads Survey team to check whether the bridge is stable or sinking?? That would at least clear up one of your issues and I look forward to you advising us all of the true picture so we can be clear on at least one thing!
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