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  1. Have you noticed all the No Mooring signs around the Broads? One of the problems is what I can only describe as land grab where the wealthy and influential acquire assets that never really belonged to them and deprive others of their use. There are many places where there used to be wild moorings or informal moorings that are no longer available, several moorings around How Hill now carry No Mooring signs presumably placed by the BA, to prevent the ordinary boater from making use of what for many years had been good mooring places. Another example is the dyke leading to the village of Acle where I believe a staithe existed, you try mooring there now. Good luck with your efforts to open up some of these places but until there is a lot of change in our country you will have a difficult task on your hands.
  2. Has anyone got any knowledge of the Ferguson (Cello) 22 inch Battery & Solar Operated LED TV. It claims that a 2 hour charge will provide 8 to 10 hours of TV with the TV battery charging while the car / boat is under way. It seems like an ideal solution to avoid use of the boats domestic batteries especially at this time of year.
  3. Just read the comments on this thread from the last couple of months. Lets face it as a nation we are in denial. Inflation 2.1%, I wish! Brexit uncertainty. We are told Employment figures going up in leaps and bounds, who are they kidding? The National Park tag putting people off because we do not want to holiday as part of a crowd, a popular image of NPs. The High Street on the rocks, the growth of food banks, and there are plenty more reasons why people cannot afford a holiday on the Broads.
  4. UPDATE: Pelican is back this afternoon on Stalham staithe, now I know about homing pidgeons, but never a homing pelican.
  5. We recently spent 9 days going from the North to the South and back again. We only saw a ranger boat on days 8 & 9 when we returned North. One thing that does make us curious is that we often see more rangers out and about Autumn through to Spring, rather than in the high season. Just an observation. Certainly would not criticise the ranger service but would much prefer a greater presence.
  6. Looks like it is a bad year for the boatyards. As far as I can see Richardsons still have a lot of boats tied up and and a good number not hired next week. With the economy up the creek and other factors, this could have a long term affect on the hire yards.
  7. The resurfacing on the A149 at Stalham are hardly a disaster! Follow the warning speed limit, 20 mph, and you will not go far wrong. The road has probably needed a top dressing for some time and should now make it a lot safer. Yesterday I saw a motor cycle doing a wheelie on the stretch now resurfaced, that is what makes the road a potential disaster.
  8. I believe that what the BA would like to achieve is wrong and threatens any kind of local aut hority involvement, clearly it needs to be blocked. HOWEVER , we have a government that is not interested in what the people think or would prefer, so do not be surprised if the BA gets away with its plan. At the end of the day, it is up to us to put in place leaders that support the public point of view. We need to take this as yet another warning. Don't let the likes of Gove fool us again.
  9. Herbert Woods have 14 boats available in March with 40% off the original price. Are bookings down? I also notice that there appears to be a lot of boats still available in the summer having looked at Woods and Richardsons.
  10. Hope they do not use the NDR, more of the signs could be at risk.
  11. I don't think it will be a redesign just a few adjustments. The County Council had the roundabout under cameras so they could assess the way people drive on approach and around it, and the changes will be to attempt to adjust driver behaviour. Good luck to them on that one LOL!
  12. It all goes well until the reference in the press release to the Broads National Park at which point it will be lost to so many people, shame really.
  13. The red & white tape also appears on land that is nothing to do with the BA. There was a time not long ago that some of the wild moorings on Stalham Dyke were taped off, only for anglers or private boaters to appear later. If the BA want to close one of the BA a moorings there should be a BA sign. If a BA sign appears on private land it probably means there is a navigation issue, or someone with influence has pulled strings.
  14. Heron

    Acle Bridge Inn

    The Fine Dining thing really amuses me. Worst meal I have had since moving to Norfolk was at the Gunton Arms, give me genuine good food at a sensible price and I go back, but I choose carefully.
  15. If a driver cannot see a blooming great roundabout in front of them what hope have people on a pedestrian crossing got?
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