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  1. We were at Chedgrave a few days ago where the said small blue boat was moored just off the edge of the mooring. During the afternoon along came the owner with two dogs. He was scrambling all over the boat trying to get in the back when he fell off the into the water - twice! I jumped off our boat to grab his rope, which he had already released, but was still on the side and pulled it in and he managed to scramble on. He eventually got one dog on, but the other refused to jump. To say he was all over the place is an understatement and at one point veered across the river into the reeds. He eventually got the other dog on and I must admit we were glad to see the back of him. We were a bit worried about getting too involved as he seemed a bit 'unpredictable'. He went off in the direction of Loddon and moored just in front of the first live aboard boat, so I guess that was home. If we see the boat there again, we would think twice about mooring there.
  2. The season has barely begun and already seen rubbish left at St Olaves. They tried to hide it behind the green elec power box, one sack, an empty tin of paint and a paint covered hoodie! Who do these people think are going to clear it up.
  3. Stopped in Reedham this morning - sad to see the shop/PO is up for sale. We always make use of it when on our boat. Believe the sale is due to ill health of family member, rather than the business failing. Really hope someone can take it over.
  4. It is always surprising to us how often it's the man is at the helm of the boat and the lady is given the job of tying the ropes (usually with the help of the man shouting instructions through the window). Especially when the conditions could really do with a 'strong arm' on the ropes. I really don't know why the 'gals' think they cannot moor the boat (perhaps it's more the boys thinking it's their job) after all most 'gals' would be offended if you suggested they needed help driving a car! I remember I had a comment when mooring stern end in a particularly tight spot by gent who seemed quite surprised I had managed it - and my response to him was "yes I can also drive a car"! So come on girls it's not rocket science, even if you are led to believe it is! As a final note my Husband would be the first to admit I am better than he is at mooring (he wouldn't dare to say otherwise), however I would be the first to say I would not have the strength/physical ability he has when pulling against the wind and tide. My Husband would also like to make the point that he feels happier from a safety aspect that he is the one 'doing the ropes' especially in places like Reedham, Burgh Castle etc when the tide runs really fast and does not want me to be outside.
  5. Regarding payment itself, proper controls are necessary. When a £2 charge for water in 2013 was requested, payments were asked for (to us) directly by the ranger and made with cash with no receipt. (In fact one of them made a point of making sure we paid by sitting on the wall while we filled up and waited for the money - must have been a slow day). The same concern would apply to any money charged for overnight mooring, would a receipt be given? Have no objection to paying the £3 fee, but not sure if they still intend to charge for the water as well, if so then £5 may put some people off.
  6. Thanks for your reply BuffaloBill. We stay mainly on the Southern Broads but we have occasional problems with reception at places like Bramerton/Rockland or if the tide is quite low in other places. Have seen Omni's on other boats and thought they may be a better option. Was interested to hear other peoples take on them, but perhaps from what you say they are not much better.
  7. Does anyone use an Omni aerial thats fits on to a pole that they could recommend? Any advice welcome. At present use a small rod type one which we have tied to the curtain rail on the inside. This is fine in most locations, but would like something that would enable a better reception in certain areas.
  8. Now the time of year for condensation on boat windows is upon us, thought I would let you know that I use a Karcher WV50 Window Vac which is absolutely marvellous for taking off the water. It is of course meant for cleaning house windows, but it's great on the boat. One charge of the battery will do the whole house windows - so for the boat it lasts many days on one charge. Lots of people have seen me using mine and said what a good idea it was, so decided to mention on here to inform others. I got mine on Amazon for £48 and has been worth every penny. No more wet rags!
  9. Linny

    Rockland Dyke

    Hi Hockham Admiral, while we were in Rockland Inn yesterday they were receiving calls making bookings (did not hear for when, just it was a good sign to hear people making reservations). Perhaps not to be disappointed it would not do any harm to book - especially if it is Sat eve or Sun lunch you wanted. Enjoy!
  10. Linny

    Rockland Dyke

    Am in Rockland Staithe and the moment. Was hoping to moor along the dyke, but there are numerous No Mooring signs (many more than before). From the dyke edge to the first ditch has been cleared and the the digging machinery is there. Looks like they may deepen the ditch as well. There is now a sign near the staithe that states work has commenced from 2 September for 3 months. A map shows you can only walk along the gravel path as far as the dyke - the actual dyke path (up to the Yare) now being closed. Coming from Beauchamp Arms you would be able to walk as far as the dyke and no further. The 'rumour' from Rockland Inn is that at the end of the season the staithe will be closed for dredging. For people who walk their dogs along the path there is now a sign saying it is a Nature area and dogs must now be on a lead. It's not that clear but when you get to the bird hide there is another sign 'thanking you for your cooperation' which implies you could now let them off.
  11. Linny


    To be sure of getting a space you could book a mooring place by calling the chap (think his name is Tim) who looks after the Beccles moorings on 01502 713196.
  12. Linny

    Rockland Dyke

    Apologies Hockham Admirable did not mean to call the other website 'official Norfolk Broads website' I did in fact mean the Norfolk Broads Forum. (Sorry it's my age!). I do indeed think of this as the official Norfolk Broads website! Regards Linny.
  13. Linny

    Rockland Dyke

    It's Short Dyke. Was trying to find out more about it and came across quite a few posts on the official Norfolk Broads website. It seems the land has been purchased and the new owner not keen to allow mooring. There is a Parish meeting on 8 July when this will be discussed, but for now the signs stand.
  14. Linny

    Rockland Dyke

    Have heard there are 'No Mooring' signs all along the bank at Rockland Dyke. Has anyone seen them or heard anything about it? Not good news if the signs stay.
  15. Arrived at Bramerton this lunchtime and see that there are TWO new electric posts, each with 3 power points (2 small and 1 large) on them! They are spread out nicely, the last one being about halfway along the mooring. Good to have at such a popular mooring.
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