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  1. Your policy through this outfit does not meet the requirements of the Broads Authority. When you make the insurance declaration on paying your toll you could be making a false declaration. I believe more info is available on the Financial Conduct Authority website and also by searching this forum for previous posts on related matters.
  2. We are already up a creek without a paddle, largely because of austerity, which was never going to work. We do need to rebalance how the nation is funded. I suspect that the poorest in our society pay a greater proportion of their income into the governments funding, no matter which party is in power. Until we find a way to correct this we will always struggle. I worked in the Finance industry for 38 years, despite good profits there were always many ways for corporates and those at the top to avoid paying for the benefits of living in the UK, it needs to change.
  3. I think there will be a bit more about the Broads this evening on Look East regarding the tourist industry and the virus. Will be interesting to see if NP is mentioned then.
  4. Times are bad, but why start knocking the BBC and a good program? If you want bad viewing watch another broadcaster, there is plenty of real rubbish out there.
  5. Grendel, there is loads of stuff on this forum that is political, for a forum that is meant to be non political, it is failing badly.
  6. Some parts of Tesco at Norwich Sprowston had been stripped bare by lunchtime today, trolleys piled high being wheeled out. Goodness only knows what some folk are going to do with the rubiish they are buying. Even the cat food aisle had been hit.
  7. Working fine for me and still the best read of the day.
  8. Back on to the subject of the signs, one is being attached to the Stalham sign on the A149 approaching from the Hoveton direction today. Only the waterside part of Stalham is in the BA area. I doubt it will go down well with local residents.
  9. I would put money on the Broads supporting more jobs and busineses long before the BA came into existence! The National Park tag puts more people off the Broads than it attracts in my opinion. Wherever I go I try to promote the Broads but the minute I say its a NP people turn off. The wider public do not want to be herded around to selected beauty spots to join a crowd, they just want to be left alone to enjoy through there own discovery. The Acle project comes to mind. As for local people, we simply do not want it.
  10. Heron

    Stalham Staithe

    What is it to do with the BA? It is not a BA mooring. (Yet). It might be one day, then there will probably be costs involved moving boats on. No NorfolkNog, no sign of Pelican.
  11. Heron

    Stalham Staithe

    It looks like they have started to move back in aready
  12. We also had this scam call this week, just hang up and take no action. I did a check on the phone number and it appeared to come from USA.
  13. Much of the blame for flooding in other parts of the country has been the lack of dredging and the locals tend to know what is going on. Potter is no different, lack of dredging on the Bure, look at all the navigation posts on the lower Bure, 20 / 30 years ago they were only needed in a few places now there are far more. The river is silting up and I believe holding the water back upstream. Perhaps this is to help lower the risk of flooding in Gt Yarmouth, probably political decisions that none of us are party to!
  14. I hope the buyers have the right business plan. If the deli is a good draw, discontinueing it could have a big effect reducing other sales as customers have a habit of going elsewhere. I assume it will continue as a convenience store and post office and I wish them well, but they will have to match the current owners reputation.
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