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  1. It has been a while since updated this thread, so here are some previous videos covering Independence you may have missed..
  2. This morning my water pump decided to spring a leak, from the PumpGuard filter - I had no idea that getting this fixed would take so long, and see me having to bypass the filter temporarily while a regalement is ordered. Trust me to have an unusual inlet/outlet configuration on my filter assembly than that any chandlery has in stock currently.
  3. Any decent sized cable quick connector would suffice, the voltage and amperage's produces are not going to be big - here was one I found on Brian Ward's Website - but there are better more cosmetically pleasing types which are often used on boats where the wheelhouse has lighting inset in the sliding canopy - and a 'curly' connector plugs in at the helm.
  4. I might surprise some - but I would, having spent a great deal of time talking to people about batteries (not sales people and websites) that the Lithium batteries in boats are not all they are cracked up to be. The positive points come down to three things: They are able to have a lot more discharge and re-charge cycles, you can pull incredible Amps out of them without damage right down to 5% state of charge and finally you are able push in masses of Amps back in when re-charging seriously cutting down on re-charge times. The problem is they are just not a long lasting as the claims portra
  5. I thought I would help some 'lockdown fatigue' with some videos - this was taken in the days before England's second lockdown. These videos are all filmed on my mobile phone but the footage I captured during this trip on my proper camera I am having some issues editing since I am trying to do such on a small, low spec Laptop - but I'll get there in the end. These more recent 'diary format' Blogs, are simple and hark back to the original Captain's Blogs with very little in the way of editing (its all one on my phone) and have no background music. Despite not being polished affairs, I hop
  6. I know a chap who has not so long ago bought one of Rchardson's 'Ibiza' ex- hire boats, 38ft centre cockpit Aquafibre. All he has done is had it taken out the water so he was able to paint the hull - its not perfect and factory fresh, its tidy and brightens the boat up a great deal. He is over the moon. He also had shore power put in and a ring main. That is it. Now, down the line he may wish to add a battery charger, or fit an electric immersion heater and change the lighting inside, or have the seating re-upholstered etc etc. In short it is a working boat that is mechanically sound. Its
  7. I'd seen the Police about and heard of one but was unaware of more than one being targeted - I have several CCTV cameras on my boat along with security lighting - alas they only cover my boat not the paths and access roads so never capture people just passing on foot or vehicles and having checked, I've certainly not had anyone 'snooping' on my boat. I can't say I am surprised this has happened, but a shame especially as the Marina has taken steps to make it more secure with higher fencing and additional security. It would make walking out with such gear that much harder to 'climb over' a fen
  8. On Trixie, she has a 43HP Nanni engine and a 28 Gal (127Ltr) fuel tank. She is a small boat at only 24' long and 9'6" beam but for whatever reason, when built she was specified with the largest engine option (almost all of these in hire fleets had a 28Hp engine and many private models had 35hp or 37Hp engines). Anyway, I have in the past done all the usual north south cruising and she sips fuel - her happy range is 1,200 RPM which gives just over 4MPH and at 1,450RPM she is doing 5MPH. 1,700 will give her 6MPH and anything over this (right up to her maximum 3,200 RPM) buries the stern, causes
  9. Seriously, I have now had six personal dealings with people using heaters from China, bought on Amazon or under £130.00. When these first came to market, many (including me) thought they must be 'dodgy' - but now, years later and they have become increasingly popular and I have yet to hear of one causing any issues, or indeed failing. The only thing you must do is not use the supplied fuel tank or nylon fuel hose. Using a certified fuel hose to the relevant BS Standard will mean they will pass the BSS. At the price they are, they are disposable if -IF - they should fail. Or you could spen
  10. Hello..Well, blow me down I am back. No good reason to have been gone either, just the fact I only use this Forum on my Laptop, and I have not been using that - along with the fact that when I tend to come here, I like to 'write an essay' when I am sharing opinions and the like.. A lot to catch up on, comment on, and share. But in a nutshell: Nothing much has happened in the world of boats, no new 'fleet additions' or major changes. I have some videos on my You Tube Channel where I have been making some sporadic content on my mobile phone, like putting a new television up and going out o
  11. A little late, but none the less I remember beginning this thread last February. New to driving and not aware quite how this would change my life, and so much more besides here we are just over a year since I passed my test. Many, many thousands of miles later, and many new places visited (along with those I had not visited for many years) this is my 'conversation' about what I have done, seen, and dare I say a few 'moans' about other drivers...
