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  1. The PM is refusing to accept a full lockdown, he just can't accept it.
  2. MM, not sure I fully understand your point. As I understand the way BA and the NBN work, Tom is the BA spokesperson with regard to the forum. Therefore I ask him the question. I know Tom does not call the tune, all I ask of him is the question.
  3. Tom, if someone has been in this role prevously, how has the falsehood regarding the Broads National Park been allowed? to help promote and maintain high ethical standards among its Members and Co-opted Members
  4. Is promoting an area as a National Park, when it is not a National Park, an example of low ethical standards? I believe it is, the new job holder could become very busy.
  5. I do not understand why a multitude of government departments need to get involved interpreting the latest instructions / law. Defra seem to poke their nose in at every opportunity, as do the Broads Authority. Surely it is for the police to investigate whether a business or member of the public is not complying with the law, and they can then take appropriate action. I very much doubt that many people at Defra or the BA are capable of understanding the mixed messages that we are all getting any more than most of the members of this forum. If the guidance / instructions / laws etc. ar
  6. Lovely walk today from Neatishead to Irstead. Plenty of people fishing at Irstead but very little social distancing. There was no one to one socialising, and they must all live in a very big house if they were all from one household. If the rules are not going to be enforced, we are all wasting our time.
  7. Who do people think is leaking the information? It is this governments usual ploy to drip feed what is happening, that way it softens the blow when all is revealed. Don't blame the journalists, they can only report what they are given! Most of what we are now being told was predictable / predicted, several weeks ago. The government did not act, and as back in the Spring, it is now too little too late. Incompetence comes to mind.
  8. It is all about return on the investment Andrew. Making a quick return on the build spend, no real thought about the future. Who is going to buy all the 45+ foot boats that will need to retire in 20 / 30 years? It will not be the likes of the current owners, the people that really keep the Broads going. Sad times ahead I predict.
  9. Stalham is a nice enough place to visit, plenty of boatyard mooring and now the BA have taken control of the Staithe and the overstayers have moved on, it is a great spot next to the Museum of the Broads. The approach into Stalham is one of the nicest on the Broads, do not be put off!
  10. I have always used Majoni and found them excellent. Some online outlets supply them inflated. The inflation adaptor is also usually available from Majoni outlets.
  11. More taking back control? Or more like losing control!
  12. Word is one fatality, the junction is always an accident waiting to happen! It will only get worse with the new retirement development opposite Tesco. It needs a roundabout to slow the traffic on the A149 and change the priorities. Very sad day for the town.
  13. Not really sure what all the fuss is about apart from the mess of course! Rubbish from hire boats is commercial waste as it is generated from a commercial operation. The hire boat yards should be made to pay for the mess their customers make. It is about time that large businesses were made to pay their way rather than just pocketing the profits at the expense of Council Tax payers or private owners tolls. As for the BA, why have the hire yards been given a toll payment holiday due to Convid? It is not the BAs responsibility to support businesses, that responsibility lies with other
  14. I may be wrong, no doubt someone will make it clear, but on your first two points, yes and yes It is the reason there are no bins at How Hill
  15. Broads Authority, your record on preventing boats overstaying anywhere is not good. Why will things be different in Stalham? Good luck, I am not going to hold my breath on this one!
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