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  1. Heron


    Herbert Woods have 14 boats available in March with 40% off the original price. Are bookings down? I also notice that there appears to be a lot of boats still available in the summer having looked at Woods and Richardsons.
  2. Heron

    Wonder If He Owns A Boat

    Hope they do not use the NDR, more of the signs could be at risk.
  3. I don't think it will be a redesign just a few adjustments. The County Council had the roundabout under cameras so they could assess the way people drive on approach and around it, and the changes will be to attempt to adjust driver behaviour. Good luck to them on that one LOL!
  4. Heron

    Broads Sea Consortium

    It all goes well until the reference in the press release to the Broads National Park at which point it will be lost to so many people, shame really.
  5. The red & white tape also appears on land that is nothing to do with the BA. There was a time not long ago that some of the wild moorings on Stalham Dyke were taped off, only for anglers or private boaters to appear later. If the BA want to close one of the BA a moorings there should be a BA sign. If a BA sign appears on private land it probably means there is a navigation issue, or someone with influence has pulled strings.
  6. Heron

    Acle Bridge Inn

    The Fine Dining thing really amuses me. Worst meal I have had since moving to Norfolk was at the Gunton Arms, give me genuine good food at a sensible price and I go back, but I choose carefully.
  7. If a driver cannot see a blooming great roundabout in front of them what hope have people on a pedestrian crossing got?
  8. Heron

    Hev Yew Hard The Noos?

    Well that should ensure the line is protected.
  9. I think a similar method was used in the days of the wherries where they dragged chains to stir up the silt so it was flushed away on the falling tide.
  10. Heron

    Mud Weight Size

    I keep a pair of leather palmed gardening gloves on board for use lowering and retrieving the mud weight. Very cheap even in garden centres and much kinder on the hands.
  11. Could it be something simple like speed?
  12. The Q said One of the problems with these roundabouts is their angles launch the car towards the middle / inner lane of roundabout and it is physically an uncomfortable effort to keep in the outside lane to turn left. Could speed have something to do with this?
  13. I wonder if the Highway Code might give some of us a clue about negotiating a roundabout?
  14. If everybody gets into the correct lane to navigate the roundabouts and obeys the rules, there should not be any problems. Sadly, being British, we are incapable of getting this sort of thing right as we all must get past the vehicle in front at all costs. Take a look at most of the roundabouts in Norwich, most have signage instructing drivers to merge in turn. Too many drivers either do not understand what this means or think it does not apply to them!
  15. Heron

    Dee And Mike

    Never really understood this policy and a major fault with this forum. If a comment is accurate / true there is little to worry about.

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