  12. Only been a few months - well okay, over 12 since I last posted to this thread. A bunch has happened in that time, but small bits here and there that have not really warranted a written update, leave aside a video. Also I have found that making videos is not as easy when you've got to worry about stopping what you are doing to hold the camera, then carry on for a bit, then stop and so on ans so forth. Still, recently the fresh water pump packed up and I came over to this very thread because I had remembered Stuart talking about what pump type he had fitted on his Trader, this lead me to
  13. I would go down the oil analysis route too, here is a site you can get the kit to take the sample and send away - not too dear. www.theoillab.co.uk/buy-kits
  14. If the Parish Council need evidence, over a period of time that this person is abusing the bins (or others) I would think the ideal way would be to put a motion activated trail camera up in a suitable location that is not too obvious but has a good view of the area. Anytime someone comes within range a series of photos is saved. They have long battery lives and are cheap compared to setting up a CCTV camera to do much the same. This would then gather evidence that it was not just a once off and help and case.
  15. I'm going to be honest, I have parked in Child & Parent parking bays, but I'd never parking in a Disabled parking bay. Indeed, recently I was told off, in person by an angry husband. He asked me if I had any children? I looked around and confirmed I did not (his wife chipped in "don't start it's not worth it"). I was parked in one of the Child & Parent bays, of which there were 7. 5 of them were still free. He was parked in one two spaces down from where I was. Now, he then told me how it had taken an age to find a free space, and he had two children and how it was so hard wh
  16. Although I did not share it here - perhaps should have - I have been traveling about once more. Going back down 'memory lane visiting some places I last went to as a child on holiday some 28 years ago. Firstly I drove from Norwich to London, and booked into a hotel near Heathrow Airport. They are well priced, have lots of comfort and features and gives easy access to the M25/M4. The following morning it was off to Weymouth. I love the place, it now also has extra relevance to me as was the first harbour we came into when bringing Independence up to Norfolk. I was amazed to find the averag
  17. Well - good for everyone - but no more videos to have to suffer, because although I filmed a little it was not much mainly because I set off from Aberdeen just after 10:00am with Brundall as my destination. Waze told me it would take about 8hr 55 minutes. I therefore proposed to work to the same rules HGV drivers need to with breaks, either 15 minutes totaling 45 minutes in no more than 4hrs 30minutes, or a single 45 minute break. I set off with the timer running and when it went off, would find somewhere to stop. My first issue was on the A90 when I hit heavy traffic - this was some
  18. I remember when I i had to change almost 60 bulbs on Independence from Halogen to LED - all without changing the light fittings. It truly is easy, just take out the old bulb - find the highest lumen output LED replacement. I say this, because it is so easy to see the same bulb that might fit a G4 fitting, and one LED may be 3 watts and another 5 watts and both claim to be the same brightness as the old 20 watt Halogen. Lumens on the other hand don't lie, and you will see how they vary. I prefer warmer white LED's too, that better replicate the slightly yellow light of a Halogen. I person
  19. So today's little trip was Edinburgh to Aberdeen. While the rest of the country baked, up here it has been warm, humid but not overly bad - just as I like it. That said when I arrived in Aberdeen (which I only decided to go to after a trip to see the Forth Railway Bridge) the weather turned, cooler and by early evening thunderstorms and rain were the order of the day. What I have decided is as much as I love Scotland, the roads within cities are in shockingly bad condition. Edinburgh was bad, Aberdeen has some impressive holes and even the general condition sees patch upon patch upon pat
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