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  1. Is it just me that has noticed that only since Ferry have new owners that this practice of discounts has started?
  2. Calder Designs are certainly still in Business and are now based in Stalham as mentioned above. Martin and Jen are a little busy at the moment :) https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/status-quo-guitarist-rick-parfitt-remembered-with-teddy-world-tour-1-5835710
  3. I just saw a tweet from the Broads Authority "Along with a number of partners, we’re looking into how people who use the broads, rivers and seas of Norfolk and Suffolk get the information for their activity or trip. Take part in the short survey and let us know your views:" So I thought I would post the link to the survey here. ( I just completed it) http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/news/waterways-user-views-sought
  4. I hope all that attend the meet-up have a great time! One year I aim to get there!
  5. We are picking up Mercury Emblem from our favourite yard tomorrow! WooHoo!!!! There is a funny yellow thing appearing in the forecast too! I have seen the flood alerts etc and comments on FB, Just enquiring of any kind locals as to potential bridge issues! Our plan at the moment is to head South on Saturday morning and I have fingers crossed that between the wind, rain, tides, barometric pressure and all the other things that impact such things that we will have the 8,6 required at those darn bridges! (and St.Olaves) ... Any first hand knowledge welcome! We are also hoping to get under Ludham Bridge next week to go and see our friends who have moved their shop from Womak to Stalham.
  6. That looks very similar to the Hull used by Ferry Marina for Silent and Zircon.... Should be great!
  7. I have not hired Silent Emblem, but have had a look round her.... I would imagine she will be great for two! She is based on a different hull / mould to Whisper so is a little different inside. I have been hiring from Ferry since 2011 and I go back at least once a year, so hopefully that tells you they are a great yard and really friendly and helpful!
  8. One thing I have not seen mentioned is to make sure you work out the best time to pass through Gt.Yarmouth. When we want to head south, the first thing I do before booking is look at Tide Tables to see which dates 'work'. We are actually picking a boat up from Horning on the 6th April with the view to go South on the Saturday when slack water is @10am and probably head back North on the Tuesday....
  9. A few years ago, actually it was the day that HRH came to Herbert Woods and somehow we manged to enter their marina and wondered why there was no space and people in jackets with bulges, but that's another story.... Anyhow, I was chatting with the folk in reception (we were not allowed out of the building as they were still trying to figure out how we had got in)! I asked why I could not hire from them with my two crew (we were all there in our lifejackets).... He told me it was down to insurance and that was due to a tragic incident a few years earlier. I didn't get the full details but it was a lone adult with child and one of them didn't survive. So I can see what the risks are and hence my crew (one of whom will be 18 by the next time we on a boat at Easter who both heard the story, have NEVER " oh Dad why" when reminded about Lifejackets and suitable shoes and ropes, jumping on or off and, and.... infact at time they remind me! So I do think this is a sad choice for Richardsons, but I do understand the tough decision made and I do hope that my preferred yard don't do the same in the next 18 months as my son isnt 18 till then and I am not sure daughter will be up to when she is off at Uni!
  10. What concerns me is this extract from one of Clive's replys on FB.... " but other companies tend to follow suite," Lets hope they don't in this case!
  11. Maybe he is letting the members of 'Team Indy' that were denied the last leg know before the rest of the world?
  12. Griff, you sir are one in a million as are the rest of the 'Indy' crew.! I can't imagine how you guys must feel being robbed of the last leg! One day we will meet and I will be in the long line of those waiting to buy you a pint!
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